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  1. RoscoPC

    GT3 Racecar

    I got your point, and the wheelbase might be ok. My only concern is mostly focused on limited length of the side window: it seems difficult if not impossible to enter, and maybe this is due to the 6x2 wedges (but I have no suggestion here, because the 4x2 wouldn't match the rear slope) and the front windscreen (did you try to move it 1 stud to the front?).
  2. RoscoPC

    GT3 Racecar

    Very nice job: I would just increase the length of the central section, including doors and roof, by a couple of studs (and wheelbase as a consequence).
  3. nope: you have to wait again...
  4. Sharknose is in my wish list too, but I'm waiting for the right inspiration... Next one will be unveiled soon, to celebrate Ayrton
  5. Thanks mate: I'm not planning to produce any building instructions for this model, but I'll do again soon with the others in 1:8 scale
  6. Thanks mate: I had the basic idea years ago, so during the design of this MOC the rear wheels were not a problem at all... there are many other aspects that were much more challenging! As you can see in this WIP picture, it's very simple...
  7. I simply focused on the front suspension...
  8. Each wheel is made with 753 parts in total: 375 of them are rubber connectors.
  9. The six wheeled Tyrrell P34 was the first F1 model I built back in 2006, using a mix of Technic and System LEGO parts. Since then, I have made several F1 cars covering about three decades, from late 60s to early 90s, all in 1:8 scale. Due to the small front wheels of the P34, the compact front suspension of the first model was working, but was not as accurate as I would have liked. That’s why last year I decided to evaluate the possibility of building a detailed and fully working front suspension for this iconic car, taking advantage of all newest parts introduced by LEGO, as well as old and discontinued ones to reproduce this state of the art model in a bigger scale. In fact, the 22969 rims and 32296 big tires that I’ve always used as rear wheels in all previous models, in this case are acting as the “small” front wheels, in a fully independent double front suspension. There is a single central anti-roll bar that reacts to the displacement of the two front axles. At the same time, the steering rack is directly acting on the front axis, while the movement is then transferred to the second axis through a pivot and levers. As a result, the overall model scale went up to 1:5, and this lead to a completely brick built rear wheel concept, with an internal rigid frame to keep the cylindrical shape and support the model weight without distortion, and an outer layer of rubber elements. In such a large model, I decided to also include some RC features: XL-motor for driving, servo-motor for shifting, M-motor for steering. All of them are controlled with a powerful BuWizz unit. The compact 4 speed gearbox is a reinforced mod of Paul J Boratko III’s solution with the new rotary selector, while the shift drum is based on the concept MK II of P-LEGO, adapted to stay within the side prismatic fuel reservoir. Obviously, inside the cockpit, the steering wheel rotates while steering, and the shift lever moves as well while shifting. Other features are the various brake cooling systems (through NACA intakes and hoses for the front axis, and dedicated ducts for intermediate and rear wheels), a 90 degree V8 fake engine with 0.5 stud pitch between banks, air intake cones, two side water cooling radiators, three oil cooling radiators (two paired with water ones, one on the rear wing support), rear suspension with big 11.5L shock absorbers and stabilizing bar, side windows in the cockpit, and more. Dimensions: 798x389x188 mm Weight: 5.3 kg Parts: about 6’000
  10. No, but you can provide suggestions ;-) In this thread there is no mention of my latest 4 models, built between 2016 and beginning 2018... but you can see them on my website and on Rebrickable.
  11. I think I should have the old MLcad files somewhere... just send me an email