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    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    You are right, thanks for noticing
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    [K-G10] Back in the field

    Location: G10 Tags: Spaceship Raven intend to investigate the murder of John Hannibal. Back in the field To get access to the records on the Axle she sneaked on board an Octan cargo ship. The ship then travel to the Axle in orbit of Onix. Note: this fantastic micro Axle was made by Dannylonglegs and should not be judged
  3. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] The Spitfire

    And the size restriction:
  4. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    Good for you (Im not yellous I lost ) but Alien9 only made 8 damage so you had 12 hp left after the fight.
  5. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] The Ravenator

    In honor of our late CEO, we have designed a fighting mech in her image to compete for Kawashita in the first Space Olympics. It have studied all Raven's fighting sessions as well as having installed several martial art skills. (-I know kung fu) It even know the ancient Crane Kick guaranteed to win any battle. As well as the mysterious Five Point Palm Exploding Fuel Pump Technique. As it's custom to demonstrate ones strength against a Kawashita mech, here the Ravenator fight the much larger “Veronica” without any trouble. (for those of you wanting to see Raven wrestle a space bear, this is probably as close as you will get)
  6. EpsilonEta

    [K - G10] Space Pirates

    Cool hamerhead spaceship and I like the wall greabling Judge mode: Im going to asume the location tag is left over from last week and go on the title but please edit for clarity
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    [O - H04] The Lab - Pt3

    Kodan is too paranoid. If the team say the base is destroyed it sure is destroyed. They just manipulated the data so the enemies won't find out about the destruction. Also, I changed the title for you.
  8. EpsilonEta

    [K-F09] Wanted, dead or alive

    Location: F09 Tags: Spaceship, Exploration On a remote landing pad at Arium Minor. Wanted, dead or alive Are you clear about your mission? Yes, we have been unable to reach SpacerSteve for comments on the bombing so I am to go into MANTIS territory and search for him. Correct. All our attempts to reach him have gotten us to a grumpy assistant by the name of Chogg who state that Steve is unavailable. But that doesn't matter as we have managed to narrow down his location. So in order for you to get in to MANTIS space undetected I have gotten you an ALIEN spaceship from the Black Trons. They travel across the boarders regularly without being searched. Remember, your mission is to get him to talk, one way or the other. Understood, but should you be out in the open? I have a new personal ID and a different armor, no one would suspect I'm a dead person. Besides, I will not be around that much. I will break into Octan's archives to investigate the murder on John Hannibal. They seem to have swept their investigation under the rug. Finally I get to do a field mission again, and it only took my death to do it. But you are still going over and edit half of my CEO decisions. That's because I care for the organization. It's not like I have started to enjoy the job.
  9. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    Then the staff decides that everything the staff decides is totally ethical Ha! If I could actualy tweak the probability I would do so for myself. I have some fierce (but equal) battles ahead of me. First “the Wrestler” which have a similar size and build as my Revenator. Then (if I win) there is a very high probability of fighting the Anubis like “Tiptoe”. And even if I beat those two (25%) then I probably have to face the three faced “Big Head Mech”. This doesn't look good (12-15%). Maybe I can hack that program Bob made
  10. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    We are fine tuning the details but it's a program (written by Bob) that calculate the winner based on the build score and luck. That's a down right lie! This is a fine competitive establishment representing good sportsmanship. No staff member would sink to the level of taking bribes!! (sending your credits to epsiloneta will in no way increase your chance of winning. 100 credits for punching first, 250 for a higher rang. Only valid for your next match )
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    [Challenge 5][Cat A] The Tourniquet

    You still have many parts that do not exist in those colors Here are some I found The hammer https://www.bricklin...e?id=109413#T=C The shield http://www.bricklink...age?P=91884#T=C Round tile with stud https://www.bricklin...age?P=18674#T=C Round tile with hole https://www.bricklin...age?P=15535#T=C
  12. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat B] The Spitfire

    Thank you, I put extra effort on the underside (as it's important for a boat) It’s the very unimaginative boat part 2626 (from a favorite set of mine Wave Master)
  13. EpsilonEta

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    When I buy an item for you, what really happen is Bob transfer money from me to you so you can buy it. For you to first send money to me is just another pointless step for Bob to do and he use to add a grumpy smiley when that happen.
  14. EpsilonEta

    [K-C06] Project complete

    Location: C06 Tags: Spaceship Raven is going back to work after a weekend with her family. Project complete She log on to the work network That's a lot to go thru. Why did I ever take two days off. This gona take a week to catch up with. Lets see, Col. Brik sell a new fighter design, and use the profit to buy an old ship for himself, figures. Victor Kramer intercepted a smuggle vessel and oh, Star-Lord is completed. -Call Major Kartofski- I read about the project. Yes it's finished. We are preparing to jump to C06 to get supplies and personal from the KGMA. If you hurry to Sorn you can join us for the maiden voyage. Wouldn't dream of being on a ship going thru a GATE for the first time. You could get lost in time or stuck between space. That's ridicules. It have been extensively tested and is completely safe. I see you on Hyreal Major. After a few GATE jumps Raven arrive at C06 and set course for the new ship. More pictures: upside down
  15. EpsilonEta

    [K-C06] Project complete

    And thank you for resurrecting this thread I do like this ship Considering i stole it from a mantis player (umbra?) you sertanly can. It work on both square and round backgrounds Have fun with it
  16. EpsilonEta

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Ok, I buy you one now (it's one of few items that take effect immediately) Also, DON'T give your money to me first, that make Bob angry
  17. EpsilonEta

    [K-G10] High Orbit of Onix

    "We found Andromeda so it's ours" Typically human logic You managed to make an even smaler version of the Honor, good job. And Brik sure is busy. I'm glad Raven isn't CEO at the moment. You also manage to post so early you miss the tactics we discus (in our non existant super secret thread ) Anyway, could you move this to G10 Onix. The aliens finaly moved so now we can compensate for the builds we didn't get there.
  18. EpsilonEta

    [A-G10] What is a Queen to a God?

    I think we should encourage more alien builds. There are a lot of creatures and cultures to explore. (Knowing what the statue is supposed to look like just made “the old gods” much more interesting) As usually I like the story (and build) but her decision to destroy the statue comes of as stupidly greedy rather then cold profit seeking (to me at least). Even if the statue was solid it would be little copper compared to a future mining industry (and replacing it with bronze is also stupid as that is about 90% copper. Like Steel is about 98% iron) I'm going to pretend Danielle recognize the statue and want to study it.
  19. EpsilonEta

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    Give them two different tags then (Like spider and web) and players can choose which parts they want to read (or can go back to the web stories later)
  20. EpsilonEta

    [M - C04] Darksight

    This spaceship is wonderful. It reminds me of the SR-71 and the Skylon space plane. I also like your story. The situation in the simulator last week felt very realistic.
  21. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] The Ravenator

    Thanks. aiming for 16 made it easier to get within 20 It wasn't allowed to bring the giant rifle. But if it did, the crowd would surely scream (in terror )
  22. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] Macho Mech

    Good to see you are geting in to the game but we will need a title to add the mech (and you can't edit the title yourself so you will have to write it in the post so one of the staff can update it)
  23. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] The Tourniquet

    Not like it's the judges job to find all the wring parts but the Axle Connector for the hands and mixel joint holder in the knees doesn't exist in black either. (but in DBG)
  24. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5] [Cat C] Lil' Icarus

    And a title (Whining judge aside) Cool ship. It reminds me of the old cylon raiders (with a little bit of the new ones)
  25. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat A] The Tourniquet

    If it was an actual competition with this size restricting rule only I'd imagine this design would be the best. It reminds me of the Lil' Longlegs but a lot beefier and with a lower center of mass. It's like a sumo wrestler compared to most boxer types. Other then the small ones that focus on ripping apart there opponents I think the only one who could take down this one is the Pombe mech who could headbutt it to the ground.