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    [K-A08] Status update

    Wow, my litle experiment with brick separators keep paying of. Thank you! And you are welcome to join the game any time (as long as you join Kawashita )
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    [K-A08] Status update

    Location: A08 Tags: Spaceship The Kawashita fleet was attacked by an unknown alien force. It turned into an intense battle and Raven had to order a retreat. A few ships stayed to cover the damaged ones as they made their way to A08. Ravens ship, the Resolution, stayed the longest until it too jumped for A08 to rejoin the others. It had sustained massive damage and headed for the main orbital docking station for repair. I need a status update. How many ships made it thru, damage reports and losses. 27 ships returned. 10 of them have significant damage. 5 ships still not back. We had a distress call from col. Bric's ship but could not determine what happened to him. I witnessed two ships destroyed. I stayed as long as I could but two more ships where still out there when I left. Too damaged to do much. Assumed lost. What about the attacking fleet? They did not pursue. Instead they went to Lesser Direstan. Maybe they thought we would go there. Do we know any more about them? We have asked ALIEN if they can identify the ships. Good. I'm going to make use of this short break they gave us. Raven make a call to Major Kartofski on Sorn How soon can we refit large ships with the new reactors? We are just about ready and can do one mayor ship a week. I will send 8 ships to Sorn now for repair work. I want them upgraded while they are there. Michael, send half of our MANTIS boarder watch to protect them as they go and have all of our pirate hunting fleet join us here while we repair. Yes, ma'am. Major, what is the status on star lord? The project is going well and the designs for the Kawashita modifications are now finished. Work have started to fitting it to the real thing. Here is a comparison with the phase 6 model: As you can see, the hull around the reactor and life support is modified to the same standards as on the Resolution with better crew compartments and higher defense. The ship have been extended with a fighter bay which also increase docking and cargo capacity. Finally, the bridge is replaced with a new version of the standard GT-7. Also, you'll be pleased to know that we solved structural integrity issues with the wing parts. It is now possible to fit even larger engines at the wingtips for better maneuverability and thrust. Here is a schematic for the wing design: It's a completely new design and will withstand high levels of swooshing. Thanks to the stability of the “technic beams” we... Ok, I get it. How soon can we be finished? It's still 4 weeks till completion. I know but we have been attacked and could really need a new capital ship. I am prepared to divert resources but need to know how fast it can be ready and how much you would need. If I could get... Raven, we got a reply from ALIEN. They have identified the attacking fleet. Raven read. “They are called the separatists. They turn up sometimes after dimensional fluctuations. They used to be rare, only appearing in large se(t)ctors but now found in medium ones too. Little is known of them other then that their goal seems to be to destroy things.” Raven, are you listening? Yes, you can have the extra staff and I send the awesomnium. Michael, contagt ALIEN... Thanks for reading and comments and critesism are welcome (I just never remember to say it)
  3. Challenge 4: There's No Place Like Home Almost a year has passed since the three corporations arrived in the Andromeda Galaxy. They have encountered many hardships but endured. Thanks to their tireless efforts and the GATEs connecting so many rich planets the colonies are growing at an astonishing rate. Nowhere is it more true than the home worlds. Farmolis, Orinshi and Torresta are the hubs of their respective corporations and where all trade with the Milky Way passes through. Each home world is now starting to rival small colonies in the Milky Way in size and wealth. And nothing indicates they will stop growing anytime soon. Category A – My Home Make a building in any scale. It could be where your sigfig lives (when not on a mission). The building has to be on your company home planet. Judging: Entries will be judged between 1 and 10. Rewards: Winner will receive 50 credits, the corporation of the winner receives an additional 10 gold, 10 copper and 10 mithril. Winning corporation will receive 200 awesomnium, 100 water, 100 biomass and 10 gold, 10 copper and 10 mithril. Category B – My Neighbourhood Make a part of the city. It could be a street view or micro city. The city has to be on your company home planet. Judging: Entries will be judged between 1 and 10. Rewards: Winner will receive 50 credits, the corporation of the winner receives an additional 10 gold, 10 copper and 10 mithril. Winning corporation will receive 200 awesomnium, 100 water, 100 biomass and 10 gold, 10 copper and 10 mithril. Rules for all categories: All rules in the General Rules thread apply unless stated otherwise. Players will earn credits according to their score. There is no size restriction. Players can only build on their respective home worlds. The challenge will run from April 2nd to May 2nd. As long as it is still May 2nd somewhere in the world, you can still enter. Entries posted after the deadline will be disqualified from the challenge and will not be scored. Entries will be judged according to the General Rules. This challenge is open to all players of Andromeda's Gates, even if they joined EB or signed up for the game after the challenge has begun; the Andromeda's Gates staff, EB admins and moderators are not eligible to win prizes but may earn credits. All entries must be new creations, not posted anywhere else prior to being entered in the challenge. You may be asked by a staff member to change your entry if it is too similar to an earlier creation. All entries must be built from real LEGO or with Lego Digital Designer. No clone brands, no third-party custom parts. All entries must be posted as a new topic in the Andromeda's Gates subforum, the title prefixed by, "[Challenge 4][Cat X]". (For example, "[Challenge 4][Cat A] Building name".) Post pictures no larger than 1000x720, as specified in the EB Member Guidelines. For obvious reasons, any photo editing that changes the shape, functionality, or color (not tint or adjustment, but actual color) of a LEGO piece is prohibited. All entries are considered WIPs (Works In Progress) until the deadline passes. Until the deadline has passed, you are allowed to change and improve your MOC. Alien builds: Aliens are allowed to compete in all categories. Alien players can place their builds anywhere except the three home worlds. Winning a category with an alien build will only award credits. Domination and resources: As you can only build on your home planet, domination points will be awarded there and resources will only be awesomnium. Determining winning corporation For each category, the corporation score is calculated by adding 0.2 point for each participant to the average of all the participant's scores. The winning corporation for category is the one with the highest score. Overall winner The corporation which scored most points, all categories scores added together, wins the challenge and will receive an additional: 50 gold, 50 copper and 50 mithril.
  4. A part of the city around the Kobayashi tower. There is a park with a giant statue of Osamu Kawashita himself. Maybe I add some story before the deadline or I take it in weekly later. Here are more pictures:
  5. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge4][catA] Kobayashi tower

    The powerful Kobayashi family have just finished construction of their luxurious hotel and apartment building. The top building with surrounding park area is reserved for the family, their guests and VIPs. As CEO of the Kawashita Group, Andromeda branch, Raven have gotten an apartment on one of the highest floors. What? Top floor? That's the worst place to be if there is a disaster or attack. And it would take another minute every time I need to go out. You have gotten one of the most luxurious apartment on Orinshi and you are complaining. Don't you realize what a … Don't start with the “honor” stuff. I was going to say “privilege”. Sorry, I'm a bit worked up because of the separatist attack and I'm short on branch executives. Then you will be delighted to hear we are holding a hon, err... victory ceremony to celebrate our, um, victory. I don't have time for this. There are damage reports to go thru, orders to give... and so on And on the way over to the honor victory ceremony Besides, I will hardly spend any time in the apartment. I am allways with the fleet. It would be rude to reject such a gift. I'm just saying it will be empty most of the time. It would be of more use to someone... You know, tell them I accept this wonderfull gift and thank them for their kindnes. Well.. Okay (not ok-ey). You aren't just trying to get away from the ceremony, are you? As they walk she start writing a message. -You said you where looking for someplace to live in Andromeda. Well, I just got a solution... An encryption and decryption later the message is read a galaxy away. Louise, we are going to see mom. Wheeeee
  6. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 4][Cat B] Volcanic Research Centre

    Oh, oh, I see him. And he's waving at us! No wait, he's signaling for help. Maybe the old lady is sick or hurt, she seems to be screaming a lot Good job Sal. Look like we both made a micro of our catA too
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    [Challenge 4][Cat B] The Core Shopping District

    They must have changed the name for copyright reasons Cool street
  8. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge4][Cat B] Busy Streets of Haven

    Really great city scene and many cool vehicles! The many tubes and scaffolds make it feel like... I don't know, like it was added too over time, or built hastily/cheaply (not your build but the part of the city) a little run down and very busy. Maybe Blade runner is a good reference but I haven't seen it yet A great build anyway. It may get quite a few points IMO too (only have to decide just how many )
  9. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 4][Cat A] Volcano Station

    Cool build and I have missed your great stories! Seems we both brought family to Andromeda. That apartment have a very narrow hallway I really like the terrain and the details such as inserted shelves and the “rotating gates” (don't really know their name but totally recognized what it was supposed to be) The first picture really feel like a subway station.
  10. EpsilonEta

    [K-A08] Honor ceremony

    Location: A08 Tags: The aliens retreated at the arrival of the ALIEN ships. As Kawashita hurry to prepare for a possible return there is also time to celebrate the victory. Honor ceremony I don't have time for this. There are damage reports to go thru, orders to give... This is important, you are about to get a medal or something. I've got plenty of medals already, it's more important to prepare in case they come back. I know you can work while shooting, you are just trying to get away from the ceremony. Aren't you supposed to actually assist me? Com on, this won't take long. ...present to you the medal of honor for your contributions in the battle. Thank you. Then we want to thank and honor our fellow humans from another company who helped against the aliens. Would the captain of the MANTIS ships com up on stage to recive his medal. A medal? I just came to pick up our check for services rendered. We have transferred credits for ship repairs and for your assistance. This is to acknowledge what you done for us. Naa, I'll pass. Err ok... Next up is fleet captain Raven. I didn't know passing was an option. It isen't if you are CEO. For your efforts during the first encounter with the separatists and again during the following battle it is an honor to present to you the captains hat for extraordinary leadership in battle. Thank you. You know the red fether was mostly used by pirates. It's Kawashita red. Just accept it will you.
  11. EpsilonEta

    [K-A08] Honor ceremony

    Cool as I basically made a wall with a big hole to have time for the challenge. (didn't even photoshop space) Nice to know my "story" is apreciated, thank you! Allso good to know I can make good "minifigs on a plate" builds Thank you! That had nothing to do with making a large wall (with a big hole in it) as quick as possible
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    [K-A08] Message Deleted

    Ha, revenge of the redshirts Maybe everyone else was at the honor ceremony or celebrating the victory. Guess we have to clone a new col. Brik now
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    As it is high fashion among CEOs, I too would like to purchase a pirate hat please.
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    Challenge 4: There's No Place Like Home

    You can make any part of a city. A park, a playground, a square... with or without buildings at the edges. Sorry that I wasent clear from the start.
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    [K-A08] Fleet Battle

    Location: A08 Tags: Spaceship The Aliens attacking Kawashita last week are back. Fleet battle Ravens capital ship is too damaged to use so she is giving orders from inside the space station. We can't retreat again. We have to many damaged ships who can't follow. Then why did we retreat in the first place? We aren't exactly in a better position now. Don't question your superiors. It's okay. I encourage questions, we all have to learn. The retreat bought time to regroup and get information on the enemy. Damaged ships are being repaired at this station, many had been lost had we continued fighting. We also learned from ALIEN who the enemy was and some of there most common tactics. She start the holografic war table. As you can see the enemy outnumber us by 2 to 1. They also have a capital ship which we can't match. The good news is that they jumped so fast after taking the wrong planet their weapons can't have fully charged yet. We also haven't had time to evacuate our medium damaged ships for Sorn which mean they can help defend the station. It also mean the ships I called to escort the damaged ships to Sorn are on their way here. We need to hold out until then to stand a chance of winning this. She zoom out. This is how we will do that. When the separatists are within long range all ships will fire main weapons. I do not expect many hits but we may get lucky. Above all, it will look like we are desperate. We fire one more round at long range and then start to move away as if we where to retreat back to B08. As we already got away once they will pursue us rather then attack the station. It will take time for their larger ships to get to us but we will have to defend from fighter and small ships. They will be more then us but we have support from the larger ships and will be able to hold out till our larger ships from the MANTIS border arrive and attack from behind. And so the battle begin. All Kawashita ships fire two rounds of main weapons against the largest separatist ships. Only three hits but all three did critical damage. As Raven had guessed they didn't have full charge on shields/defense weapons either. The attack also broke up there formations which bought valuable time. The Kawashita ships then start to move away from the station as if they where retreating again. A group of separatists are breaking of from the main fleet and are going for the space station. Divert our incoming ships to go after the smaller squad. They won't get there in time. Send back two ships to defend the station. That would give away our fake retreat. Their entire fleet could go for the station. Maybe, yes... So, send our fastest ships at the last minute . Ma'am, they are the least armored. They wont stand a chance against separator cruisers. At this point it's sacrificing damaged ships and personal on the station or sacrificing two warships with crew. It's not an easy choice. The two ships turn around just as the Separatist fighters reach the Kawashita ships. Then the smaller Separatist squad get in range of the station. To their surprise, all medium damaged ships and some heavy damaged ones open fire. The easy kill turn into a fierce battle. Soon after, the two extra ships join in too. At this rate we will defeat them at the cost of all ships and much of the station. We are holding out for the border ships. They should be here any time now. Sir, I see them. But what are the other signals? Those are MANTIS ships! Hail them! This is captain Ashida of the... What's the name of the station? My ship is on repair. Nice to know you “Captain Ashida of the”. We know you are in trouble and came to help. How did you learn of this. It's a military secret... Seriously Captain, your security suck. We hack your computers easier than you log on. What!? How is... Calm down. This is Captain Blake of the border guard and before Fleet Captain Raven execute someone I want to say that the MANTIS Captain is joking. I told him of the alien attack and they wanted to help escort the damaged ships. This is unacceptable... Normally I'd agree but now I'm happy for all the help we can get. Welcome to the battle Captain. I know I have no authority to order your ships but we could really need some help here. Taking down an alien Fleet just made this trip a lot more interesting. We are happy to help but any suicide orders will be ignored. Rodger that. Synchronizing target data. I need you to take out enemy ship 2-0-3. All border ships, fire when in range. Thanks to the border ships the separatist take heavy damage before retreating. Do not pursue. Damaged ships stay at the station, The rest attack the main enemy force. Don't take me wrong but that doesn't look like a winnable fight. Unless Kawashita have super weapons we haven't uncovered yet that is. Keep your distance and use your higher acceleration. We are waiting for reinforcement. Copy, Fleet Captain. What reinforcements? The pirate hunter ships are small and agile. They will at most help us with the fighters. We need something bigger to take out that Mother ship. I know. I have called [removed to keep the story exiting] for that. The two Human squads attack from different directions and manage to hold out until... Unknown ships detected. Get a visual. It's an ALIEN dreadnaught with two battle cruisers. This battle just got even.
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    Challenge 4: There's No Place Like Home

    I realize I didn't make all to good instruction of what qualify as a building here. Anything from the architecture series to the Simpson house / modular series would of course work. If you want to make only a facade wall like the simpler play sets (Bike Shop and Cafe or Battle for Ninjago City) I recommend building a bit of interior behind it (for Cat. A) or a street in front of it (for Cat. B) But I don't feel you have to enclose a cat. A entirely. If you want to focus primary on interiors you could do like one floor of a modular house without the back wall and very simple (only interior) side walls (roof optional) as if it was an apartment in a mush bigger building.
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    [K-A08] Fleet Battle

    Thanks again for the comments. So I have noticed in several MANTIS builds lately. You hack a computer as causally as most people order pizza (and in less time) I just wanted to state that in "my universe" it take a little longer (but you have to get those spy tags ) At this point I think Raven would be willing to pay (a reasonable amount) for the help
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    [K - G10] To the Pain

    I knew the name from the thrope (which got it from the film) Interesting story and some cool details. I like the boxes for walls (first time I see it on the side) and the coffee cup hanging among the instruments. It's as essential for the job as the other tools
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    [O - F03] A Warm Reception

    Cool engines. The ship look a little like a penguin
  20. EpsilonEta

    [K-A08] Fleet Battle

    Thank you all! Thank you! It's good to know that the story was exiting even when illustrated in such a simple way. I just regret that I didn't add 3 more orange ones (that would stay with the main fleet). It would correspond better with the text.
  21. EpsilonEta

    [K-A08] Ransom

    Look like Col. Brik got from bad to worse. I wonder how this will turn out. And the separatists know about Raven and are after her? Well, get in line. Really cool table he's tied to. It look like the separatists will be sticking around for a while (and I was just playing with brick separators) Oh, and Raven want to say something to the ones who found him. What! You are selling him to the enemy? You can't do that. He's the only executive that is active. I can't do all work myself here.
  22. EpsilonEta

    [K-A08] Status update

    Sorry for the long delay. (Maybe I should stop ask for feedback as it is so much to respond too ) I wont thank everyone individually but I appreciate every comment so, Thank you all! Well I haven't gotten as famous as I taught I'd be I have been building for over 10 years but I spent a lot of that time making (or not making) a few transforming mechs. This is a lot faster. I have made a few dioramas too for this game but recently (wen we got spaceship mastery) I started focusing on microships. They are my attempt to build faster simpler things for AG (still failing as I make more or photoshop a lot instead) I used photoshop (PS Elements 8) I made the frame from scratch but there are probably tools in programs such as Power point. I used to use Paint to do fast simple shapes but the version on Win7 is useless. Paint was great until that. So did I That's why a stole the design from VK-318's tech build. (many of my ships have been redesigns of others)
  23. EpsilonEta

    [O - E01] Comrades

    It look like Kawashita have conectoins with M-tron too I like the new take on geting a space ship and land vehicle in the build The speeders are really cool too
  24. EpsilonEta

    [M - E01] Mission H3E01

    Wow, this have NPU all over it! I think my favorite is the simpel but effective minifig arms at the base of the tree (wich is cool in itself) The best thing is still the quadcopter
  25. EpsilonEta


    I thought it was time for another of my Transformers, Sunstreaker this time. As with Optimus, this is based on IDW's comics “Infiltration” to “Revelations” from 2008. (That's why he is a Diablo and not a Countach.) I started in September 2010 and finished in May 2014. It have been on my MOCpages since then and I recently added it to flickr too. Sunstreaker Car Front by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Car Back by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr A friend helped me to print on tiles. Here is a close up. Sunstreaker Car Detail by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr And as with my Optimus, he can transform. Sunstreaker Robot 1 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Robot back by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr I made a video showing the transformation (no sound. 2x speed) (I will make one or more that explain in more detail at some point but don't hold your breath) And here a reference pictures from the comic “Transformers Infiltration”. (Written by Simon Furman and drawn by E.J. Su) Sunstreaker ComicCompare by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr A few extra pictures of the inside Sunstreaker Car inside by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Car underside by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr In the comic his hand can change to a gun and I managed to replicate that. (it works for both hands) Sunstreaker Robot hand transform by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr And finally a cool pose (it took like 10 minutes to find a pose he could balance in) Sunstreaker Robot pose by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Thanks for reading.