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    [O - G10] Sausage Quest/Sister Act

    Thats good to know (I might just keep my pictures private now, or at least try one first) Yes he did, until he met some "Kawashita sales agent" minidolls. I think the minidolls are the source to all the crazy. LEAVE THEM OUT OF AG!!! or the universe might collapse
  2. EpsilonEta

    [K - B06] Babysitting

    Thank you! I used that in my first challeng build but it got even cooler suspended over a seabed. Yeah, she would much rather be on Guinevere or Magrathea where the action is Thanks for liking it!
  3. EpsilonEta

    [K-D08] Blind Date

    I think Bonnie the Machanic is the agent Koro was suposed to look for and she traded sensitiv data while Koro was spying on the songwriter. (Or it's just some of Raven's paranoya rubbing off on me and Narbilu and Bonnie the Mechanic actualy set him up so she would get a date )
  4. EpsilonEta

    [O - G10] Sausage Quest/Sister Act

    I did wonder why we got to see Guinevere but that got explained. Pombe's (bearded) MANTIS sister (who uses her power of crazy for evil) is to stop her Octan brother (who uses his power of crazy for ohm, personal gain?) Wonder if MANTIS hire evil clones/siblings of Octan employees or if they use good clones/siblings to infiltrate Octan The battle (or rather the MANTIS warriors) made about as much sense as the animal tree but still more sense than cutting it down with (lava) fish. Pombe is definitely out of control Oh yeah, the build is really good too
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    All ships in the Kawashita Group Alien Defence Fleet, this is Fleet Captain Raven. Prepare to jump to B09 Serium
  6. Kawashita is researching the tech “Naturalist's training” Kawashita Group Botany & Wildlife Academy Our botany laboratory on Vollfort have made significant breakthroughs and are now opening a new building where they will be training Kawashita's explorers and other personal in the field to better handle the various wildlife in Andromeda. The greenhouses, designed by engineer Alexander Vandangant, is a key element for both the laboratory and the academy and can emulate the various conditions on all the planets in Andromeda. (This is only one of many greenhouses in the area and more are being built as planets are explored) For example Traig IV with its lavender plants. The academy was made to increase Kawashitas efficiency in the field but is also open to anyone (with the right approvals) wishing to learn more about the natural life in Andromeda.
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    [K - B06] Promotion

    Location: B06 – Sorn Tags: Building Raven have been called to Sorn for her next mission. Before you get your assignment we need to discuss an important mater. The board have decided to make you fleet captain. If you accept you will have the authority, secund after me, to direct the movement of our new fleet. I'm honored but I'm a spy, why would you choose me for this? First, you are not a spy, you where hired as “Security Officer” to oversee safety procedures during our operations. Second, during your time in the military your role was field tactician. You kept track of troop movement and gave tactical advise during combat. It was a small group and I wasn't field tactician in the usual way. I started as a sniper but as I always kept track of everyone's position and began to give advise they thought I could as well be a field tactician. I never sat in a base with holo contact. Either way, you have a talent for handling a lot of information and above all, you can keep calm in a stressful situation. Ok, I will think about it. Send a complete work description for me to go through first. Done, and I include several tutorials about basic ship strategic and combat. I'm already familiar with basic ship strategy. I studied it to better get through blocades and... You see. You will be a great Fleet Captain Thank you sir. So, why am I on Sorn? The fleet is gathering at Orinshi. There will be a week before the fleet is ready to move and even after you will have time for your old assignments as well. Your mission here is to guard an exploration team. MANTIS is in the area and we are low on security personal. So you gave me a fancy title so I wouldn't protest to babysit a group of explorers. Meta: I just had to comment in game on getting the title of Fleet Captain, thank you Narbilu. All ships prepare to jump through the Omega 4 relay gate on my mark The tiny KG logo was made by rodiziorobs in ”Crash landing/SOS”. I have wanted to use it since I saw it. When I was to make a harbor/dock I decided to use the popular KG design. I was thinking of making a boat too but didn't have time.
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    [M-A08] Robot Recon

    Spyrius! I prefere the larger 6949 robot (and you showed it too) but your version of the smal one 6889 is realy good. (Still have my 6949 on my desk) (When I checked the number I saw the smale one is called robot recon, as the title. Nice)
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    [O-G09] The Facility

    Nice building. When they get inside, do we get to see the conclusion to a 1700 year old Blacktron invasion?
  10. EpsilonEta

    (M-A08) Invasion of Crentium

    I like the little tank. Especially the details in the threads. I'm just a litle surprised that MANTIS keep ruining in to KG forces all the time Like 99,9% of the planet is still unexplored an even less is fortified by Kawashita. It's almost like you want to fight (Just notised, that laser "bean" is balansing on the transperent pillar, good job)
  11. EpsilonEta

    [K - B06] Promotion

    Thanks! Trying to think outside of the brick, oh box. Thank you!
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    Optimus Prime

    I signed up on Eurobricks to play Andromedas GATEs but now I thought I would show something else I made. Optimus Truck 1 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Truck 2 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Truck side by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Truck top by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr I finished it in 2014 and it's been on flickr and MocPages since then. For those of you who haven't seen it I can say the design is based on IDW's comics “Infiltration” to “Revelations” from 2008, which is when I started building. No, it didn't take 6 years to make a half decent large scale truck, it transform too. Optimus Prime 1 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Prime 2 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr No, really. It transform from the truck to the robot. Don't believe me? Check the video. (sorry, no sound. 4x speed) Ok, the legs comes of in the video (and I usually take it apart when transforming) but it would be possible to do it if I had an assistant or some kind of tool (or transformed it on the moon) It's 66 cm high and about 5000 pieces. Here is a comparison with the original Optimus Prime toy (well, the G2 version of the first toy) and the first masterpiece (MP-01). Optimus Prime size by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr It's also very agile but to heavy to hold most poses. Here is a cool one I managed to do. Optimus Prime pose by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Thanks for reading.
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    150 credits to NuckElBerg, please.
  14. EpsilonEta

    Challenge 2: Unknown menace

    Fantastic work everyone and thank you judges for all the work you do for us and the game! It is nice to see how close the companies where. We are all great builders!
  15. Final inspection by EpsilonEta, on Flickr A large capital ship is being completed ahead of time because of the recently discovered activity in the center of the galaxy. Many important people are there to oversee the process and now they have reached the bridge. Agent Raven is there as a security guard. Not a job she's particularly fond of but orders are orders. Commander Turtle is discussing strategy with Captain Ashida and Dragonfire is checking navigation software. Some final adjustments are still being done. Operative Q is annoyed as his expertise is used to assist a rookie technician who can't instal an ordinary holoscreen desk. So this is my challenge 2 category C build. If anyone of you don't want (or for story reasons cant have) your character there then it's an imposter and Raven will catch him and it might improve here mode.
  16. EpsilonEta

    [Challange 2][Cat A] Adrasteia

    Adrasteia by EpsilonEta, on Flickr This is Ravens spaceship, the Adrasteia, meaning "inescapable" in ancient Greek. It's not a Kawashita design, she had it before she got hired by the company but she did have it repainted as of company regulations. It is a modified version of an atmospheric patrol craft. The engine have been replaced by a larger and much stronger model. It also have the new GATE drive installed to move around in Andromeda. It's the ship Raven usually use to travel on her missions. The main requirement when Raven commissioned the Adrasteia was high acceleration so she could leave quickly after a mission. But it also have the latest stealth equipment for spy missions. The trade off is low armor as it need to be light weight and the hull is made from a weaker but very heat resistant material for hypersonic atmospheric flight. During the coming invasion this craft would work best for reconnaissance flights in enemy territory, including planet surfaces. When stealth and speed is not enough to evade enemies the Adrasteia have unfolding weapons. Not safe to deploy above Mach 3. Weapons: 4 helix class missiles. Double movable defensive guns each with 1 CAX laser and 1 CAM plasma laser. 12 stinger class missiles.
  17. EpsilonEta

    Optimus Prime

    Thank you all (and excuse the late replies) If you ever try making a transformer I would recommend building smaller an simpler. My first attempt on making a transformer was a G1 Optimus (like the first toy) but when I was almost finished I found this and suddenly mine looked bad (it really was but I didn't have any joint pieces). I (foolishly) gave up on G1 Optimus and tried making the masterpiece instead (the other toy in the photo). I didn't get far until I read “infiltration” and fell in love with those designs. Unfortunately I had to build very large to include all the details and it proved unpractical in the end. I now work in model team scale but would still recommend smaller and simpler transformers. For inspiration and tips you could check out BWTMT on mocpages. He have made tons the G1 toys and a lot of Optimus Primes. Or just check out mocpages transformers section. It's the biggest “community” on lego transformers I have found. Good luck I think you phrased it pretty good. Than you! Thanks! While I worked on it I “logged” it in the program LeoCAD. Since I learned LDD I have been converting it but stoped a while ago. The head exist to download on my mocpage (or click here should work). Even if I finish the whole model in LDD I wouldn't recommend building it. Locking at how it work or building parts of it could be good to learn stuff but the whole thing is very hard to handle and transform (and also expensive). Thank you! Thanks! Thank you! I remember that! It wasn't entirely ready to transform that first time on BC (well, the side panels and “back plate” didn't transform in to the robot. I actually transported it as a truck. It was mostly I that wasen't ready to call it finnished) Thanks! My goal (or one of them) is that the alt mode should not revile it's a transformer. (Therefor I usually start making the alt mode.) I think Optimus have the most “obvious” alt mode with lots of gaps (due to the size and gravity, the math works fine) and unrealistically large “back section” (not to mention the color scheme ) I will post the other ones but if you can't wait they are on my mocpage.
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    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    This is my version after Disco86 solved a problem at the bottom. I'm not entirely happy with it and look forward to when someone improve it or make a beter one Then Lord Tyrus made a larger logo in the engine of his speceship.
  19. EpsilonEta

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    I would like to buy a vacuum cleaner from Aliencat for 20 credits. (i.e. I transfer 20 credits to Aliencat)
  20. Location: A04 – Mynderis Tags: Piracy, Land vehicle A truck get stoped as it drives up to an awesomnium storage building. Identification and errand please. I'm Star-Lord. Here to... Who? What? You haven't heard of me? Truckers get no respect man. What are you doing here with an empty truck anyway? This is an unloading site. I know right. But I was ordered to pick up a shipment of awesomnium here. Big Sal need it for a new experiment. There is nothing here about such an orders. Really? You should have been informed. Call chief accountant Long, she'll verify it. Ohh, no way! I believe you! Go right in, I tell them you are coming. On the way out Thanks for the help man. No problem. We've had a lot of small problems since Big Sal became the new CEO. It's cool, bye. Later at a Kawashita base. Hello Raven. Hijacked another truck already? No, it's the same truck, just a new load of awesomnium. And we have codewords for a reason. Right. “Stop. This is Kawashita territory.” Huu, “Not a bug in sight.” Try to open with that next time. Had it been an actual MANTIS truck “hello Raven” could destroy my entire operation. Yeah, like if MANTIS would drive a lone truck full of awesomnium here. Have you heard of a Trojan horse? A MANTIS agent could drive in here to spy or even detonate the truck. Ok, I get it. -Report to Kawashita HQ- Today on a small infiltration mission I learned MANTIS have changed there CEO. I don't know what they where thinking but Big Sal, the guy we captured on Sorn who tried to give a Nobel prize to dr Wu is now in charge of all MANTIS in Andromeda. -End report-
  21. EpsilonEta

    Optimus Prime

    Everything is awesome... (sorry, I thought it was funny ) I'm afraid minifig would disappear. I could put one next to the head and it would hardly reach the eyes. I'm happy that you say this (I have no problem with critique). In this case I'm actually glad the head turned out as good as it did. Some details I'm not happy with. I now notice from the angle of all the pictures here the eyes look square. This angle is better: OP head by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Thank you! Those technic wheels are among the few that are relatively thin compared to the diameter. (I use model team wheels on my smaller transformers, will post later) Thank you for getting me on the front page!! (now I have a ton of comments to respond to ) sorry I don't answer all of you Thank you both! This is technically an G1 reboot (in the comics he's clearly a Kenworth instead of a Frightliner ) but I guess that's ok, as long as its not a beast- or bay- former Thank you all for watching and liking it!
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    [K - A04] Important awesomnium delivery

    Thank you! Having two weeks really helped. (and seing the other builds this week I guess not making a cat B helps too ) Thanks! I have planed to use that from the start but never made something with wheels before. (KG seams to prefer hovering transports ) Thank you both but I tried to go for a (oversized) regular truck (but with balloon wheels because there is no roads). I actually started making a dump truck (with triangular “cargo area”?) but it didn't fit the story about loading boxes. But now I got hung up on details. Happy you like the truck (whatever you call it )
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    AG - Rules and FAQ

    Maybe we need a "introduction to new players" with links and summary on what's happened in large. Still, the first post in this thread explain a lot. It also link to the galaxy map. The first post in the Introduction and Discussion thread give some background to the game and later you can check Technologies Tree and Personal Equipements for player rewards. As you say Aliens can't get much equipment or have any particular goal like the companies do but they can attack companies and remove domination points from planets (or just build for fun in this universe). I don't know if it's in the first rule post or just in comments somewhere but every weekly build start with the same code (within brackets) O/K/M or A for your company and then the galaxy coordinates (one letter and two digits).
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    [Challenge 2][Cat C] Kawashita Commissary

    Wait , what?! Octan have marines? Where? Maybe they are on standby in case of suit vialations Still, I wouden't attack that ship even with a squad of marines as long as Koro and Beltar is there
  25. EpsilonEta

    [M D-04] Radar Raid

    Nice build (exept that Kawasita seams to be losing ) Good job on the logo, you fixed a problem I had in the botom. I think I know what you did, smart (I should have thaught of that ) good work