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  1. I've seen online stores saying "Coming Soon - September 2016" ... so it must be pretty close.
  2. Under normal use, the motors should last "forever" I still have original technic square motors that work fine, I just put a tiny bit of sewing machine oil into them when i dug them out of storage to get them running smoothly. Using them in Expos on things like GBC Modules will wear them out eventually, but even then, you should easily get your money's worth out of them (dozens of days of run time) it you make sure not to stress too much. just make sure you chose the right motor for what you are doing... XL motors for heavy loads etc, and keep everything clean and free of dust.
  3. Fathers Day is coming up soon in Australia... wonder how I'm going to convince my wife/kids to get me this set...
  4. Would love to see that, I've watched every NASCAR race since 2007... its gonna be a sad day when Tony Stewart retires at the end of the year. Thanks for the nice comments everyone :-) really feels great to get some good feed back about a model!
  5. Thorlek

    Topic title editing requests

    Could a mod please rename this thread: to: [CMODEL] 42050 Sprint Car I stupidly used the name of the set in my post. Thanks heaps!
  6. I know the drag racer isn't a super popular set, but I quite like it. I just finished making a Sprint Car from the parts. Its got: HOG Steering Adjustable Wing V8 Engine Pivoting Rear Differential allowing odd sized rear tyres to be used Hope you like it :-)
  7. Thanks, I will add some controls in the future, or maybe power functions, im not sure which. I think the yellow axles (and red in other sets) and purely to make the instructions easier to follow for kids. But I agree, they look silly if you can see them.
  8. Hi All, I thought I'd share with you all an Aeroplane C Model I made from the Heavy Lift Helicopter Set. I make instructions for some of my C Models / MOCs so that my kids can build them (they are 4 and 6), and since I was doing that, I started making short videos of them share them with the world. I hope you like the model and the video :-)
  9. Thanks :-) The hardest part for me was mounting the skis/steering with the limited parts, since the original set doesn't have any steering components. I'm hoping that I can make at least couple of C Models for each set I get so that when my son is old enough to play with Technics, he might be able to follow my instructions to get more out of the sets.
  10. Hi All, Now that I have kids, I've been playing a lot of Lego recently. I decided to get some Technic sets and make a hobby out of it. This is my first MOC, I hope you all like it, its made from parts found in the 42028 Bulldozer set.