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  1. These ones are hidden quite well: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=49749

    There's another one I've seen but haven't come across yet where there's a large linear actuator hidden in the lower frame of the locomotive, which does more or less the same thing.

    I'd go for this version though, because you already have a hard stop in place so that the wagons don't roll off the end of the dumper. All you'd have to do to your current setup is to get the spacing just right with the wagons and the hard stop so that the magnets align over the joint. I'm thinking that even if the axis of rotation isn't aligned with the magnets, they'd get pulled apart by the action of the dumper alone, and then automatically re-couple once the dumper is done with its cycle... whether or not this would work would depend on if the locomotive is heavy enough to not be pulled off the track when the magnets are pulled apart.

    This one.

    15690302088_7e169ae6e3_z.jpgT44 PF Decoupler 006 by Thomas Selander, on Flickr