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  1. Great review! Really diggin it! But when you write "local stores", do you mean lego stores or is it available otherwise?
  2. neithan

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    Before I will get the soon-to-be-released Flower Mountain, I am still bothering myself whether I should buy 80013. I have no MK set right now, but the Mountain is a No-Brainer for me besides the price. And while I was lokking at the 2020 sets, the big ship grew on me. It looks like a great playset, but there are no reviews on eurobricks or brickset, the only two sites I take a look at reviews... Sigh, so yotube it is, then?
  3. neithan

    Barracuda Bay how popular is this set?

    Finally bought this amazing Set at my local Galeria/Karstadt (Germany). They have black sale week: 20% off on all toys! So 159,99€ for the Barracuda Bay, I had to buy it! Shame I couldn`t afford another Set, but maybe in the future I will get my hands on a second Bay. :)
  4. Is there a chance to get the set for less than 45€ (price I've seen on bricklink)? Damn, I just wasnt sure to get into HP this time. Now I thought to start it and already I cannot collect all the minifigs I want because this price is absurd... And with that in mind, I lost a good part of my motivation to really dig into the HP theme...
  5. neithan

    My Avengers tower moc

    A little bit blurry but damn! It looks marvellous! (still trying to find Pennywise...)
  6. neithan

    REVIEW: 41492 Iron Man & Captain America

    It's all about the price, at least for me. I quiet like the POP!-Figures, but never started to buy them because there are way too many of them and I only start to colect something, when there's at least a good chance that I can complete it without going into debt. So if this new line will start at a reasonable price, I might collect all of the figures - at least the Marvel ones. Great review btw, definetely will help me consider it.
  7. neithan

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Mmmmh, I am just a little worried; you guys think the Dr. Strange and Tanker Takedown sets will still be available in october? I really want these sets, but want to wait until we get duoble VIP points again (which may happen around october)... Not sure if I should risk it...
  8. neithan

    No Bionicle in 2017 confirmed

    I'm with you, HawkLord, except I was collected a lot of G1 sets. I was delightly suprised when G2 was announced, but I never really got in love with any of the new designed Toa. The first Toa were clearly red, white, green, blue, black and brown. This continued in the following years, but in G2, the decreased the amount of these dominant colours. I think the new Pohatu is ok, but about the other five... nah. The enemies are even less impressive, like some mentioned before: where were the big, intimidating guys/creatures? I really, REALLY wanted to get into bionicle once again, but the sets made it to difficult for me to love them.
  9. neithan

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    I still hope for another chance to get my hands on minifig Ant-Man (I think there's a high chance he appears in future sets because he will certanly appear in future Marvel movies) and Quicksilver. Latter is dead of course in the MCU, but I don't mind getting the Quicksilver seen in X-Men. Heck, I just want ANY Quicksilver minifig, but I don't wanna spend 20 bucks on ebay for it... But first things first: Vision! You will be mine! Soon...
  10. neithan

    Marvel Superheroes 2016 Rumors And Discussion

    Not into the spiderman sets cause I'm not the biggest fan of the character (which changed now because of civil war), I#m more eager to get my hands on the next CW-Set. Still need Vision as minifig. And Antman, but that is another case... :-(
  11. neithan

    MOC: Mini Hogwarts Castle and Grounds

    When I saw the first images, I was already in love with your MOC. But then, with every new picture, you gave me more and more details, simply amazing! I was a rare Poster in this forum till now, but your Hogwarts MOC finally did it. So small yet so detailled, better than any of the real HP Lego Sets. Did I say I love it?
  12. neithan

    Ninjago 2015

    I have some of the sets now and can say: they are nearly identical. If you buy all the sets, you get Morro, Wrayth, Bansha, Ghoultar and Soul Archer as the more important ghosts, the rest of the bunch share the same head, two or three different torsos and the same legs. Not bad if you just want a ghost army, but a little cheap from TLG to give them different names.
  13. neithan

    Ninjago 2015

    Normally I buy all the sets I need to get all the different minifigs. But this time, with all these expensive sets, I'll skip the Mech-Set and try to get Deepstone Zane via ebay. It's because this set doesn't appeal to me in any way, it's only Zane I want from it (the other minifigs are also in other sets I need to buy, so all good). Speaking of other Sets, yesterday I got the Bounty, built it and was slightly impressed and slightly disappointed - building was okay, it has it good looking places, but overall it lacks room for displaying a good fighting scene and much detail... I hope the Morro Dragon will improve the scene.
  14. neithan

    Your dream Lego theme

    A new series of CMF, Version: the Quentin Tarantino Universum ;-)
  15. neithan

    Ninjago 2015

    Thanks for the hint, now I only have to wait for the Bounty to arrive! :)