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  1. I've taken the back section apart and checked every part of the gearbox for friction, it runs ok, the only sources of strain i've found are the pitch control assembly and the rear rotor. The motor sounds a bit buzzy so i'm thinking it might just be a defective one.
  2. Is the motor supposed to have a noticeable smell after running? It also has a tendency to stall or cut power on the high speed mode and i can't figure out if it's a gearbox issue or a motor issue.
  3. Unsure how revelant to the topic it is but there was a pricing error (up until yesterday) on the romanian lego shop listing this set at 210 ron (or 42 euro). Managed to grab one and it arrived today, unsealed and in bad shape but seems complete.
  4. This seems like the place to ask, are there any good mods to help rigidize the daytona's flimsy fuselage, without affecting the look of the car? Compared to the sian, it feels like any wrong move could make the thing break up in pieces.
  5. Danke

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    No real news but local distributor had the set available online for about an hour or two by accident, went to their store to check and they told me to come back by 1st.
  6. the 2H2015 wave is fantastic, though, i can buy only one of them (i already have the Unimog). I don't have any crane set yet also . I will be waiting for the june-july pre-release reviews to be sure which one.