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  1. Windusky

    LEGO SWTOR Writing Group

    Nonetheless, I'm glad to have your interest and support!
  2. Windusky

    LEGO SWTOR Writing Group

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've been active on Eurobricks. I come bearing great news! Over on the LEGO Flickr community, I've started a SWTOR Lego writing group with some awesome people. You can check it out here! We'd love to have you!
  3. Windusky

    Faction: Corellian Security (CorSec)

    Does CorSec have intelligence/espionage operatives? I'm interested in joining as such a character.
  4. Windusky

    [MOC] Rebels hunting

    r/whooosh Otherwise, this build is great! I love the stormtroopers crammed in the bed. Gave me a laugh!
  5. Love that wall technique! @soccerkid6
  6. Love the architecture! And the irrigation channel is very well done!
  7. Love the quaint feel of the stable. Nice job!
  8. Windusky

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 3: Spice Merchant

    Love the build! The color use is perfect
  9. Windusky

    The Isle of Druidham [Avalonia Task III]

    Wow! Simply amazing! I wish I had such skill with microscale! You're an inspiration Henjin!
  10. Windusky

    Writing for Peace

    Very interesting build! I like the clean feel of the office. There are several small details that I like!
  11. A sandstorm? Allow me to summon my desert death-gods. Also, I have a freebuild I'll be putting up soon! My first build for Book III excluding my challenge entry.
  12. Love the small vignette. I like the ruins particularly, and the colors you used throughout are great.
  13. Windusky

    Casualties of War

    That has got to be the best thatch roof I've ever seen! Amazing build!
  14. Time for the trees to burn! Death to trees!
  15. Windusky

    Gardar's Cloth Goods

    Amazing build! I love the simplistic-yet detailed look of the house. It feels quaint and cozy.