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    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter

    The Z-95 Headhunter as used during the Clone Wars.
  2. Clone-Cat

    Un-Clonified Clones 2

    I quiet much like Ox, but Scythe's tattoo seems a bit asymmetrical. Actually the concept of the tattoo is in the episode guide of "Brain Invaders". As prateek said, it would be great to see the decals on real figures.
  3. Clone-Cat

    Wich part is this?

    Merry Christmas Eurobricks! Today on Christmas I have a little question about a picture posted in the Photostream of Brick-Forge on flickr. So there is my question: What is the piece the skirt is made from? Is it from TLG or a piece from Brick-Forge?
  4. Thank's for the review Cygnet. I didn't thought, that the Mandalorian helmet is that accurate. As KielDaMan already said, a pic of the TLG Boba Fett would be really great. A pic of the hole the rocket fits in also would be also great.
  5. Clone-Cat

    OT sets still left to make

    This list is actually almost complete. The final duel was actually done with the Death Star. One thing to add would probably be the Millennium Falcon, not in UCS, but in minifig-scale.
  6. Clone-Cat

    Wanting some customs

    Sadly no one is replying, so I will be the first. When you have a request for decals you should use the Decal Wish List. Remember to describe your ideas precisely,a reference pic would be very fine. You also can send me a PM, if you want me to do the designs.
  7. Thank you for this review Cygnet. It's great to see a 360° of the new helmets. Like KielDaMan already said you should replace the reference pic of the ARF-Trooper.
  8. This looks really great. Also great to see Arealights new helmet in use. The nose is painted, isn't it?
  9. Clone-Cat

    [Review] Clone Army Customs ARC Troopers

    This is really great work. Especially the markings on the kama and the decals. But there is one thing I really miss. They are all lacking their rangefinders.
  10. Clone-Cat

    Clone-Trooper Improvement

    Yes it is supposed to go all the way around the helmet. As this is a test, I used a normal head without any markings No this is not for any particular clone company. It is just an improve of the normal white standard Clone-Trooper. Thank you for all the replies.
  11. Clone-Cat

    Clone-Trooper Improvement

    Sorry for the large pictures. I fixed it. Won't happen again.
  12. While I recently had some trouble with my Kodak printer and my Linux OS, I thought of some new ways how to improve Clone-Troopers. I removed the cheek markings on the helmet with some Brasso equivalent and repainted the cheeks, the back and the sides. I also painted the neck black. Look:
  13. Clone-Cat

    Decal Wish List

    Thank you this is fine.
  14. Clone-Cat

    Decal Wish List

    Could please someone do me a Captain Rex face Decal. I know I asked for that few days ago but obviously it got forgotten in the discussion about Captain Keeli.
  15. Clone-Cat

    Lego Custom Camouflage V3

    My favorite is the clone with full camo. The decals would be even better if they were a little bit smaller