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  1. uitzetter

    Happy New Year from Eurobricks!

    The very best wishes to everybody and make it a great 2011!
  2. uitzetter

    MOC: Mitre 10 Hardware Store and other shops

    I just love it! Must have been hard to put all those small stickers on?? But excellent job!
  3. uitzetter

    LEGO Elves in santa's workshop

    Really love this very clean and simple, but effictive creation. Really love the doll house and elves!
  4. uitzetter

    My city story

    Wow, just wow. I will be following this thread. Just amazing
  5. uitzetter

    WIP: Alex54's

    I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I just had to come back and say what a fantastic job. I am in love with that small GE. :wub:
  6. uitzetter

    MOD: 6379 - Farm

    Hi Vladoniki, I love your great transformation! I have been looking at some of your other creations and I really like them also. I will make sure to follow your moc's.
  7. uitzetter

    MOC: Mitre 10 Hardware Store and other shops

    Hi lightningtiger! You just keep on going don't you? Lol. But I really, really like your creations. Every time I logg on, you have moc'ed something new. And I like all of them! Very, very nice details and great playability. You are my favorite builder for sure! Thanks for sharing all your pictures, so I can learn! That's what this year is going to be all about for me. Can't wait how your newest creation is progressing! I'm a conformist!
  8. uitzetter

    2011 City sets

    My son doesn't have much police sets, only a couple of bikes and a small police car. So this year the police subtheme will definatelly be on our wichlist! :tongue: I really love the layout of this station. Might be a copy of the last police station in many regards, but it's more suited for his town. Also a couple of houses, the new cabin looks great and he definatelly would like to have the street corner. So many whiches, lol. Oh well, we'll have to see what we can do
  9. hello everyone and congratulations to every builder of this great and beautiful building. It's really amazing I would definitely build this. What great little details! Congrats again to you all! I'm hoping for a next community build. Really great! Does anybody have enough bricks to build this in real life? Would be great to see this
  10. uitzetter

    REVIEW: 7939 Cargo Train

    Hey, thanks for the link! Now I know that I need 1 meter for the layout on the box. However, I also searched for the passenger train and saw that the minimum space required for a turn is 71 cm. I can use the straight parts to make the track wider instead of deeper. Great that I have the exact measurements now!
  11. uitzetter

    REVIEW: 7939 Cargo Train

    Hi, thanks for your fast reply! . It's very nice to know how much space is needed. We have bought this set already for my son, but it's wrapped for his birthday and won't be opended until the end of december. So we cannot test with the tracks, Lol. But we have to build a second lego table for the train and didn't know how wide it should be. So, at least 75 centimeters, holding 3 baseplates of 32x32 studs for the curve (= 3x 25 cm right?). Then we can have some straigt tracks and at the other side another 75 centimeters to make a curve that closes the loop. We are going to have a table of 2.50 meters X 0.75 centimeters for the train. That should do it then, right? If I miss understoud, would you please tell me? Thank's again
  12. I'm sorry. I will be more carefull the next time.. I saw that Superkalle already removed the images. Thanks for that...
  13. uitzetter

    REVIEW: 7939 Cargo Train

    What is the minimum space required to make a circle or a curve (180 degrees)?
  14. Thanks for sharing that! Always nice to know what the problem is