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  1. Episode 18 was a bit interesting, it looks like Sorla is saying that ice and water are related elements, and is implying it should be possible for Nya to control frozen water. Cole's RX powers use magma, so this isn't the first time this elemental concept has shown up. Magma is molten earth, water is heated ice, so it all pretty much works out.

    I just wish the creators weren't so quick on the draw to say that Jay's wind abilities were an error, all those years back. While wind and lightning aren't as one-to-one as water/ice or magma/earth, they still are two elements that form the sky, and they both combine to create storms. Which is actually exactly what Jay's Spinjitzu looked like in a lot of promotional material. But I wouldn't be surprised if more recent materials showed that resemblance as well. 
    Possession could've been the perfect time to reverse the error from years back, because Morro, the wind master, used powers nearly identical to lightning when he fought Wu and the ninja early on in that season. But I believe those powers were explained to be Morro using Lloyd's own element, instead of lightning. I guess that works, because Lloyd's powers are weird and have taken different shapes before, but I feel like it would've been even better if that incident was instead used to further this concept of related/connected elements

  2. So I read that for the US, Barnes and Nobles would be getting the Harry Potter Bricktober, but the retailer that would get the rest of the packs is up for grabs. New info could have came up since that article I read, so does anyone know where you'll be able to get the Ninjago pack in the US?

  3. I think the metal/blue look tries fit more with her actual element, while the red/blue look tries to suit Nya herself as a character.
    But even with this thinking, I'll also have to say the metallic look is better, simply because it's just better character design. Cole can use brown, black, and orange colors. I can't tell Airjitzu Gi Nya apart from Airjitzu Gi Kai, and I think Nya's Throwback outfit was the weakest out of all the others in that wave. That being said, from all of Nya's outfits, I like her Possession one the most.

  4. On 9/11/2018 at 6:28 PM, Lyichir said:

    To be honest, I'm already kind of regretting it... ever since shortly after I shared the information beyond my immediate friend group, the site that I had been getting it from started forcing a login to see the parts database. And I'm not sure I'm able to get an account due in part to a language barrier, essentially keeping me from using a resource I had become quite fond of over the last year. :cry_sad:

    But then again, it's not like it was information that I was legitimately entitled to, and I'm not even sure how long it would have been before Lego cracked down on it if it had remained publicly available, anyway. It just sucks to feel indirectly responsible for making it inaccessible.

    A parts database sounds like the Lego equivalent to a jackpot. Sucks to hear that's what happened. You know, a lot of people are upset there's these "secret groups" of people that gather around and discuss info for stuff to come 2 years in advance, sitting on their higher levels and withholding info from everyone else; but they don't realize how south things can go if too much of the word gets out. Granted as you said it was technically publicly available, but hopefully this can give a message to some of these guys. Before I knew of their existence, I also felt a similar exasperation when I was starting out, trying to find my way around the news, and, how would you say... Recent Lego developments... :look:

    This is the most excited I've been for a Ninjago wave since the serpentine. I've always wanted Ninjago to have a "legacy" wave. Though I was thinking of just VERY high quality, completely TV accurate minifigures of various characters, mostly the ninja. With completely printed torsos and legs, multiple heads to use, armors that match the show's (maybe the armor pieces could fit magnetically, so they can look accurate and attach and detach easily at the same time?), reflective material where there's a metal print/mold, and high quality molds of the Golden Weapons (detailed to the point of even including the colored gems in each one). I was thinking they could come in packs of one or two depending, and they would probably cost a ton. So... when I saw they were going for simplistic minifigure designs in this wave I felt just a little bit sad :grin:

    But nonetheless I can't wait for these. I'll definitely get the Monastery, because I got that one a long time ago, and I want to see how it's changed now. And Zane's Snowmobile, I liked that vehicle the most and I remember being disappointed it was a side build to Fangpyre Truck.

  5. 4 hours ago, Takanuinuva said:

    Now that you mention it yea. Mr. E does have a bit of a Overlord Vibe to him. I doubt Zane's sacrifice killed the Overlord and he's just been in hiding waiting for the right moment to strike again. And

      Reveal hidden contents

    The recent recap mini series had a part of the digital overlord locked away in Zane's code trying to get out and control Zane. While it's likely not canon. It might be a hint and Mr.E's real identity.


    Tommy Andreasen said he's never heard of the Decoded storyline. Seems weird to be working on an entire season with this crucial info, and then be unaware to what came before it.
    He did get brought up to speed on it later, and said it could be canon though

  6. On 1/6/2018 at 4:57 AM, Kopaka25 said:

    Well, his dad is back and is also a master blacksmith. After S7 I thought it would be cool to see Ray make some new weapons for the team. 

    Maybe their parents and Borg teamed up on these? Ray and Maya's specialty is metalworking/elemental infusion. But Cyrus's specialty is technology, a lot of which is seen on Kai's swords (not much is seen on the other ninja's weapons). Also not all the ninja's weapos came from the same place. In a non-canon story written by Ninjago's co-creator, he says Cole's new hammer is a gift from his father (which probably traces back to Cole's grandfather, who was an elemental master, because why would Lou just have a battle hammer). And I wouldn't be surprised if some of the other ninja obtained their own weapons with little assistance either, like Zane and Jay.

  7. Cool trailer, but Harumi sounds bland in her line of dialogue. Hopefully she's more expressive than that... Only negative for me

    I like how Kai has a similar, if not the same, standard nindroid issued blade. Dark material with red markings on it (you can't see it well in this picture but there are red markings on the nindroid blade and in different lighting the sword looks darker). And the markings on the nindroid blade follow an extremely similar structure to Kai's (three characters inscribed at the bottom, they might have been the same characters too, if not for the new language). But the hilt for Kai's swords are different. Maybe Cyrus made an upgraded version of the previous blades and gave them to Kai? By the way, I mean just the blades, not the hilts, because those are different of course.

    EDIT: didn't mean for the image to be this big, for something that isn't really that relevant. Sorry!

    swords-min (1) (1).png

    The red markings on Kai's blade says "Kai", so these were specifically made by someone with Kai in mind. And again, because of the similar design, this sword is probably made by Cyrus and is based off the previous nindroid blades

  8. 17 hours ago, Peppermint_M said:

    Aww cute Nijago-kart. Looks like a simple enough design to replicate for other characters too. 

    Funny, that's what Artifex Creation thought too. 5 years ago. He has an entire playlist of this stuff, I have no clue where he got that idea though.

    On 12/28/2017 at 5:11 PM, Rookie875 said:

    I think that Harumi may not necessarily be evil and she is just stealing the masks to resurrect someone who died (maybe her father?). Tommy Andreasen has said that Harumi is younger than the ninja so maybe she is just being irresponsible and not evil.

    I thought the eyepatch guy was her father, but I guess it could also be like, her uncle, or grandfather, or something.


    And also, Cole attacked her with a spear... I'm pretty sure the video wanted to portray the two as enemies, or at least, enemies of the ninja...


  9. On 12/25/2017 at 1:06 PM, Takanuinuva said:

    Perhaps the reason Cole had a small Dragon in Skybound is that because he was a ghost. That was the biggest one he could muster :P

    Cole summoned dragons just fine in Skybound. And besides, if they wanted consistency in that regard, they should have given him a ghost head instead of a mortal one. Maybe some other set in another wave for S9 will have it? Fingers crossed but I doubt it.

    Also, from those set animations (specifically temple of resurrection):


    it looks like the ninja have both the royal family and the SoG as enemies? Does that mean the two sides both want to resurrect Garmadon?


  10. After after looking at descriptions and official word on Twitter, it looks like the characters dressed in green (in the Temple of Ressurection) are Ninjago's royal family. I've got no idea who the guy with the helmet and beard is, but the other one is apparently the princess of Ninjago. In that case the old guy is probably her father, or some other relative.
    It's a little weird that for all the years the show's been going on we're now finally seeing any sort of administration in Ninjago besides police.

    This whole time I thought Harumi (princess) had white hair because she was actually old. But I guess not. The ninja will probably have to balance protecting them and fighting the SoG. This also might explain the baby. Maybe it's a newborn of that family? Maybe Cole is carrying it around to protect it from the chaos for the time being.

    EDIT: never mind, from the set animations it looks like

    The royal family is as much of an obstacle to the ninja as the Sons of Garmadon

  11. Pretty disappointed that we got a lightning dragon instead of an earth dragon. While Jay and Cole did get 'dragons' in the skybound wave, Cole's was a little bigger than what'd be in a polybag, and Jay's was fleshed out. The set with the blue dragon is the perfect size for an earth dragon instead. That's probably the only issue I've got with this wave. 


  12. Can't say i'm surprised, I reallllly hope they start to make an open, fully 3D RPG that has the Lego Universe vibes, soon. Even make it on console if you want, I don't know. And it's been a while since we got a purely original Lego game (like Lego Island for example) (I just remembered Lego Worlds just forget about that one atm)

    If LEGO doesn't like LU for some reason, it can even have a totally different aesthetic. But just give us something like that again. Is this a trump card for LEGO? Are they just keeping it with them until the time demands it?

  13. 3 hours ago, Agent Kallus said:

    They're teenagers? That never would have even crossed my mind, it started with Kia as a blacksmith and later on they are all teachers, like if they are teenagers then 17 is the youngest they could be right?.

    Or like is it actually cannon that they're mid-teens?

    The creators and writers would rather not discuss age (as me and a lot of other people learned the hard way), and there is no real solid explanation they have going for that. They just want it to be, something like how Batman's been going on for decades, but still looks the same, something like that.
    Though now the Hageman Brothers and Tommy Andreasen have mentioned the ninja "growing up" when talking about the new looks, in one way or another, a couple of times each, so I think they've accepted the ninja growing older now. And with such radical changes to their look, you could argue that the only explanation canonically was that it took time. 

    On 12/11/2017 at 11:56 AM, legozebra said:

    Ignoring the awful cam job

    That's not the original video, I think someone just recorded over the high quality one, of which there are a couple copies of:


  14. I really don't like that Kai and Nya are wearing, pretty much the same outfit. I get it, they're siblings, but really? It's just a recolor.

    I saw this prototype looking outfit for Kai, i'm thinking for SoG. I like the idea for it, it's much better than having a recolor of Nya's outfit.

  15. People seem to forget that Garmadon was basically struck by lightning. The only reason he even survived it was because it was meant to banish him, but not before doing some damage to him first.

    That damage being... You know... Charring his skin black, and a quasi-cauterizing effect that made his ribs protrude out of his chest...

    Granted, it's a little weird that his entire skeleton is straight up visible, and not just the ribs as usual...

  16. If anything, I thought earth, fire, ice, and lightning were more a part of Lloyd than Wu, and it made a little bit of sense too. Back in the day there was a headcanon that was, Lloyd's element was nature, or life force. Since he carried the essence that Ninjago was created with. There was even a period of time where his symbol was a leaf, but that's off topic >_>
    Can you imagine both Wu and Lloyd using the same 4 elements, in combination to the 4 ninja using them too? There could potentially be 3 of the same element in use... Or 4 if Skylor is around... Creation is much more unique, and elegant.

    Also, it seems the guys at the show team were ecstatic to change the designs. They've said a change would be good at this point anyway. So the ninja look like they've actually grown over the years (besides Zane of course).

  17. 16 hours ago, Hart New Bob said:

    Like all those times where they could've used Wu's help.  like all those when they where pretty much defeated when Wu could've came in there using all these elemental powers. (He has all the elemental powers)

    It's never been said in the show that Wu has the 4 main elements. That used to be a thing in the Lego sets (same with Garmadon) but in the show, they say his power is creation, which is a glowing gold power, and to Garmadon destruction (which is a much better parallel). People are wondering why Wu's been paired with the elements in the first place, so they said they will give a solid answer to what creation actually is soon.

  18. I went by Target to finally get some CMFs, their minifigure aisle was fully stocked. I felt out Kai, the general, and Garmadon, so then I wanted Lloyd. I felt the bowl and the spoon, so I took it and went home with them all. And when I open it I see it's pajamas Garmadon... Who also has a spoon and bowl... I got 2 Garmadons... I feel crushed like you guys win't believe. But at least there were worse figures in the line that I didn't end up with instead...

  19. 15 hours ago, GarmaFan said:

    Spoiler (I think) from the Making Of book

    I think the right of the temple of the ultimate ultimate weapon shows us that too. And besides, he still has a freaking ribcage + charred black skin. It isn't too hard to tell.