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    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    It was posted about 13 hour too late and will be judged next week.
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    Future of AG - It's feedback time!

    Thank you for the inputs. I just came to think of one thing that may solve those issues. The google form won't have to be filled in by the player who built it. If you only want to build a spaceship then do so and the team strategist could tag and place it where it does the most good for the team. Those who only want to build would supply the chess pieses so to say for the strategy minded to use.
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    [K-G10] Reporting in

    Location: G10 Tags: Exploration This story was meant to come much earlier as my previous three part story was meant to be one week (and I also missed a few weeks and the aliens). It's also a lot of text as it was meant to tie together several stories (which you might now have forgotten) and lead the way for other stories (that never came) Well, just take it for what it is. Raven is now back on Onix and within a Kawashita base so she can communicate again. Reporting in I got the data but it look like Octan doesn't have more intel than we on this. It's a good case but not enough evidence which is probably why they haven't brought him in. There's unfortunately nothing for us to get closer on the bomber. How are Brik doing? He's back but haven't filed a report yet. Patch me over to him. Brik, how was your mission? I found him on Sorn. (this would be while he was on Guinevere, before he met with SPIDER) So how did it go? Have he said anything? He said he had been set up. It was something of a company mater and he couldn't go in on any details. That's it? Maybe I can get more out of him. Probably not, as I let him go. You what? Well, he really seemed innocent and he was going to look into it. Tell me you at least got a name. He didn't want to say. It was kind of personal. Think! Did he say anything of value because we have nothing as of now. Well, he did mention a general but that could be anyone so I don't... Was it “a general” or “the General”? The Dust Demons use that kind of naming. Come to think of it, they did talk about a General. Below the Commodore but still very high. If so, it make sense this “General” want me dead. I wonder if he work alone or if the Dust Demons now work with MANTIS. Either way, it's time we bring back a retired asset. You will go to Orinshi and reinstate him. I give more instructions when you arrive. -------- Earlier in MANTIS space on the 26th of Junali. What do you want?! Oh... I... You have been watching the news for more than a day... So? No, nothing wrong with that... We where just wondering if you where feeling all right. Of course I am! Good, good. It's just... I thought it would feel... better, somehow. Maybe you should try to let it go. I will. I just need something substantial. A proper end. ------ Several days later: We managed to get the security photage from the day of the explosion. Good, now leave.
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    [K-E11] Back from the field

    Location: E11 Tags: Spaceship Raven return from her (ridiculously long) mission on Onix. The last part you get to see next week if the aliens feel like moving. This is just a quick thing I put together because I can't post my planed story on Onix.
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    AG - Rules and FAQ

    As Bob said in that thread, Onesho already had a Eurobricks account which is not allowed. If it was, I would make 20 accounts and throw out figs on plates for Kawashita every week which would completely undermine the game. (there are also other reasons why multiple accounts are forbidden on most forums)
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    [K-C06] Prisoner transport

    Location: C06 Tags: Land vehicle, Exploration Because the aliens persist on guarding Onix I instead drop a little hint for a later story. Prisoner transport Hyreal have been calm for some time but once in a while something happen. Today a lone MANTIS spy was captured and is now taken to a prison for interrogation.
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    [O - H06] Shadows Passing in the Night

    First I thought it was Raven breaking in to the archive Had you made this earlier I would have used it while breaking in, it look good. But it would have been fun if Raven triggered an alarm when accessing too sensitive information and Long (who was next in line) would be cough.
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    [M-G02] An Important Announcement

    Don't you know how the tags/techs work??? Octan get bonus for civilian and MANTIS get bonus for military which cases Octan to label their warships as peacekeeping civilian vessels and MANTIS put blasters in their TV studios which may confuse some people that their reporters are under threat which is not the case at all...
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    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    Aw Block! That was my last chance at a medal. So close! Congratulations to the winners.
  10. EpsilonEta

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    What?! 20 credits? That's like a weeks salary. SPIDER MANTIS must be very cheap
  11. EpsilonEta

    [O-H04] Stranger Things

    Really nice story and character portrayal! (the buld is cool too) I like the last picture of her walking but it bothers me that the arms and legs mismatch (or rather match wich they shouldn't) Other than that this is very well done. Good job.
  12. EpsilonEta

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Bob, please buy a Pirate hat for MKJoshA
  13. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 5 - Space Olympic Games

    It look like the referi was a bit biased in the end of race 2 "A pretty decent cycle for Fang of Lolng with 72 meters. A great cycle for Red Dragon with 70 meters" "A fair cycle for Fang of Lolng with 47 meters. Red Dragon races for 45 meters in this cycle and reach the finish line!"
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    AG - Rules and FAQ

    Well, except the three home wourlds (C03, H06 and C09). And building on the alien fleet (the green heads) will cause 2 extra damage.
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    [K-G10] Back in the field pt3

    Location: G10 Tags: Spaceship Raven have gotten the information she was looking for and is returning to Onix on an Octan cargo ship. Extra:
  16. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 5][Cat C] Red Dragon

    My first GARC. I even got to play with a stickers (I had a few I didn't mind cuting in).
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    Andromeda's Gates Non-Lego Art Thread

    And why I used to draw robots, aliens or people with helmets
  18. EpsilonEta

    Andromeda's Gates Non-Lego Art Thread

    When DLL started this thread I felt like drawing Raven. It only turned into a small quick sketch like this: -I look ridiculous. -No you don't. And you have to ware something like that for them to take you serious. -If I had my plasma rifle they would take me serious too. But then yesterday I finally had some inspiration and made a larger version. When I finished (in the middle of the night) I was pretty happy with it. Well, I must have been tired as today when I scanned it, it (the faces) look about as bad as they always do. I guess I just have to practice drawing faces but I prefer to imagine what the armor/clothing and hair look like (why do they need faces). Anyway, here it is: The armor is mostly based on the minifig but I got some details from the Varia Suit and an old character of mine that Raven is kind of based on. Picture for reference: Maybe sometime I draw a larger version of the head (but not likely)
  19. EpsilonEta

    [O-G02] Freegate Robotics Facility

    Minifigs don't count as vehicles (or anything else either) To be a vehicle it have to be able to transport a fig or cargo, so a piloted mech count for land vehicle (or spaceship if it's capable of filght, but can't be both)
  20. EpsilonEta

    Andromeda's Gates Non-Lego Art Thread

    Ohh, I remember this! I was new and argued with the one week more senior Comander Turtle over wich routs to take (and neither of us was 100% clear of the rules). But if you are going to continue this it should be in it's own tread "AG History" or "AG map progress" (don't think I can break it out or if my mod status even work again yet)
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    Andromeda's Gates Non-Lego Art Thread

    I havent managed to draw a face the same way twise so no real pearson in mind. If anyting, I would use a comicstyle drawn head for reference but usually I just use the look of the figure and hope the head don't turn out too horrible If more peole want to draw it might be beter to use this as a general art thread instead of everyone having their own who will fall down and disapear. It might also encurage people to post scetches (not just of their characters but maybe aliens or plants too) if they dont have to start a new thread for "just my little drawing".
  22. EpsilonEta

    Andromeda's Gates Non-Lego Art Thread

    Those are great pictures! I use to draw my lego characters as humans too and now I feel like making AG Raven. Thank you! (inspiration to draw doesn't come too often)
  23. EpsilonEta

    [K-G10] Back in the field pt2

    Location: G10 Tags: Spying Follow up on last week. Back in the field pt2 Infiltrating Octan is easier than it may seem. It's such a large and bureaucratic company that, as long as you have an ID and the proper papers, you can get access to anything and no on ask any questions. Even if you kind of look like the dead CEO of another company. -Welcome to Octan Arcives, how may I help. -I'm here to look at file 25-04-3816 / 130781 -Here it is. Say, don't you look a little... -Like Dr. Long? I get that a lot. Now could you hurry up? -Yes, of course. Here you go.
  24. EpsilonEta

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    As with Danny's Pipe Dreams a bike (even with rockets) doesn't qualify for Land vehicle. (Sorry)