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  1. Windusky

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    I'm no new member but I couldn't find any better place to ask; the parts for my sigfig are taking a while to arrive, so I'm wondering if it's alright for me to post a temporary one?
  2. Windusky

    AoM: House Phase 2: Widow's Cottage

    Those birch trees are amazing. I love all the texture.
  3. Windusky

    [Freebuild - Mitgardia] Amos Lachlan's Parish

    Love the build! If you have any green/dark green cheese slopes, those really help add texture to your terrain. Glad you're in GoH with us!
  4. Love this! The crane is nice. I also like your take on Kaliplhin architecture!
  5. The parts for my sigfig are taking a while to arrive, so is it okay for me to just post a temporary fig?
  6. Windusky

    [Nocturnus Civil War] Ambush in the Rakath

    Love the tower! The slanted roof is perfect. The terrain is also very well done! Good job Ex! Can't wait to see more from you!
  7. Windusky

    The Flying Pony [Varlyrio, HSS]

    I love the clean, fancy feel of all your Varlyrio builds!
  8. Windusky

    Flockwood village

    Wow! Very nice for your first build in the Guilds! The cottage looks great! (Though a little small)
  9. Windusky

    A mercenary's story: Part I

    I like that stone fence technique!
  10. Windusky

    [MOC] The Golden Hall of Meduseld

    Woah. The scale surprisingly doesn't take away from the detail! I love the stone base, and the roof!
  11. Windusky

    AoM: Tower Phase 1: Roadside Outpost

    I love the tower! The trees are very nice looking, and I like the foliage along the path.
  12. That water is beautiful! The way you made it have depth with the gradient to darker tiles is nice.
  13. Windusky

    Khaor Manor [Varlyrio, Freebuild]

    Love it! It has a very feint greek feel.
  14. Love the simple yet detailed design. It's very eye-catching.