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    AG - Rules and FAQ

    Yes, if the pirate hat isnt going to have a piracy criteria then stealth mode shoudent either. (Which would almost justefy its price) I woud really like that. Call it long range jump or something and let rich people explore the other planets without spying. Also, traiding in the spy suit or not doesent mater, it get totaly wortless if you get the stealth mode.
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    AG - Rules and FAQ

    Sorry if I sound whiny or something. I realize what a huge work it have been to create and maintain this game. I just have a few questions or unbalance issues with the expensive tech. First the Pirate hat say “When you build on a planet controlled by another corporation ” Shouldn't it be a piracy build? Otherwise it seams overpowered based on other items for the same price. Actually, the other two look rather underpowered. The Art of space war are basically doing the same thing as Domination for dummies but with no effect on planets where other companies haven't built yet. (you could use it to get a planet down to zero but that's not realistic) My suggestion would be to give one extra domination AND reduce one for other companies on that planet. Stealth mode too isn't all that good. You could use it to get rare resources but it would take a long time. I can't see a tactical use to place a build far from your territory. You can't even help an allied company as your domination don't stack and removing domination would effect both other companies. The only use I can see (besides slow mining of rare resources) is for story. If you want to interact with people or planets far away. Unlike Pirate hat, Stealth mode require a spy build and it would make Spy suit useless if you have it. You should at least get 500 discount if you already had the spy suit and I feel it should normally be cheaper too, like 1000 credits. Well, that's my opinion at least.
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    Optimus Prime

    Thanks again! It's massive because I wanted to get all the details from the comics. To bad it's to large to be practical (but it's impressive) so at some point I will make a smaller one. Ha! And thats only if nothing falls off. I started over several times to get that video I would imagen an alien robot could do it faster (I would like to make a stopmotion some time but I'm afraid it's to big) The spine and shoulders are studs up with technic beams running vertically. The stability was fairly easy but getting the rotation points in the right places was harder. Here is a picture of the inside OP inside by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr It's pretty stable in both modes but a mess to transform because a lot of small stuff gets in the way of each other. That's one of the things I will try to fix in the smaller version.
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    Optimus Prime

    Thank you! Thanks! I don't mind critique and the head might be slightly too small but it pretty small in the comics too and that's what I modeled it after. http://www.seibertron.com/energonpub/download/file.php?id=29130&t=1&sid=fb916ae5b8d5528164cca0df6b6c9d4b I was working on a trailer and was going to make Roller but I have taken a break in transformers and started building space instead (as you know)
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    [K - C06] Raven's day off

    Location: C06 – Hyreal Tags: Spaceship During her time in Andromeda Raven have earned several days leave, today is the first time she use one. Something about company regulations, maximum consecutive work hours. Apparently, undercover missions count as overtime. She travel to the KGMA (Kawashita Group Military Academy) to improve her martial arts training. Raven got directed to the dojo where agent Belter's team where training. She got to test her sword skills with Romily... ...and Rodrigo. Even master Ru came to watch there performance against a new opponent. There was no point trying to fight Sonja with a sword. They decide unarmed would be better. After a few hours Belter's team have to leave. Madame Kawashita requested there assistance. After they left Raven look for someone else to train with. Instead she have to take a course in “planet domination”. She claim it's to basic for here but it was important to the company that all employees took the course, even if it was a little “dumbed down”. Later she get the chance to test fly a new heavy fighter, the SF-47 Tsurugi-G. A team of KS-47 Shōkaku (Flying Crane) pilots act as targets and attackers to help simulate different conditions. At the end of the day Raven go back to her temporary room at the KGMA and sign in. You got twelve new messages. Lets see, intel, mission, intel, spam, ooh... -Download file- -Disconnect all networks, enter secure mode- -Decrypt data, key: HammerOfThor Prometheus Omikron- File contain one video -Play video- Hi honey. How's Andromeda? Was that private contract any good or are you bored? You know you could always come home. Here is someone who want to say hi. He turn away and reach for something off camera. Com her, and remember not to use Mom's name, then we have to re do the recording. Turning back to the screen Seriously “honey”, you are being paranoid. No one is listening to this. You have freaking triple layer encryption. Ok, her she come. Hi Mommy. I have panted a rifle. And I can count to one hundred. Want to hear, one, two, three, fore... Mom don't have time to here it all. Ok. Come home soon. How sweet. He lift her down. I settle with: come home alive, ok. Love you. I love you too Mommy! -End- -Delete video- -Record new video- Andromeda is great. I have already made a significant discovery and dealt a mayor blow to a pirate organization. Today I got to train with literally the best in the galaxy. -End- -Encrypt video, key: YamatoGun Tellus Omega -Purge work memory- -Enter normal mode and reestablish networks- -New message- “Still alive.” -Attach file- -Send-
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Please transfer 40 credits to NuckElBerg.
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    [K - C06] Raven's day off

    Oops, had forgotten this. Thank you again! Thanks! I'm really happy with how the dojo turned out. I made a AG version of my first micro Adrasteia but it's not in the same scale. I'll try to make a larger version and then they can be parked together in a future build. Wonder what kind of “motivations and personalities” you read out of that conversation. I enjoined guessing the story from your vigs before reading the texts. And even with the texts it's still a lot of questions unanswered. Locking forward to the rest. I have started building/planing vigs from Raven's past and will try to work them in somewhere in the future. I've also been thinking how to show it as she's not very keen to share anything (they couldn't use here name as the room was probably monitored). Will Octan start selling those pills soon? No, I have another ide, but it will take a while. Can't have a military training site without a proper dojo
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    [M-D04] Subject on the run

    I would recomend containing that thing with ice weapons (Because it totaly look like you created a metroid ) Good work!
  9. EpsilonEta

    [O-F08] Random Access Memories

    Good vigs and nice to learn more about Danielle (and the exploriens) Seams like it's popular to focus on our sigfig's past / privat life now. Have Belter started a trend? (lets hope we don't go insane )
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    [K-C08] A Bolt of Thunder

    Nice fighter! You keep improving Also fun to see Blackhawk back to his usual self, and now he's leading a team (how did that happen? I feel kind of sorry for them )
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    [K - C06] Raven's day off

    Thank you all! The dojo wall I figured out as I tried to sleep. It's rare to get to use the other side of the masonry brick. Ha! Yes, I used my own desktop with some new or modified icons, the new Chrome icon is my favorite. It's also Swedish text on the recycle bin Glad you like the Micro! Photo manipulation is fun (and as a perfectionist I had to add the mirrored image in the desks reflection)
  12. EpsilonEta

    [K - D08] Formal Wear

    Ha, you used the same sign as I did. Hope my dojo dont say “Party tonight” It's also cool that we have a party on a planet we haven't dominated. But that only mean we haven't started exploring the wildlife or harvest it's resources yet. Kawashita have more than 36 employees Nice to see Koro (and the Mechanic) in a different environment. And fun to know he'd rater fight a giant sea worm. Raven have also been on a few parties but never for fun. To her it just mean going to work with less weapons and a different suit (or dress in her case) They could have gone together but than they might as well scream “This is a spy mission”
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    [Challange 2][Cat A] Adrasteia

    Thanks! it was designed with atmispheric flight in mind Thanks! The color blocking got a litle harder when I needed to use dark red and DBG (the original was going to be black) Thank you! Wow, someone noticed! Because the engine sit so high it's not in line with the center of mass. Additional thrusters would be needed to fly in space. Seeing as this sci-fi is very soft I didn't expect anyone to notice The original micro version had thrusters on the wings and the large model was supposed to have. The wings even rotate to be able to point those planed thrusters. But in the end I couldn't make it look good, mostly because the planed wing part 46413 didn't exist in dark red or DBG. (Yes, I had planed on making a black version for another “Raven”. When I read about the challenge I dug up my old WIP. If this disqualify me from category A it at least got me to finish my old design that I'm going to use in two different sci-fi universes) Thank you!
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Please transfer 50 credits to NuckElBerg.Thank you!
  15. Location: A04 – Mynderis Tags: Spying Raven is doing some reconnaissance work on Mynderis.
  16. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 2: Unknown menace

    Bob alredy anser that:
  17. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] OT-Cog 1

    Wow, but what are you now going to make for category B?
  18. EpsilonEta

    [K - A04] Scouting on MANTIS territory

    Thank you! And that is just the binoculars (there is the word, I should change it in the story. But best to what till after judging) Ravens visor have a 360 degree view field and several HUD for various information. Would be a pain to make. Thanks! Thank y... whait. Is my way of making mikros good or bad? Well, I just assume its good Still can't really see how this mikro is any special but thank you. (This is the closest thing to “Raven on a plate” I can do. Serious perfectionist issues) Thanks! Seams like we're both building the other company this week. Thank you! The logo was the first part I made.
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    [Challange 2][Cat A] Adrasteia

    Thank you! Realy like your ships too. I'm glad you like it. I think your is the best so then we are even I see a lot of you like the weapons. I needed defensive weapons (it's not a fighter) but wanted a aerodynamic look. Luckily I like problem solving Yes, I added them last for effect. I particularly like the last photo (before the spoiler) Thanks! Wow, those weapons was really popular Thank you. The front was the last thing I did and it took a lot of trial end error to get finish. Nice to know it got good. Thanks. Yes, the Slave I was the main inspiration when I designed it for a alien in an old story. Then Raven (also based on a character from those old unfinished stories) got the ship.
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    [M - B06] Mission K8B06

    :rofl: CLAPPIE assist, just like that old paper clip guy. and 4 -12 weeks Your stories are always fun but that made me laugh out. Also, I think Sal don't remember the interrogation correctly, Kawashita follow all laws of prisoners rights (those "tools" must have been for show)
  21. EpsilonEta

    [Challange 2][Cat A] Adrasteia

    Thanks! The way you are improving I woulden't be surprised if you started making something like this soon Thank you! Wow! That was nice. Technically it's not made by Kawashita (but the original patrol craft maybe was ). I'm not familiar with Warmamer (googled Tau) or Halo. The design is mainly from the Slave I. Ha, stupendous shapes (and unfolding parts) are kind of my thing. (I will soon post some of my old things on Eurobrics, you'll see what I mean) I actually jojned AG for making small simple things but that failed (and Raven's spaceship had to be special)
  22. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 2: Unknown menace

    The rules say "As long as it is still August 2nd somewhere in the world, you can still enter" which would be midnight in the Pacific Ocean corresponding to midday in England. Then I dont know if those Pacific iselands have sumer time but around 12:00 GMT
  23. EpsilonEta

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] OS-42 Sentinel

    I really like the techniques you used but I cant help thinking it look more like a modern submarine than a fighter spaceship. Nothing bad intended, just saying. (In the future with super strong transparent materials they might even design fighters like that)
  24. EpsilonEta

    [K - A06] Scorched earth

    Location: A06 – Guinevere Tags: Spying, Military, Building, Spaceship / Airplane The story continue right after “Minor setback”. I reuse a lot from previous builds so I put a picture of the new stuff in the spoiler. Previously: Agent Raven has been sent to deal with the increasingly annoying Dust Demons. She infiltrate the organization and discover there is a traitor within Kawashita who supply the demons with information. She manage to slip this intel to agent Koro hoping he can find and stop the traitor. Now she's been invited to the Dust Demons main base on Guinevere to meet with there leader, the Commodore. But before she could report to Kawashita she was taken captive. Scorched earth So, what do you think. Is she a spy? My instincts say no. She didn't react to me using “honor” in such a casual way earlier. A kawashita agent would at least have flinched slightly. Nether did she become defensive when I said I could spot traitors. Through out the interrogation I felt she was honest. The lie detectors have made the same conclusion. Ok, bring her out. I apologize for the bad first impression but we had to make sure you wasn't a spy. What?! Are you saying this was a test? I... Yes. It's standard procedure for new officers. We need to be careful. Also, we've had multiple setbacks and suspicious data accesses recently. Our guy in Kawashita is convinced they sent someone to investigate us but then that's like saying MANTIS employees will carry weapons. You did all this just to test my loyalty! I want to punch you but my fist hurt to much. Well, that's the spirit we are locking for. You can take out on the Kawa-scum on Aeristus. You'll be leaving as soon as you gotten a shower and a new uniform. With all respect sir. I fell like I want to rest for a while. You can rest while you fly to Aeristus. Yes sir. Raven is evaluating the situation. So it was a test, I figured as mush. The first meeting, the questions. And why else bring me here, to there main base. Had they known I was a spy I'd be dead on Marphacia. Now then? I have no time to determine the base's exact location. I might at least get a radio with my new gear but no way of reaching Koro. He may not have found the traitor yet. Can't help that, I won't be back here for a while. During the shower she think through various strategies for multiple scenarios. When she's done she get new clothes and the captain is waiting to walk her to the hangar. No chanse of slipping away. Why didn't I get an armor and gun? Don't you trust me? I passed your test. You will get a captains armor like mine when we get to Aeristus. It's lighter than standard armor and believe me, you don't want any armor on for a few days after what you been through. Seriously, I'm surprised you held out as good as you did. I cried like a baby and could hardly walk after. It wasn't that bad really. I mean, he looked scary but didn't have mush skills. I've had far worse in school. What!? What school was that? Special agent training. I'm the spy you are looking for. While the captain look like a big question mark Raven take his gun and jam it in his face. Raven make sure he's unconscious an then go to the cockpit door. Help! He just fell down, I think he have an alien disease, he's face is all red! The pilot comes out to help. To not risk setting of alarms by shooting or killing she knock down the pilot with the gun. Raven go to the cockpit. Yes! It have a position system. Sector Q5 coordinates 23 18 - 42 65, that's MANTIS territory but close enough for a stealthy raid. She set the radio to emergency kawashita frequency as the drop ship travel to the landing pad. After giving the location to HQ I can just fly towards Aeristus and the Demons wont suspect a thing. Just have to avoid using words they might be scanning for. Humm. No manual input of ID codes. Well KG is a “spy company”. There personnel should understand basic codes or at least forward message to someone that does. This is your local weather report and do we have sensational news. It's raining on Guinevere. I say it again, it's raining on Guinever, sector Q5 coo... This is AD-38. Identify yourself. I'm a weather reporter, please call home and tell them... A what? This is a... Shut up! ...Kawashita channel. How did... Quick! Call HQ! Dust Demon main base in sector Q5, 23 18 - 42 65. Confirm! Hello? D** it. No signal. They are jamming communications. Huu, spy company my megablocks, she thinks angrily. They probably didn't get the full coordinates. I'll have to light the way for them. She stop the drop ship, puts on the captains armor and run back to the hangar. No one here yet. How clumsy of them to store awesomnium next to fuel tanks. What if someone dropped a grenade. Lets see 60 seconds should be enough. Ooooppps, I droped it. Better get out. This explosion got to be visible from the entire sector. She runs to the Commodores large door hoping he's still there. 10 seconds left. Wait a little. Now. Kawashita is attacking! What? We heard an alarm of unauthorized transmission but... Raven count down in her head 3.. 2.. They are jamming all... BHOOOM!! That was the hangar! You two check out. I will make sure the Commodore is safe. BANG! What was... BANG! Raven enter the com room but no Commodore. She try to access the data in the com desk. Locked. I better call and see if HQ got my message. Oh, cancel jamming. This is agent Raven ID 137955. Did you get the coordinates for the base? This is KD-11. We only received a sector and sent a large search party. I just saw a large explosion and a smoke pillar. Heading there now. You've been searching the entire sector?! MANTIS will attack... We will destroy the base before MANTIS can gets here. No! We need a ground team and some technicians. The data here could... I have my orders, the base is about to be rubble. But I'm in here looking for there leader. Give me a few minutes and... No can do. MANTIS fighters are on the way. If you don't get out, know that you died with honor. Ohh, that's a relief, she thought sarcastically as she started to rip out a few hard drives from the communication desk. I can get away with the Wasp on the landing pad. Maybe even pursue the commodore. When she get out she see a distinct silhouette in the sky. Crap! That's a KB-66 heavy assault bomber. And posibly another one in the distance. They really want this base destroyed. Lets hope the comander armor's jet pack is as good as the standard one. The end (for a while) Raven and Koro will continue the fight against the Dust Demons and search for the Commodore but for now I'm on vacation and the time I have will go to the challenge. Maybe Raven go to the KGMA for some training but she's more likely to scout or sabotage off screen. Also, the “megablocks” wasn't an auto correct. I think it's a good curse and I deliberately wrote it like that. Lastly, I have to try write less story in the future. It's fun but take a lot of time.