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  1. Oh well... It looked interesting and potentially useful. Thanks for checking it out.
  2. Is this connection possible in real life? Both LDD and accept it, but I just wanted to be sure.
  3. New gallery is acting... weird. You can only see titles and descriptions of galleries uploaded with the same language you have currently selected. When I uploaded an image with a language that doesn't correspond to my location, it is not visible in some languages at all. And I can see pictures on a gallery page only if I select English. I see some room for improvements. ;)
  4. Both installers are the same as far as I can tell, so no wonder you haven't found any fixes.
  5. LDD Cannot Access the Internet

    In one of his uploads he actually added a link in a description: Edit: but nothing on that page works for me... Edit 2: I've been banging my head against a wall trying to upload something. It looks like you have to drag and drop your files, it doesn't matter if it's an .lxf file or .png. However names of your files can't contain spaces. And uploads need to be approved...
  6. That's the situation I'd rather use my way - it wouldn't disrupt anything that is already build, which may be tricky especially if you need additional scaffolding to place the book and the anchoring brick. Temporarily lowering the ground requires like three plates, it gives room to place the shelf directly under the book and the ground will automatically go back to the way it was after you finished. ;) But hey, it's Lego, there are many ways to achieve the same effect and everybody is free to build the way they like and feel is the most fun.
  7. @Calabar Yeah, the thing is our methods are very similar. You use additional brick to place a book on a shelf, I use the shelf itself to place that book in the final spot and we both use some sort of scaffolding. The effect is the same, amount of work similar, and in general none of our solutions is superior to other. ;) There's no need for exaggerations. :P
  8. @Calabar In that case I can say "no need to faff around with additional brick" when you can easily lower the ground. ;)
  9. You're asking about part 33009, right? It may be tricky, because you can't connect it in any way to other bricks (AFAIK). The only way I can think of is placing the book on the ground, then using regular plates to lower the ground and then place your shelf underneath the book itself. Still, you'll probably need some SNOT trickery to place your shelf at approximately right spot. After that select both the book and the shelf to move them into appropriate place in your build.
  10. Apparently my little spaceships distort the space itself. ;)
  11. SHIP - EAS Schwarzkopf from Babylon 5

    Indeed, it's rendered in Bluerender, but I did not use developer mode in LDD. ;) In short, I removed top and bottom panels first, which allowed side panels to be placed. Then I attached modified bricks with studs on a side to top and bottom edges of side panels (temporarily removed black technic bricks if there wasn't any room). And with some fiddling reattached top and bottom panels back. Here's the file:
  12. SHIP - EAS Schwarzkopf from Babylon 5

    Since you kindly provided LXFs, here are two "quick" renders. ;)
  13. SHIP - EAS Schwarzkopf from Babylon 5

    :D I think the 7-rib version looks better.
  14. [MOC] Mini Van Rover

    Very cool, smooth design. Maybe it's just a small detail, but I really like how the ladder follows curvature near the roof.