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    [K-F09] Swarm ship

    Thank you Thanks. The brick separator ships started with these: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=128854
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    [K-F09] Swarm ship

    Location: F09 Tags: Spaceship The Honor have finally arrived at F09 where the Kawashita fleet have been under attack for a while. Aliens are using hit and run tactics with two groups taking turns to raid the fleet and the planet itself. One of the attackers are the Separatist swarm ships. Medium fighters in large numbers.
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    K-[B06] Extraction on Sorn

    Wow, this was a big set up. Nice story too. (Especially like the "parking ticket") If you keep this up you'll be a brach executive shortly My only complain is there is too few pictures to see everything that is going on. I'm also going to give you Land vehicle tag (for the boat) and Exploration tag (for underwater scean) whether you add them or not (Kawashita need every litle bonus we can get )
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    You can ignore that Bob and buy him a Metal eater instead.
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    [K - B06] Sunday Afternoon Drive

    Really nice build but with such creative alien plants you better add an exploration tag or Raven's ghost will hount you for a week!
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    [O - E11] Normalcy

    There also isn't a helmet/spacesuit (or clothes) but that is kind of normal in AG anyway (even on asteroids where you really should need spacesuits) Still, this is the closest Pombe have been to normal in months
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    [K-F09] Details

    Nice scaner My guess is the wall is this piece http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=2408
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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Welcome to AG Bossk! Good to see you made the right choise. I'll add you to our conversations shortly.
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    [K-C06] Crisis

    Location: C06 Tags: In the war room on the Honor. Crisis She's dead. She perished before we could get her to a med-bay. That armor she insists on wearing probably only prolonged the suffering, he said with a deep sough. Without it, at least it would have been quick... He stops and lower his head. No one speak. After a moment of silence Captain Ashida slams his hand in the table. How the Megablock did this happened!!? We don't know yet. We just started... A bomb got in to her office! On a secret ship! Who could possibly have done that!? And why the block didn't we find it!? We are working on that right now but results will take some time. We don't have time! We could have a traitor on board right now! I want... Sir, I have news. We just finished going thru the surveillance footage of of her office. You can't believe what we found! Well spit it out! I'm not gonna guess it! Yes, yes of course. Two technicians entered the office just as we took of from Sorn. They replaced a statue and left the ship as we passed thru the B05 system. Do we have an ID? Where they traitors? How did they get on board? They had some kind of... disguise. We can't ID them and they got thru all security. But in the office one of them took of the “mask” and could be ID-ed. It was the CEO of MANTIS. The one who is rumored to have kill... Wait! If they have these “masks”, couldn't they just change it to look like Spacer Steve? No. It's more of a “generic face”. We can't use facial recognitions to search for these “generic faces” as they match almost everyone. When we manually back tracked them from the office thro the rooms using the timestamps, we found where they entered end exit the ship but then they where lost. We did get some data as they whent thru security on there way in. The height and build of one match Spacer Steve but the other we can only tell is a woman. She was also carrying a small statue and a tool box but nothing flagged as suspicious. You are saying someone, probably MANTIS, have the tech to be invisible to our scanners and personal. As well as having undetectable bombs! No, they are not invisible, rather unrecognizable. And we are working on identifying the bomb. They won't be able to pull that off again. Then work faster! As far as we know there can be a bomb on every ship in... Sir! Our fleet at F09 was just attacked by aliens! OK, prepare to leave as soon as possible. We are going after those aliens! After all, it's what this ship was built for. We continue this breifing on the way. Now I want all status of this ship and all intell from the fleet... It feel good to get to kick some alien megablock. It's what Raven would have wanted. I just can't beleve she's missing another alien fleet encounter.
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    [K-C06] Crisis

    Sorry for the late reply Confused? What in the story is not clear enough? They are basically investigating what happened in The Raven’s Nest. I also tried to explain the spy suit technology that some MANTIS players use took inspiration from the standard faces the classic space figures had. And I had to comment on Raven missing another alien fleet encounter Sorry. I ment to mention that in the spoiler I forgot to add. I took two pictures (with and without the fig) with the camera on a tripod. Then I cut out the fig, made it transparent and shifted colors a little towards blue. It would have been able to photograph the fig alone against a plain background removing the need for a tripod but as I did I got the scale and angle of the fig right. At least not everyone thought it was confusing (so I haven't screwed up completely) I'm also curious on how it will unfold. It will be interesting to see what my figs do without Raven Oh, and the Kawashita logo everyone liked is an old build that have been featured in several of my and others builds. I even made an instruction almost a year ago. (again, I forgot the entire spoiler coments)
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Welcome Mesabi! It is in no way too late to join. We are happy to have you. I will add you to our private communication soon. When it work, post the 100x100 picture together with your player name (Mesabi) and job (pilot) in the introduction thread Many players post an introduction here too so other players can welcome them to Kawashita.
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    [K-C06] Crisis

    Why would the Honor be lost? (Now who's manipulating? Trying to move focus from you and what you did ) Or do you mean lost without leadership? It's not like Raven did everything.
  13. EpsilonEta

    [K-C06] Office inspection

    Welcome to Scandinavia! ( )I haven't seen the midnight sun myself (but they say it look like the regular sun ) I do live close enough to the arctic circle to feel the effects part of the year. Even if the sun do set (for a few hours) it's close enough to the horizon that it's not entirely dark. It's actually easy to darken the bedroom at “night”. It's harder to compensate for only four-ish hours of daylight in the winter (all of which during work). This week I will make a murder investigation and the next the family get the bad news. After that I'm not sure on what to do.
  14. EpsilonEta

    [K-C06] Office inspection

    Location: C06 Tags: Raven is inspecting Kawashitas new capital ship. Office inspection Welcome on board the KSD Honor “Honor”? What happened with with “Revenant”? Sorry, company overruled your name. Not “Kawashita” enough for a ship like this. Figures. So, how are we doing? The fleet is heading to the Octan boarder as a response to the incresing alien activity in the area. We will be joining them as soon as we have loaded everything from the KGMA. I can take you on a tour throu the ship while we wait. No, I have a lot of work to catch up with. Just get me a map and I'm fine. Raven head over to her office. This office is brighter than they used to be, she think. And someone have already moved my stuff. Odd. Is it the light or does that honor price look different. She move in closer. Did they mix it up with someone elses. No, it have my name on it so... Wait, it doesn't have the scratches mine h... oh block! KAABOOOM!! ... -Kawashita's CEO of the Andromeda branch, Raven, is dead. -A warp reactor overloaded, causing an explosion on engine deck where Raven where unfortunately inspecting the new drive system. She perished instantly, together with three others, in this tradgic accident. Raven will be missed but also remembered for her leadership and dedication...
  15. EpsilonEta

    [O-G10] Like a Fecund Fruit Tree

    Nice build and even better monolog! I agree that the invasive spices have appeared in every build but already in the first part I felt it wasn't the scorpions I like Dr. Long's reasoning. “once we wave the vaccine (to the deices we cased) they will have no choice but to agree to our (benevolent) demands” And she (and many others too, I guess) doesn't even feel what thay are doing is “wrong” or “evil”. How can anyone not want “progress”. Just look at what it have given us; wealth, comfort, health problems, mental breakdown, environmental damage, resource depletion... Good job! (and thanks for the mention. I wonder who/what the "Master Mechanic" is )
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    [Freebuild] Year one

    It has now been one year since I joined AG! Here is a summery of Ravens adventures. (It's in chronological order. If you want the posted order you can use the player index but they ar basicaly the same.) The links take you to the story and the pictures go to flickr. Any comments you may have is better taken here so not to bump old threads. Year one When I first arrived in Andromeda I mostly made scouting missions. I made a discovery on Sorn but it's classified. Between you and me, it was an alien ruin. I investigated a droid sabotage on Guinevere. Totally didn't retaliate No, sure you didn't. Then I infiltrated the dust demons . You know the pirates that really bugged us in the beginning. Had to raid our own supplies before I got to go to their base at Guinevere. After a minor setback I almost got their leader before someone bombed the shit out of the base . Unfortunately the Commodore, their leader, got away. Our only lead was an insider selling information to the Demons but Koro, the cybernetic ninja, just killed him . (mccoyed's build) It also turned out that working under cower counted as overtime so I had to take a day of to not violate work laws. Then I was back to scouting and raiding again. After a while I got promoted to Fleet captain. But I think that was just an excuse to get me to babysit explorers on Sorn. And again on Guinevere but at least then we had some action . Then we got a lead on the Dust Demons again and I got to have a friendly conversation with the guy I met in the Guinevere base. I know what a “friendly conversation” is. Did you get any useful information? Of course. They gave me the location of their new main base. After waiting on Koro to disable the security I led the assault on the Dust Demons base and even had to battle Koro to stop him killing the Commodore. In the end he killed the Commodore anyway (mccoyed's build), against my direct orders. For my leadership, or no one else being around, I got the new job as CEO of Kawashita. I had to endure board meetings and border disputes as well as boring board briefings . When I couldn't take it any more I went to the shooting range to blow some steam. Yeah, and you held out how many hours? 834 and a half. Okay, you are making that up. And then I had to endure a Christmas party which cased me to miss an encounter with an alien fleet. The horror. (very sarcastic) Then, when I went out on a flight to clear my head from all this, I decided to investigate a missing scout ship . It turned out it was hijacked by aliens . When the backup team arrived we went in to take back the ship but the rest is classified at the highest level. Right, so what happened? I can't tell you. What? You've told me a lot of “highest level” secrets about your missions. You can tell me the basics at least. Normally yes buy this is serious top level shit. All I can say is that I got shot, my life flashed by but I survived, obviously. I flew over to a diplomatic meeting that turned into quite a spy mission . I can't really say any more. Only a few people in the absolute top of the company know the rest. There is much more but it's not very interesting. I may as well tell you about ordinary test driving of various vehicles. Now you are just trying to end the conversation. What more have you done? Fine. I was back in my office on the KFD Resolution and managed the company again. While I was exploring I was called for Jury duty. MANTIS wanted a public trail and I had to attend. Then when I was talking to my assistant I got word that an alien fleet was attacking us. We fought hard but it was going bad so I ordered a retreat. We managed to lose them for a short while and I used the time to go over the status of our ships and get information from ALIEN . They where called Separatists and would soon attack again. We had a major fleet battle and got assistance from both MANTIS and ALIEN Afterwards there was a victory ceremony and I was awarded a “captain's hat”. I might have drank to much as I had a weird dream that night. That's about it for my first year.
  17. EpsilonEta

    [K-C06] Office inspection

    Sorry, I was away celebrating the Swedish midsummer (which kind of make this “Midsomer Murders” ) Wooh, where to start. Thanks for likeing the build (even if half is a copy of Steve's) Wait, NOT dramatic? Because it was to sudden? She was murdered by another CEO! (now I almost feel like bringing her back to life only to kill her again in a “more dramatic” way) We had planed to hint of the bomb in Steve's story to build up expectations and tension but that part got lost. Well, at least there will be some drama to come, that I guarantee... And I wont go just yet (as you said, someone have to build for Kawashita ) Thanks, and having a murderous CEO is nothing a good PR campaign can't fix Just get a picture of him with some cute puppies All will be forgiven Had to google that. You learn something every day. Thank you. As I said, I did plan to build up some excitement but it got lost. In the end, the shocking, sudden death probably worked better. (but I have said several time I have tried to cut back on this game ) Well, not being a nobody doesn't really help you survive. As CEO you get a lot of enemies (and two decades of spying/killing doesn't help either) Thank you too for appreciating my take on Steve's version of Ravens office. And Steve will probably explain more soon. Also, I did just bring Raven's family to Andromeda.... The cover story is mostly because Kawashita don't want to appear weak to the other companies by saying there CEO was murdered. Anyone on board would know the explosion happened in her office. I was thinking this would get some tie-ins or mentions, maybe Kawashita can rise in my absence
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    [O - H06] From Farmolis to Fascini

    It is my fleet blocking you and I don't mind you building there so I would let you keep it. It was also a problem with the map so it was hardly your falt. I say you can keep it for now and I will talk to Bob but I don't think there is a programed rule about the fleet. (Also, the fleet isen't acrually there in the software so it shouldent be a problem) Oh, you said Farmolis. Yes, it could be moved there (they must have a moon or something for your outdoor scen)
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    [O - H06] From Farmolis to Fascini

    I just noticed your build was on E11. I'm afraid you can't build there just now as the Kawashita fleet is there http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=98049&st=1225#entry2586054 but for some reason the map is not updated. Sorry.
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    [K-C06] Project complete

    I'm happy you like what I did with your WIP Thank you It's kind of my thing to make complicated things so good they look simple That's why I added the inside photos. If I did get to judge my own things I'm still not sure if I'd give it a 6 but thank you. Do you want to be a judge? The large cockpit is the one thing that I don't really like as the ship doesn't look as large as it should be but the piece worked so good and it mimics the mini model so I ended up using it.
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    [O-H06] Atlas Shrugged

    Really like the build and story! I liked the part about Hannibal. Even if I didn't know him from the Octan thread I could feel for the character. (I wonder if anyone make a statue of Raven when.... oh IF she dies ) Also nice to “get in the head” of Dr. Long. I wonder what she need to do to get back on the board (apart from making 300-400 credits ) She should join Kawashita, she'd be first branch executive on the spot Kevin haven't changed his office much. Same newspaper too (Did you still have the build left while you was inactive... Oh wait, it was the same picture, never mind)
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    [K-C09] Special delivery

    Location: C09 Tags: Raven have spent the weekend with her family. Now she's heading back to work. Special delivery This was really nice. I will start use saved vacation to take weekends of so I can spend more time with you. Maybe I even step down from leadership for a while. The door screen activates. I have a package for Vichtor Tellarian on this address. What? Oh right, that. Honey, aren't you in a hurry. Maybe you... Woouu! What is that? What is it? What is it? Nothing. We open it later when mom... I recognize the box. You bought one of those? No, well yes, but... I wasn't... I hadn't seen you in a year and... At lest I got one that look like you, I mean, I could have gotten... Wow! It's a mom robot! I don't care you got one. I meant you wouldn't have had to buy one. As CEO I can get most company products very cheep. Wait, what!? This is an official product? Yes. Kawashita is leading the market for humanoid pleasure bots. No one else can match our AI. Ok but why does it look like you? Ever since Octan launched their Pombe, unofficial celebrity products like “Rowena” and “Spicy Steven” have popped up. So I thought if someone was going to brick me I might as well get paid. That sound so wrong. You know what I meant. And you know I relax at home. Mom, what does “brick” mean? It's when a man and wom... We tell you when you are older. Brick me, brick me. Now see what you did. Mom, is it the same brick as in brick separator? Ok, I have to go now. You two have fun Wait. I'm holding you responsible for that word and demand compensation. I'm sure the bot can “compensate” you. No, I mean a mother daughter talk or something like that. Teach her some manner. She respects you. Also, just to be clear on the bot. You didn't mind I used it? No. Cool. So when you get back, maybe we could have a 3x3 brick? No way. Just watching the commercial for that thing creeps me out. And now I really have to go to work.
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    AG - Rules and FAQ

    As alien ships work I would asume alien buildings work too (but as Kawashita doesn't have that tech I'm going to forbid it Ok, now I'm abusing my staff powers Ignore that last part )
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    [K-C09] Special delivery

    Everything that is “wrong” you can blame pombe for. At least now Raven go back to work and there will be “normal” stories for a while. (so sorry, no Spicy Steven ) Thank you and sorry I make painfully funny stories
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    [K-A08] Chair Bound

    Nice. (Throw in a land vehicle tag too just to be 100% sure we get the planet)