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  1. Location: G09
    Tags: Land vehicle

    A follow up to the new discovery


    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Yes, that one will work much better.
    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg We will unearth this thing in no time.
    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg No you wont. In fact, if you get all the way down this mount I will make sure you get a massive bonus.
    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg You heard her! Get diging!


    Of course only the tractor is to be judged. More pictures in the spoiler.








    The stuff in the back was ment to be the support for a drill rigg but I didn't have time to finish it.


  2. 2 hours ago, Kodan Black said:

    No, definitely not. But maybe by recycling it you get some +1 bonus for having established it or something. It just feels like the incentive to build big isn't there as much if you get one 6 out of it or build small and keep getting 3 or 4s. I don't think you should keep getting the major benefit of it each week, but maybe some story continuity bonus or something. Even a sliding scale that if you recycle a 6-7 scored ship it scores out at a 2 the next week. A 4-5 scores out at a 1 the next week. Anything 4 and below scores a 0. So that a 6 this week gets me 2pts next week and 0 after. Something like that which would let people have a story that arcs over a period but isn't forcing them into all new ships each week which kinda makes no sense.

    We already have plans for an exponential reward so better builds should be properly rewarded the first time. We also mean to limit publication so you can't (or don't have to) post every week. I think that's a better way and of course there is noting stooping you from reusing old builds (you just don't get anything for it). I remember Pombe used the same briefing room a lot in the beginning and I even made the hoverbike from "scouting land and sea" digital in "the discovery" for the story alone.
    I think the biggest problem now is that we all are tiered but don't want to quit so we make the lest amount of work to get our points. Basically, the game have gone on for too long and we need a break (and some new rules) Which we are getting soon.

  3. Location: A04
    Tags: Spaceship, Exploration

    On a Dust Demo ship on Mynderis.

    This story continues right after the second part of Reporting in so the inside scenes are the same and should not be judged.


    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Wait! She had armor on! Maybe she survived the explosion. Raven could be alive!
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg No, no. The autopsy report we stole say the armor at most made her die slower. She was probably in agony for several minutes before finally passing away.
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Good, good. But I still want some kind of prof. Find that armor, or even better, the coffin she was spaced in.


    Some time later they locate and retrieve the helmet.

    Then comes an unexpected announcement.

    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg We have finally cracked it!
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg What?
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg The data we got from Raven’s computer. We managed to decrypt it.
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Anything good?
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Huum, lets see… It look like she didn’t keep anything personal on her work computer. We have travel logs, schedules and appointment logs. Here's a company finance record. Oh, she had over 2500 credits…
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg That spoiled rich bitch.
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg It look like she didn’t buy much. There’s only one purchase here. A Raven model love bot?

    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Woo. Talk about narcissism. She probably had it made so she could get one herself.
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg She also owned an apartment in the Kobayasi tower. According to the travel logs she didn’t use it much. She spent a weekend there before the attack.
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg I want to buy that apartment… and trash it.
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Don’t you think you are obsessing too much about this? She’s dead. Forget her and get on with your life.
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg Lets see how much it cost. I might have to use MANTIS founds but it will be worth it.
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Please stop. This have gone on long enough. You need help.
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg It’s not for sale! Kawashita still owns it. Why aren’t they selling it!?
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Relax. I’m sure there’s a…
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg What if she’s still alive? She could be living in a luxurious apartment right under my nose. Laughing at me!
    19416800565_87a55988c9_o.jpg Now you are overreacting...
    30941669363_1f3ed46600_o.jpg No! Send a spy over there immediately I must know.


    Sorry for the lack of internal pictures but I’m not home (therefor the digital build)

    Some more renders:





  4. Can't beive I haven't comented on this before. All of them are really cool but I most like the small ones (Nightbeat, Sideswip and Prowl especially). And the head on Siren look so good.

    On 12/22/2016 at 8:49 AM, The Librarian said:

    ...but December in the South of England is not conducive to steady sunshine.

    You should try north (tecnicaly geografically central) Sweden :wink: (but at least the sky is clear the few hours the sun is up)

  5. @Jody Meyer, that would be great!  I think when AG2 officially arrives and the Aliens get their own page, known Aliens should be added with a brief summary on them.  Unless there is an AG wiki page where they could be added similar to Heroica.  This would also be beneficial for players looking to play for the Aliens and have some options for races to choose from. :classic:

    AG already have an alien register in the travellers-guide-to-andromeda, feel free to add any aliens you create. I was planing to flesh out the aliens Narbilu created early in the game, maybe you could use one of them? I'm looking forward to reading your ideas. Maybe for AG2 we could have a wiki but with Bob's nice player index and timeline there might be little  use for it.

    And if you get tired of waiting on AG2 to start you could introduse some aliens now. I'll check with Bob if we could impliment the aliens stealing resources thing in the current game (and make anyone with Alien communication immune :wink: )

  6. Here are a few more pictures (I have like one hour of daylight here this time of year)







    I also added a story.
    It turned out to be a lot more than I had initially planed. And previous random character turned out to work exceptionally well. (lets say I planed it all )

  7. 1 hour ago, SpacerSteve said:

    Reminds me of that temple Raven found on (sorn?) I'll look it up. The excavated soil looks good.

    There is already a link in the post to the first discovery (on Lesser Direstan. The last week Raven commented on symmetry. I wonder what could be on F02 Lesser Drigo :look:)

    Much like DLL, I too planed a lot of story in the beginning but it never really got anywhere (untill now?).


  8. Location: G09
    Tags: Exploration, Land vehicle

    Now it's time to see what Raven found last week. (if anyone remember that build, it kind of got lost)

    The new discovery


    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg How's the excavation going?
    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg It's slow but steady. We have taken it easy so not to damage the structure.


    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Well, you can bring a larger machine and speed it up. I have it from a reliable source that this structure is a lot sturdier than it look and there is nothing of archeological value around it.
    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg What kind of source, everything about this is Omega level classified. Half of my mission specifications where censored.


    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I have a personal connection to security chef Derrek Thorne. He's put me in charge of sec...
    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg You know Derrek Thorne? That Derrek Thorne? The Sergeant who got promoted after all the hush hush with Raven and the missing scout ship?


    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg How do you even know about that.
    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg I have a Delta level security clearance. That's how I got this job in the first place. Seriously, what's so secret about a stone ruin anyway?
    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg It's much more that that, obviously. But having clearance is still no reason to why you would dig around in classified files. I could have you arrested right now unless you have a very good explanation.


    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg One of the soldiers on that mission was my sister.

    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Summers...
    a painful memory wash over Raven and she look away.

    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg You are Marie Summers.

    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg Yes but who are you? How do you know about my sister? Those mission rapports where classified higher then Omega level. I have only managed to get access to secondary rapports. Like records of Raven canceling the first team and requesting Thorne's team instead. So how could you know my sister was on that mission, and what's this “personal relation” you have with captain Thorne?
    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg As I said, I know Thorne and his team but I don't know any more than you. He lost a good team in an alien attack on a scout ship. Now Ms Summers, I'm truly sorry for your loss but if you keep digging in this I'll have you court marshalled. Do you understand.
    31604525122_8a2aa7a588_o.jpg Yes Ma'am. And that's exactly what Thorne said too.


    The speeder is from last week, I just wanted to recreate the look of the first discovery.


    Here is the entire build.

    I don't know if it's apparent but there is a lot of angles here to work around the six sided building. I'll take some more pictures tomorrow (and maybe add a little story too).

  9. Nice story. I like those ods better then the original even if they are still way higher then in reallity. (but then a planet had just been destroyed so it make sense if asteroids where denser then)

    I figured the masked assailant was Jeb (but he changed his hair color).
    Now the big question is if he kept questioning his orders and joined Octan out of guilt or if Octan's best (only) special force agent is a sleeper agent for an anti-Andromeda assassination agency :devil:

  10. MKJoshA asked:

    17 hours ago, MKJoshA said:

    I have a question about AG 2.0. How will it effect storylines? If I have an on-going story that is still happening when AG 1.0 ends, will I be able to pick it back up when 2.0 starts? Or should I try to wrap things up story-wise?

    And here is an earlier reply from me:

    On 2016-11-03 at 11:47 PM, EpsilonEta said:

    AG2 will folow after AG1 story wise so if you chose to continue the same character only your credits and items will be reset. (But anyone could also finnish up their stories and make a new character for AG2, even in another corporation)

    There will probably be some form of time gap but you should be able to pick up your main story in AG2.

  11. Location: G09
    Tags: Land vehicle, Exploration

    Raven was on her way back to Orinshi to reunite with her family when she got a call from her security adviser Derrek Thorne.

    An important find

    23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg We have found one more.

    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Another key?

    23018988916_703f9c3c6f_o.jpg No, an energy signature. On G09.

    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg G09 uh. Whoever made those sure liked symmetry. I'm on my way.


    Later on Greater Drigo.


    As she fly thru the landscape she calls the excavation team.


    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg How's work going?

    26464372416_68893375a7_o.jpg We have uncovered the anomaly and is clearing the last mud now.

    This picture is not actually meant to be judged as it will be shown better next week. It (and the speeder) is a hint to what have been found.

    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg And the cover story?

    26464372416_68893375a7_o.jpg Kawashita just started a major expedition to the planet that should keep Octan from looking too closely on us and as soon as equipment arrive we set up a mining station and constrict a building around this thing.

    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Great. I'll bee there in 15 minutes.


    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg Are the markings the same as the other one?

    26464372416_68893375a7_o.jpg Those files are classified so I wouldn't know.

    19060228549_24f799372b_o.jpg I guess I see when I arrive then.





    Unless you have figured out already you will see the discovery next week.

    Here is another picture of the actual build.


    Disclaimer, I had not seen MKJoshA's build when I started this :classic: (seams like a lot of our builds had geysers in them :laugh:)
    I actualy did plan to reunite Raven and her family but then this story got in the way. Well, there is allways next year.



  12. 6 minutes ago, Professor Thaum said:

    It will quickly unbalance the game... a shortcup toward AG 2 ?

    The Idea was to make a final sprint to end AG1 (another option was to continue the race in AG2 by carying over the resources but we feelt it was better to start AG2 fresh which will make this end a little rough)

  13. 14 hours ago, mediumsnowman said:

    Haha, nice Looks a little uncomfortable for.  a minifig to sit on though. :grin: 

    I tried to get a fig in there during building but it didnt look good so I went with a slightly different scale . At least stering and seat look beter then if they where designed for a fig

    2 hours ago, Bob De Quatre said:

    That snow is really well built!

    I know right, had to use really small parts. could I get an exploration tag for it :cry_happy::laugh:

  14. To Pombe I'd like to say; the way to improve from where you are would be to try making something higher than a 4 (feel free to take a few weeks off while you build) Also, step out of your comfort zone and build something other than a land vehicle (or even better, don't include a vehicle or building at all, you could focus on terrain. Stop helping Octan so much. It's not like I would but a small land vehicle in the snow just to score 3 free domination points.)

    No really, it's great to know AG have helped people to improve but it's a shame that 4 points is about optimal score per effort as it doesn't motivate players to improve beyond that. And those who are that good don't get that much for actually showing it, which otherwise would inspier more players to try harder. We will try to adress this in AG2.

  15. Location: C10
    Tags: Land vehicle

    We (in northern/central Sweden) got our first snow a few days ago. This was earlier than other years but still not as early as it used to be (I blame global warming)

    Anyway, I made a snowmobile. I actually started with wheels, then added the skies. When it started looking like a snowmobile I changed the wheels for threads. Still not happy but now I'm really out of time. (oh, and Raven's story is in here somewhere too :wink:)



  16. 25 minutes ago, Kodan Black said:

    I know that limiting the tags will make it so builders aren't just building for the tags as much, but that also means that the tech tree stuff is going to be much more linear. People are going to pick a path that gets them to the 2 bonuses and then race to the end. I don't think corps will spend much time diverting off to pick other things.

    Who said the new techs would even give bonus to tags/specific builds? It could upgrade the fleet, make it easier to hold territory or just make any build earn more secret resources. Maybe you even have to choose between two techs that give effects to progress (like most non effect techs now) or buy both and progres slower. There is a lot to be done with techs but we haven't really goten to that yet.

  17. Thanks for all the feedback!

    12 hours ago, Jody Meyer said:

    I knew there would be some feedback, there are some great ideas here and some questions that come to mind. Resetting the items would be a waste, some people worked a lot for those, maybe if they are carried over for that person regardless of what faction they decide to join. Also how do the google forums work?...

    And some people haven't worked at all for their items. At least it would be the earned credits that caried over  but that would put new player behind from the start. (maybe 10% could carry over. I don't know. Staf will have a lot to talk about at least)
    I'm no expert on forms but I would assume you click on a link, enter your builds name, location and a link to the thread and then tick a few radio buttons for tags. Each tag could than also have an explanation to them.

    12 hours ago, LucByard said:

    Some of the new rules make it look as though corporate players will need to be a bit more 'For the corporation' which makes me wonder where my impulsive civilian freight pilot will fit in. Maybe I should play 'alien alliance' but as a non-corporate Human! (if that's allowed, there must be plenty of them around).

    I like the switch to controlled planets giving resources regularly but worry the decreasing DP will force a corp's players to spread too thin covering existing territory instead of cracking on with the front line. Maybe the DP loss relating to distance from homeworld or supply base (thematically representing stretched supply lines) and Corps being able to buy/build supply bases on other worlds could work around this. It would also make the world they build it on more strategically important as losing it would affect their nearby planets.

    I like the idea of discoverable equipment: On the fifth build with a mining tag on a certain world, the player finds a 'diamond drill bit' etc.

    I like making kit cheaper and easier to get. Maybe a player only being allowed 2 or 3 from each category at once would prevent the 'everyone gets everything' problem. Players have to decide what combination suits their play style.

    I actually like the form idea, it would make game tags easier to grasp for new players if there are 3 drop-downs from which you pick an available tag (if that's how it works).

    Overall, I've enjoyed playing AG so much. I've looked at Historica and the Star Wars one and they just don't seem to have that balance of freedom and strategy that AG achieves. As long as it tries to keep that, I'll give any new rules a go.

    As long as Yseult doesn't have to promise to behave ; ) I'll be there.

    What rules tie you too hard to the company? I would like the game to be very open to new ideas. You should be able to ally with the aliens but you could also rebell at your company from the inside. The main differance would be if you give your scores to Mantis or Aliens (or Kawashita. You know you can change faction. They woulden't mind a talanted builder, just saing :look:)
    We will go over the game balance and try to make a large territory managable even with relativly few players. Bases is also a good ide to consider.
    I think a limit to the number of items and changing your equipment betwwen builds would make the game too complicated and with individual credits it will take a while to get items anyway.

    11 hours ago, SpacerSteve said:

    I have had a blast with AG1. I have to admit that I was getting a little tired of the current format. I love the idea of no transfers and losing Dp over time. It might stop the corporations from building empires and promote movement through the galaxy and not planet sharing borders!

    Several things that I think would make the game better.

    1 - Equipment for all of the jobs types. Right now equipment seems to favor special forces. Drivers, pilots, explorers, miners ect could have some pretty cool equipment! I could come up with plenty of ideas for fun equipment if needed/wanted!

    2- Octan - I'm not picking on Octan because they are the arch enemies of MANTIS. I think Octan should be a more generic corporation. I think it would be neat to have an Explorien/Octan hybrid or something like that. Ortherwise MANTIS and Kawashita should be Blacktron and Space Ninjago. :laugh:I think it would be nice if all three corporations weren't tied into existing lego brands directly.

    1 - Well, drivers, pilots and explorers have tags to use and credits could be sent to those who best use it so it work kind of good now but in AG2 we will adjust it. We havent started on equipment yet as we wantet to have the job classes and game mechanics done first but if you want to brainstorm then go ahead. Also the new tag system will give you a personal bonus to anything you like to build. (after X spaceship builds you get a bonus for ships)
    2 - This is just a thaught that poped up in my head and would probably not work but if Octan won they could be an allmighty presence in AG2 and a new or doughter company take their place in the game.

    11 hours ago, goatman461 said:

    I really like how many of the changes seem to address Wick and I's machinations in the early days that took hold. :devil_laugh: A larger scoring scale would be good so elaborate builds could be scored exponentially higher. Currently there's just not enough of a difference between a minifig on a plate and a 7 (scoring-wise). However, I wouldn't limit the number of entries during a specified time because that really has no direct correlation to the quality of the build (for example, builders could "save" up their entries to post them more closely together and make a more coherent story). 

    Strictly personal credits is lame. Keeps the corporations from investing in their builders and establishing an esprit de corps.

    As for color schemes, why not let that develop organically. Don't tie the game down to three corporations, let builders team up however they please with whatever colors and backstory they want. Good, quality teams will attract more, better builders and new factions could take over as old teams fall apart. If you're allowing aliens to accrue DP, that kind of voluntary association should already be worked into the game.

    Also, don't fret over giving points for story arcs. Builders are going to want to develop stories regardless, and the subjective side of judging leads to some really stupid builds getting a lot more points than they should, IMHO

    Get rid of tags. It's another unnecessary limit on the builders and leads to a lot of dishonest gamesmanship. 

    We will reward resources on an exponential scale. The question is by how much. Score^2 would probably be too mush as each increase would give twice as much but two scores higer doubeling your reward might work. This is also something to discuss. We want to reward good builds but not make inexperienced builders worthless. If DP was kept linear then small builds could still help maintain control of dominated planets. There are a lot of options to concider.
    The build limmit is ment o be a fixed number within a time period (as in max 3 every month) to force people to skip weeks once in a while. They could then build something bigger for next week or something else altogether, not focusing on AG all the time.
    It depends on what credits are supposed to be. Now they have been a company resource to be distributed on players who then fell they have to work up to pay this dept. We want it to be more of an individual reward.
    It would be kind of cool to have a kind of wild west style where numeros companies with diferent styles and aligence fight for riches in andromeda but I have no on how to make that work. On the other hand, we have already seen diviations from the company styles in the past. Pombe invented the black Octan ships and most Kawashita use dark red instead of regular red (even mantis had e short period of white and pink :grin:). You could even invent a daughter company with alternat colors and maybe others join in.
    I think the changes to tags will adress that but feel free to elaborate.

    10 hours ago, Kai NRG said:

    One thing that I would really like to see addressed is the judging system.  This has already been brought up in different ways, but my particular beef with it is that it doesn't really provide incentive towards spending more time on a really good build.  Why spend two weeks for a seven, when you could spend a couple hours on two different Saturdays for two fours?  I dropped out because I was tired of doing just average builds - slapping together a few odd colors, a vehicle, and a bit of a story every Saturday was pretty much what it boiled down to - but couldn't find the incentive to spend more time on really good builds.  Oh, on the side, I did get really busy with BoBS, not to mention real life... those probably had something to do with it, I'll admit... :laugh:

    Yes, we just need to decide on just how exponential. (see above)

    @Kodan Black and
    @spacer steve by limiting it to 2 tags per build you can't "tick ALL the boxes" and will have to focus on the thing you want to build. You can still put in more things but you shoulden't fell you had to. Also, the new game mecanics allow for more diverse techs. We havent discussed this yet but I think an early one would be to slow DP degreas so you could hold a larger territory for less effort. The fleet could also be upgraded in several ways. One good sugestion was to make it prevent DP loss in it's area. The new tech sould not limit what you could build, only how effective it is.

    10 hours ago, Dannylonglegs said:

    Really? only a few months?... that's nowhere near enough time for my innumerable story arch plans! :cry_sad: I guess I'll have to keep Dr. Long around for 2.0., which was not actually in my plans. wow. did not see this coming, to be honest. 

    I wish it was ending in the summer. :sceptic:

    Just make sure that Octan build half as mush as they do now and the game will last twice as long :laugh:(an Kawashita have a chans of catching up)

  18. @goliath, we had planed mini challanges similar to the events you mention.

    Aliens are as numerus as there are players building them. Even with our limited alien players (which we try to adress now) we have got several different sentient species and very few are "evil". If anything its the humans invading andromeda who are evil and its natural that some aliens will fight back. Becase of the infinit possibilities of aliens they will all be grouped together as one and share a simple tech tree but items (which will be made for aliens too) will be individual. Aliens will also add to a comon domination on each planet and therefor compeat for planets in the same way corporations do (maybe with adjusted mechanichs and we are considering "diplomacy" or similar to get less hurt by alien presence. Details not finalised)

  19. 1 hour ago, rodiziorobs said:

    I don't want to have to deal with yet another roadblock to being able to post, whether it be another app to wrangle or a fellow team member to burden.

    It's very good to hear your opinions and discuss things. As the CEO and team strategist in Kawashita I often get the question of where someone should put their builds. That is hard to know without seeing it first (possible tags, guessed score etc) sometime someone dont ask and post on the "wrong" planet and I may ask them to move. To me it would be a lot easier if they would tag there buildings with what they thaught important (location or job bonus) and tag the rest as optional so I could fill it in myself. It would not be a burden to me and I think it would be a kind of win win situation (especialy for those strategists that dont have moderator rights)

    @kodan black, 5, the new system with droping DP will ensure the need to build on planet that have already been dominated. Even long before its about to run out.

    6, that is already the case. I have fetured only Ravens family and Pombe have a large team that sometimes act alone. I may be wrong but that rule have never been particularly enforced, as long as your main cast is fetured. (But sometimes I just make a random speceship. Don't tell the judges :look:)