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  1. Kim72

    Robotic Arm

    WoW! This is really impressive, I would for sure like to see more of your creations. also would it be possible to have some building instructions for it?
  2. Kim72

    Show us your Working Place

    how do you keep the dust away?
  3. Kim72

    Show us your Working Place

    Hi guys, can someone post a couple of links, where to get storage drawers or whatever they are called, that can be combined together in differtent sizes? They should also ship to the netherlands. Looking for a system to use in my new lego room.
  4. So my boyfriend received the test flight link on his iPad and I updated buwizz with it, done in a few seconds! Than I deinstalled the app from his iPad and started the app on my Lenovo tab2 and it works like a charm! Sometimes it takes a few tries for the app to connect with the buwizz, but it works, very happy now!
  5. So I did a systems update of my tablet and than let the buwizz update overnight, when I woke up this morning, it was 1/3 done. So I left it updating and went to work, will let you know how far it came when I get back home in about 6 hours from now.
  6. By many updates you mean you tried updating and kept trying? Cos when mine is updating it doesn't seem to do anything, no progress bar and after half an hour still nothing happening.
  7. @Zero my tablet does see the buwizz, but cant hurt to restart the thing. Will try tonight, add work now. Cant use phone because its windows and buwizz has no windows version of the app.
  8. Received mine but it keeps on blinking red, can't kill the light. Anybody any ideas?
  9. Kim72

    Rainbow Wave GBC

  10. Kim72

    Rainbow Wave GBC

    Wow what a great job, both the rainbow wave and akiyuki's revised module. Hope there will be instructions soon, can't wait to build them
  11. Just received the email to give them my address details, so I guess shipping has started!
  12. Unfortunately I've been trying to contact them to be able to give them my new address as I'm moving house 21st January, but no luck. I hope they will pm me soon .
  13. Kim72

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Thanks! I'll find me ons to buy than.