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  1. The Indivisible Woman

    Bad Elf

    Wow, very unusual yet creative use of pieces! Jabba's tail works perfectly, and the simple details of the face give the character great personality.
  2. The Indivisible Woman

    [MOC] Draphim the Dragonborn

    That's one of the nicest Technic/action figure MOCs I've ever seen - very smooth build for the limbs, and I love the colour scheme! The shield is fantastic, really great use of those pieces.
  3. The Indivisible Woman

    Help with creating new LEGO part

    Sorry for the late reply, but yes, it looks that way - in other sets, different animals wear the same party hat piece, so it's seperate and just connected by a small pin like lots of accessories in Friends sets. Edit: Just bought the set, can confirm it's a seperate piece!
  4. The Indivisible Woman

    Help with creating new LEGO part

    The upcoming Lego Friends set, 41112 Party Cakes, will include a pug in it - which is virtually bulldog shape, even if the colouring is different. They can't produce new moulds, true, but they can do recolours and new prints for parts in Lego Ideas sets. So, if you got the Friends pug then it wouldn't matter about the colour/print.
  5. The Indivisible Woman

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    Those heads bring to mind - dare I say it - the old Galidor figures. They're not bad moulds necessarily, but I think any time Lego makes figures like this it's going to look a bit weird, as (unlike the bodies) the heads aren't brick-built. I think Rey and the Stormtroopers look pretty cool, anyway.
  6. The Indivisible Woman

    LEGO: why the poor packaging?

    LEGO's been like this for as long as I can remember... I've never found it worthy of complaint; the packaging is cheap and disposable, this allowing most of the money to go towards the actual product. Board games are meant to be stored back in their original boxes after every use, so it makes sense for them to have trays and suchlike. And, as you say, their pieces are often made of cardboard - which means they can afford to spend more on the packaging.
  7. The Indivisible Woman

    MOC: The Brick and Stud Tavern

    Fantastic MOC! I was at an old British pub right next to a canal the other day, and I can tell you this captures it perfectly. I especially like your roofing techniques on both the building and boat, and the plantlife.
  8. The Indivisible Woman

    LEGO X-Files

    That's true, but also, it's not just about the content... LotR, Star Wars and Indiana Jones are all aimed at a crossover market of both adults and children. As far as I know, The X-Files was just aimed at adults. LEGO tends to make products for the kids of the present, and although I watched The X-Files as a kid (around the years that it aired), I can't imagine that many kids do so nowadays and LEGO have no way of finding out if they do.
  9. The Indivisible Woman

    Parts Lego didn't need to make

    No further comment needed. There are definitely others, but these ones come to mind straight away...
  10. The Indivisible Woman

    New Modular building MOC

    For a moment I thought that was a photo of a real building! The lack of studs and ordinary brick techniques on the outside give it quite a sense of realism. Nice details inside, too!
  11. The Indivisible Woman

    [MOC] Japanese Fishing Village

    That roofing technique is great, and the scorpions definitely add to it! Love the water too, never seen it done quite like that before. Really nice work overall!
  12. The Indivisible Woman

    MOC - Tank Girl's Tank

    Thanks, haha, but it is in character! -
  13. The Indivisible Woman

    MOC - Tank Girl's Tank

    Thanks! To be honest, I wasn't really going for any particular scale - although I didn't want it to be huge - but I'm glad you like that.
  14. The Indivisible Woman

    Wandin Valley IGA Supermarket & True Value Hardware Store

    It's certainly cleaner and tidier than any supermarket I've been to - but a really nice build! The details are great, I think you have some really inventive building techniques for seemingly simple (in the real world) things like shelves, holders and shopping items. Good work!
  15. The Indivisible Woman

    LEGO X-Files

    Wow, I love this! It would be perfect as a set if it weren't for the whole "mature themes" thing (although saying that, I started watching The X-Files from about age 8). The attention to detail is brilliant, even down to the tiny photos on their badges, and it's very appropriate for the subject matter.