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  1. JesseCarley

    [K-D10] Angry Angel

    Yeah, that's pretty cool, I guess... Seriously, that's amazing, asteroid field is such a cool but difficult concept, and you totally nailed it.
  2. JesseCarley

    [O - I06]- Yetornius: Inferno

    Fresh from the frigid swamps of Livgorn, the oppressive heat of Yetornius hit Hernan like a wall, even through his OctanCorp© Survival Suit™. He carefully picked his way across the broken landscape, keeping a watchful eye on the leathery shapes riding the thermal currents far above him, and patting out the embers that occasionally threatened to set his poncho alight. He had just been beginning to examine one of the strange crystalline deposits he had spied from the air. It was the wrong colour for Awesomnium, but he thought that the extreme pressures and temperatures of the volcanic planet might have altered its structure in some way... Afterwards, he wasn't sure what had alerted him. A shadow? A subtle change in air currents? Or instincts honed by years of exploration? Whatever it was, he ducked, just in time, as the creature swooped directly over his head. The crystal he had been examining slipped from his grasp, tumbling into the lava flow and vanishing without a trace. Scrambling to his feet, he looked into the impassive face of the bizarre creature, its bat-like ears twitching as it emitted a low-pitched, guttural ticking. The white markings around it's neck reminded him of Father Mendez, the ancient priest who had practically run the small village he had grown up in. Gripping the haft of his axe, he weighed his options. The creature would be ungainly here on the ground. On the other hand, there were plenty more of them soaring overhead, and if they decided to swarm him he could be in real trouble. The decision was made for him when, letting out a screech, the creature charged at him, tottering forward on its spindly legs. He ran, leaping across the lava flows, dodging gouts of flame and blobs of molten rock. He could still hear the creature skittering along behind him, but his landing craft was within sight.]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr]I06-Yetornius: Inferno[/url] by]Jesse Carley[/url], on Flickr
  3. JesseCarley

    [O - H05] Livgorn: First Contact

    Thanks guys! Feeling the love.
  4. JesseCarley

    [O - H05] Livgorn: First Contact

    H05 - Livgorn: First Contact by Jesse Carley, on Flickr Trekking through the Livgorn jungle to investigate a potential water source, Octan Explorer Hernan Alvaro is surprised to come face to face with a native, clutching a crude trident and smelling strongly like a poorly tended aquarium. Remembering his training, he quickly reaches for an Octan Corporation pamphlet. Inside, the native will find all sorts of useful information, including how best to serve the new rulers of their planet, the benevolent Octan Corporation. H05 - Livgorn:First Contact by Jesse Carley, on Flickr
  5. JesseCarley

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    Hernan Alvaro, Octan Explorer, signing up. Hernan Alvaro, Octan Explorer by Jesse Carley, on Flickr Avatar by Jesse Carley, on Flickr
  6. JesseCarley

    Lego mixer

    Very nice.
  7. JesseCarley

    [MOC] Modern firestation

    The stone sign/tablet thing in the flower bed is a great real world detail, really adds something to the MOC.
  8. JesseCarley

    MOC - Hardware Store (Rural)

    Nice window design.
  9. JesseCarley

    Elevated Rail Station for my town MOC (WIP)

    Very cool to see an idea like this realised.
  10. JesseCarley

    (WIP) Steampunktower

    Loving the powder monkey.
  11. JesseCarley

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    The brickwork is fantastic.
  12. JesseCarley

    Another Avengers Tower Moc, with interior

    Feel sorry for the Legionnaire stuck working the reception.
  13. JesseCarley

    MOC: Piazza Maria

    Street Performer is excellent.
  14. JesseCarley

    The Carmen

    Unbelievably cool. Love the rot and decay.
  15. JesseCarley

    MOC: Spy Spire

    Very cool, great colour usage.