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    Homage to 6692 Tractor Trailer

    Nice when you like it @jpx: This old wheel with the steel axle are the best in my opinion for 4 wide vehicles because of their unbeatable rolling characteristics. The big disadvantage is the inflexibility regarding width. Kind regards Mario
  2. MariusL

    Homage to 6692 Tractor Trailer

    Hello everybody! This time I want to show you something small from my workshop. After some off-highway vehicles (the last had been MAZ-7305) the engineer was overcome by the thought of rebuilding something old. So he restored his first articulated truck, a 6692, true to the original - luckily the parts were still lying around in his warehouse. In the course of this, he had the idea to rebuild such a truck with today's possibilities (rebuild something old - how weird is this guy?). The result was this: In comparison new and old: Here at very important deliveries in times of COVID-19. Again a family was made happy :-) The new model is powered by a two-cylinder fuel cell with upstream L.O.V.E. pot-crystal. Background: It all started when my son was putting up the road plates again. He wanted to use his favourite vehicle of my 6 studs wide range, an ex wind turbine transporter 7747, but we soon realized that it is impossible to get around the curves with this thing! So I remembered "the good old days" and decided to build a classic truck tractor true to the original for comparison. I enjoyed the few parts, the ultra-compact assembly instructions and in no time the 6692 was there. Not only the building was a pleasure but obviously also the playing with it. My children were so enthusiastic about the vehicle that I built a second classic car for the sake of peace. But I began to feel the desire to build a homage to 6692 (and to all YELLOW predecessors and successors) with the means of today. First priority was, as always, the playability for children. Immediately after that came the reuse of some typical elements of the 6692 and the era (especially the axles, vehicle base, roof). Last but not least I wanted to use modern elements for the design of the front, the side walls and the Hamburg roof. The functions of the original should be maintained or extended. But I designed the configuration of the new vehicle according to my idea of a long-distance truck. In contrast to the original I wanted to build a tractor-trailer with 5 axles and a Hamburg roof (Plateu semi-trailer with side walls and tarpaulin frame). The side walls should be foldable and the tarpaulin should be completely removable like e.g. with the Majorette 3042. The rear axle of the semi-trailer is mounted so that it can move vertically so that it still has ground contact even if the semi-trailer is slightly bent. This also reduces the turning circle. For the hinge for tilting the cab I wanted to use new hinge elements. That and the modified tile 2x2 with two knobs under the driver's butt (so that he doesn't always lose his pants when he wants to get out) unfortunately resulted in the cab being 2 plates higher than the original. Cut-to-size baseplates As you can see on the photos, I used cut baseplates for the side walls. As I have shown with older MOCs, the sidewalls can also be built with plates. But this would have two serious disadvantages for the playability. Firstly, the loading area is no longer 4 studs wide and secondly, the sideboard becomes too filigree for children's hands. This time it was not worth the effort to build another wall because of a photo - I already know that it works ;-) But in the beginning I had very big doubts about cutting a rare yellow base plate. But when I had the used, bent and dented thing in my hands, the doubts were gone. Someone before me had already broken the plate by improper handling or storage and it was easy for me to put the knife on. Sticker These are from the bricksticker shop and I am very happy with them. I am happy if you like it and I am curious what you think about it! VG Mario
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    Long live the 4-stud wide [MOC]

    Hi domela! Thank you for showing your wonderful creations! I've been socialized with Lego myself in the early eighties and love the 4-wide-vehicles!!! I think for children the small vehicles are much easier to design themselves, more handy and the need for bricks, especially for garages and houses, is also much lower! I am happy to see something from you again, kind regards Mario
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    [MOC] MAZ-7305 with Emmets ULSDC-Container

    Thank you Darnok and Maxim - glad that you like it :-) Playability is my top priority, cause now my boy is playing with the MOC and I don't want to do service on the truck all the time ;-) Kind regards Mario
  5. Hello everybody! After a long interruption I would like to show a MOC again. It is the MAZ-7305 with Emmets ULSDC-Container. ULSDC stands for Ultra Large Single Decker Couch. The designation has nothing to do with a real existing model of the Minsky Avtomobilny Savod, but is based on the designation system of Soviet motor vehicles. The 7 stands for a maximum permissible total weight of over 40t and the 3 identifies the vehicle as a truck. The 05 indicates that it is the 5th vehicle of this type. The story After the peace treaty with the Systar universe averted the final disappearance into the box of forgetfulness, Emmet wants to return to his beloved normality as soon as possible. He has rebuilt his dream house in the neighbourhood of Benny's Spaceship Dockyard as a semi-detached house in the hope that he can move in with Lucy right next to Batman and Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi. But Lucy draws it out of Apocalypseburg into Wasteland - she wants to explore what is left of Bricksburg. After Emmet realized that he can't keep Wildstyle at home, but he doesn't want to leave the comfort zone himself, he decided to build an expedition car for Lucy together with Benny, the engineer, Nya and Sweet Mayhem. It should offer at least 4 Minifig comfortably space, be equipped with the most important things for a self-sufficient life and offer the possibility to recover and transport even larger findings of interest. MAZ-7305 with Emmets ULSDC-Container - Story Description The yellow ULSDCC is the Ultra Large Single Decker Couch Container specially designed by Emmet for Lucy. The container is equipped with the most important things for a self-sufficient life next to the couch. It should remind Lucy of Emmets dream house with its design and colour. There is a coffee machine for overpriced coffee, a TV, a fridge filled with ice licks and a toilet. In front of the large panorama windows there are a few flower boxes so that the view of Wasteland becomes friendlier. Inspired by the pop-up party bus is the party tower on the roof with disco sound and lighting system as well as streaming satellite dish. The sound system is fed by the turntables, which Lenny serves with dedication. Of course Benny wanted to place a spaceship somewhere. Therefore a small landing platform is mounted at the rear of the ULSDCC. MAZ-7305 - departure to wasteland Equipment container In front of the ULSDCC there is a red container with hinged side walls for the transport of all equipment absolutely necessary for the journey like Lucy's instruments, soft drinks, snacks, garden armchairs, etc. MAZ-7305 - equipment container The Camp For longer stays, the ULSDCC is placed on the yellow supports and the red container. This creates a kind of tower, which offers a certain protection against wild animals and a wonderful view. The container roof serves as sun deck or occasionally as stage for concerts and the place below is a sun protected chill out area. MAZ-7305 - The Camp MAZ-7305 - The truck The MAZ-7305 as carrier vehicle originates from the Minifig Automobile Centre and is a robust construction from the 1960s, developed for the rough use in the Eurobrick tundra. MAZ-7305 - The truck The vehicle was converted into a pole truck using simple American oilfield technology. MAZ-7305 - pole truck The skid (the grey platform) serves to transport the containers or large finds and can be loaded with the winch itself. MAZ-7305 - bed truck - loading a skid Participants of the expedition are Lucy, the engineer, Nya und Lenny. The ULSDCC - Ultra Large Single Decker Couch Container Concert in the wasteland MAZ-7305 - concert in the wasteland So far so good, more photos are available as always on flickr and I remain curious what you say about itKind regards Mario
  6. MariusL

    [CONTEST] BSBA - Voting thread

    A 1-8-3 B 8-2-3
  7. I’d like to show you the experimental vehicle for the Mobile Paper Plane Launching System (MPPLS) The chassis is a modernized version of the ZIL-E167. This is the experimental vehicle for the Mobile Paper Plane Launching System (MPPLS) based on the modernized chassis of the ZIL-E167. The launching catapult is mounted under the rear cover. It is capable to launch paper planes A7 or X110 (10x11 cm). This catapult was the prototype for the one which was later used on the articulated off-highway Transporter. For this chassis typical is the Ackermann steering of the first and last axle. Similar chassis had been used for the ZIL-135, BAZ-5921/BAZ-5922 or BAZ-5937/BAZ-5939. Today such a chassis is used for example for the ZIL-4972. Instead of two diesel engines this modern Version of the ZIL-E167 is driven by a single crystal energy converter which is situated right behind the cab. It uses the blue crystal recently discovered in a volcano. In the aft section of the cab all the electronic controls for the catapult are located. The tool compartment is located on the right hand side behind the cab. Below the catapult there are some gas converters for the catapult, some more tools and a protective suit. Here you see the crew doing the daily maintenance of the robust soviet technic. With the discovery of this truck we know now the beginning of the colour scheme of the classic space series – the colours blue and gray of the popular LL-space ships can be traced back to this very first experimental truck. Furthermore the red glider of the space logo has it’s origin obviously in the red coloured experimental gliders ;-) After the acquisition of the articulated off-highway transporter the ZIL had been converted into a platform truck and is now used to transport the cable crane cable crane in difficult terrain conditions. Furthermore the playability with its large platform is much better. The crane was built just to fill the gap between cab and side panels of the platform. The truck is not a scale model. The only attribute connecting my MOC with the ZIL-E167 is the type of the steering. The scale could be 1:40 compared to 1:45 of my 7-wide trucks (Truck Trial) It is the third vehicle of a trilogy (different type of chassis, colours and windows) – the yellow articulated off-highway Transporter and the red multi purpose tracked vehicle So long, as ever you find some more on flickr and I’m interested what you say! Mario
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    [MOC] Oilfield Rig Up Truck

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I like to present my Oilfield Rig Up Truck. My main goals were to achieve the function of the gin pole and off-road capabilities (pendulum axles). As ever, I focused on playability for children’s Hands. Therefor I had to accept some compromises: The gin pole is too long to be stowed away on the bed – it has to be dismantled partly. Furthermore the winches are too large because of the necessary gearbox. Unloading of some skid mounted equipment Erection of a skid mounted pressure vessel The bed To get a touch of the American stye I used some chrome parts. Configuration as Bed Truck – the gin pole is stowed away ( (all components are stowed on the truck) Loading of a Skid Tank Transport position for short moves Erecting the skid tank The proud driver and her signaller in front of the truck with lowered gin pole The gin pole is rigid enough to allow a wheely of the truck Intergalactic interest during the presentation of the kernoilogy reactor. Comparing the size with a standard European highway truck Assembling my cable crane (blondin) That’s it – interested what you think about it. Kind regards Mario
  9. MariusL

    Multi-Purpose tracked vehicle

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I’d like to present you my tracked vehicle. Even though I’m interested in tracked vehicles since I’ve been a KFOL I seldom built them cause the function of the standard tracked carriage using toothed gears as idler roller is very poor on slippery floors. Inspired by the excavator of set 42023 I tried to create a system using bevel gear as idler roller. The result works very well on smooth wooden floors. Furthermore it is very stable and looks similar to real carriages. The cab fit’s 4 Minifg. For loading operations the vehicle is equipped with a knuckle boom crane. Behind the cab there is a hatch for Tools. Standard Equipment: A lot of hatches One manufacturer for such vehicles is for example In the beginning I wanted to build a four tracked Husky 8, but because of the playability I decided to build something similar to the more simple two tracked Nodwell 320. Vehicles like this are capable of traversing a wide variety of adverse terrain conditions such as sand, mud muskeg, swamp, and snow. For example power line construction in North America. Equipment for power line construction Drilling holes for the pole Erecting the pole Working with the basket Some more photos you can find on Flickr. Interested what you say! Kind regards, Mario
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    Multi-Purpose tracked vehicle

    Thanks guy's for your response! Yes, this kind of vehicles is utilitarian - designed just to work and survive under roughest conditions. The MOC itself has to withstand rough conditions too - as toy of my kids Kind regards Mario
  11. MariusL

    MOC: Fire truck Volkswagen Crafter

    Hello Macsergey! You did a really great job! Thanks for high quality and detailed pictures and explanations. Regards Mario
  12. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I like to show you my articulated off-highway transporter with the Mobile Paper Plane Launching Unit (MPPLU). The features of the vehicle are: - Articulated Off-Highway vehicle with pendulum axles - Large cab with little kitchen and 2 beds - Large storage hold for tools at the rear of the cab - Powerful winch for Self-loading capability of different platform- or skid-mounted equipment Features of the mobile paper plane launching unit: - Catapult 24 studs long for paper planes format A6 and A7 - Knuckle boom crane - Telemetry boom - Large hold for accessory - Control room - Motorcycle For the transporter the articulated, terra-tired wheeled carriers from Foremost, for example Delta 3 or Commander C, inspired me. With the help of the winch, the vehicle is capable to self-load different types of platform-mounted Equipment. Usually the winch is located on the platform but I found one old photo of a Foremost Delta 3 were the winch is located in the aft of the front carriage, right in front of the Joint. The cab is equipped with three seats, a little kitchen and a folding double bed. Beside the MPPLU there exists a simple platform with rear live roll for transport operations, for example parts for the cable crane. Pendulum axles the rear live roll The MPPLU is skid-mounted and consists of the starter, the control room, the engine room, a boom with tracking equipment, a crane and storage space. Plenty of space in the control room. The table can be used as a bed too. The starter can be dismounted easily and makes a lot of fun as handheld paper plane catapult. The vehicle is optimized for playability and no scale model. Loaded with a skid mounted tank Erecting a skid mounted tank More photos you can see on flickr. I am interested what you think! Kind regards Mario
  13. @ Greg3: I don't wanted to build it too colourful because many of the origin trucks are single-coloured. I experimented as well with black as second colour (you’re right it looked very well) but inspired by the colour scheme one of my first sets (No. 387) I decided to use red for stairs and hand rails to break up this yellow monotony. @ ColletArrow: Thank you for the (for me new) abbreviation HOG J - I love it. For the Minifigs it must be as if their vehicles were driven by the “hand of god”. In a german forum I called this kind of steering “Manual Top Drive”. By the way the elevation of the launcher is driven by a worm gear and the grey air intake on the rear of the Container.
  14. The designated goal of this vehicle was to build something bigger than 6-8 wide. By the way the cab is 8 wide and so far minifig scale. The rest is a bit wider, similar to the real Foremost Commander. P.s.: I grew up with a "minifig scale" of 4 wide trucks and in my opinion this still would be the best for little children.
  15. @ all: Thanks for your feedback! @ SollX: What do you mean with Minifig scale? 4, 6, 7 or 8 wide? The truck is approx. 1:40, that means the Minifig would be 1,68 m tall.
  16. MariusL

    Curse of the Blue Angel

    Hello! Continue the Story!!! Kind regards Mario
  17. MariusL

    [MOC] Oilfield Rig Up Truck

    Thanks for your replies! I know there are much better MOCs of American trucks than mine ;-) My main aim were the functions AND playability - the truck is not built to be displayed in an office, even I would be proud if someone likes to display it ;-) I need the space between wheel well and front tire because of the pendulum axles. Battery box - nothing of my 4,5V components is working anymore, so this is a good use for it :-) Kind regards from AUT Mario
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    [MOC] Tipper Truck with Trailer

    Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! I like to show you a truck built some months ago to honour a truck I drove more than two decades ago. As ever my focus was the playability for children. It has a simple SOT cab. Tipper The version with sidewalls reinforced by cut baseplates (custom parts) is capable to load 6-wide pallets. Here loaded with PP granulate and Doka formwork. The tipper can easily be changed to a platform with knuckle boom crane. In the meantime I changed the design of the winch so that it is yellow coloured and looks a bit smaller. Loading parts for the cable crane The trailer is no tipper but he has a liftable third axle. Design of the third axle (not my own - I found it anywhere in the www. This truck I drove 20 years ago. As ever I am interested what you think! Kind regards, Mario
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    Volvo milk tank

    Good evening, It looks great - nothing to add! Regards, Mario
  20. Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen! I'd like to show you my truck with knuckle boom crane. The truck is designed in a way that the vehicle body can be changed easily to a tipper body or without a body the truck can be used as tractor Remark facelift: after some time I spent the truck a facelift by enlarging the wheelbase for one stud; reducing the length of the crane base from 3 to 2 studs and shifting the platform 1/2 stud backwards; new design of the winch; shifting the canopy of the cab 1 stud forward; replacing the train gates by my own creation The body can be removed to use the truck as tractor or as tipper Celebrations More photos you can see here Kind regards Mario
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    [MOC] Truck with knuckle boom crane

    Thanks coghilla and Imanolbb! Yes, it took me more than one attempt to find a solution which meets my demands regarding design AND playability! Anyway the knuckle boom is just made for AFOL hands - KFOL hands need a bit more stability so I made a second crane out of Hinge Bricks for my son to play with (quick change system - the crane is just plugged into a hole). Kind regards from Austria Mario
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    Trucks 6 from Nemo 57

    Hello Nemo! Thanks for showing this nice trucks :thumbup: Regards Mario
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    [MOC] Minifig Truck Trial

    Good evening everybody! This is my first MOC to be posted on EB ;-) After I saw some truck trial competitions I wanted to build one truck in minifig scale. It should be a class III, close-to-production 3-axle truck. The real ones you can see here TruckTrial_1 by MariusL, auf Flickr Colour scheme is inspired by the two main sponsors ;-) TruckTrial_2-1_Gelaende by MariusL, auf Flickr outside in the real world TruckTrial_8 by MariusL, auf Flickr Most important for me had been the main function – in this case the chassis with the pendular axis for maximum cross-country mobility, the design of the roll cage and as ever the playability. TruckTrial_7 by MariusL, auf Flickr Mit steinigen Grüßen Mario
  24. Hello everybody! Many years ago I was looking for a semitrailer for my standard 12-wide technic truck tractor. It should be any kind of a mobile machine. After some trials with a fairground ride I found cable cranes in the www. A lot of ropes, winches, a cableway combined with a crane … this was perfect for me! So I started to build it, it worked and I stowed away the MOC for some years. Approximately one year ago as my boy started to play with THE bricks I saw the “new” 6-wide town trucks (I was born in the 4-wide times) and realised the increased possibilities concerning more space for functions with this vehicles. Combined with “new” parts, like little winch drums and rope pulleys, the idea to scale down my cable crane to minifig scale came up in my minds. Additionally to the crane I built some vehicles for transport, erection and supply. The design of the crane itself is far from an original existing crane but in principle similar to a parallel crane (transverse movement of the hook is done by parallel movement of both towers on rails). My main goal was to show the principle of the cable crane and to build a well playable model – even for very young crane operators ;-) Furthermore, the crane should be easy and quick to erect. This is the reason why I haven’t carried out the transverse movement of the hook. The second big difference to real systems: the rope for moving the carriage is driven by two winches, not just one – the length of the rope is much easier to adjust, and erection is faster. Enough words …Here you see the crane completely: Because my background for photos isn’t large enough, it’s erected with a very short span length. Maximum span length is 3.5m. In two different set-up’s it is possible to build up both towers on the same level or one tower approximately 1m above the second. Here you see all equipment for the crane: Transport of the drive side (so I call the tower unit with all winches – I don’t know what’s the correct English word): Transport of the tensioning side (so I call the tower unit which contains the tensioning weights for the track rope and the hauling rope): Erection of the drive side: Erection of the tensioning side: I built a silo to fill a self-emptying bucket. Erection of the silo: Filling the bucket: Emptying the bucket: More photos you can find here: Flickr Information to original cranes you find for example here or Yes, and you see some custom parts – I’m no friend of them, I just use them when I see no other possibility. Interested what you say ;-) Regards, Mario PS: In the meantime I developed the crane further to MACS M12002 with 50% higher towers and two different set-up’s so that it can carry full payload as well uphill.
  25. MariusL

    [MOC] Minifig Cable Crane MACS M12001

    Thanks for your comments! I’m not so satisfied with the aesthetics, the real one’s look much more filigree – I had to make many compromises to get it well playable and fast to erect. Anyway, my boy likes to play with it and I’m satisfied (especially with the latest version) ... maybe there come up some ideas to improve it in the future ;-) Regards Mario