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  1. Sir Iron

    Review: 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep

    Very nice review! Lotr also brought me back :-) This set captures the different scenes so well, I only missed a regular elf warrior, but with 8 minifigures I can't complain. The pictures are also wel shot, great job!
  2. Sir Iron

    [MOC] Eldorado

    Looks very nice! I dont visit enough to know for sure, But its the first time I see the ships and building floating above ground. It gives a unique view. I would be tempted to weigh them down, and flood the surface with water for extra cool photo's oppertunitys. The walls have a stunning amount of detail, and I love the crane. The extra effort put into it pays out. In some photo's I find the amount of details a bit desorientating, it could be the photo's ,but I think the building could be improved, with some "bigger"stones that are used to build to fort, instead of mainly many small/very small stones.
  3. Sir Iron

    Islander Business

    Very nice storytelling! I like the the creativity in providing such a different aproach to the 'locals'
  4. Such a clever idea! I like how you have done a very different take on the 'locals' . It's a well made longhouse ( is there an interior?) and the trees are very well rounded. Great job!
  5. Wow! Its beatifull! The trees capture the feeling of strange new land, so well.
  6. Sir Iron

    [ESL-CH1B] A Far-Away Shore

    I love your water effect. it looks very good in the 'overview' picture with the different layers of sand and water. The beach is a bit to empty imo. Maybe some colour variations, some darker dots and crabs or other wildlife could be an improvement? Also a very well executed miniship in the background!
  7. Sir Iron

    [COR-Ch1A] Perchance to Dream

    Love it, the colours, you captures the 'jungle exploration' feeling so well!
  8. Senor Codicioso Reporting to Condottieri Iron, I am the first explorer in employment for the Iron family who has reached New Terra. I arrived in a very small exploration vessel, together with two of our best soldiers, senor Irrompible and senor Ballesta. Dear Sir, we have reached to inner lands of New Terra and it is a land of wonders. Here is the lay of the land, as I have seen it before it all happened. When I was standing atop a small rock formation I Surveyed our surroundings and that whas when I saw a beatifull woman, floating through the air. She sat in a small brown boat filled with gold, She ate some kind of meat that she grilled on a fire that floated next to her. The boat moved through the jungle without any trouble. I could not believe my eyes, is this a dream? has a fever took me?Did those Oleon priests not lie when blabbing about those wonderous experiences they had? It was no dream, worse, it became a nightmare! The woman, was not floating but went around in a carriage. She was carried by men with enormous ammounts of facial hair. Bad hygene, was not the nightmare I meant, it was something else. The moment the carriage emerged from the jungle, it was attacked from accros the small frog filled stream they passed. The attackers sounded very angry and seemed very small, almost the height of children. But they where for some reason enraged when they saw this woman held up high, luckily at an unreachable height, far from their greedy grasp. I quickly assest the situation. A woman in need, what to do... I did not know, the Iron family did not teach me this. but wait, it is a woman in need, with lots of gold! Then I knew what was the right thing to do. I threw a chain down the rocks and ordered Senor Irrompible and Senor Ballesta to attack the small angry men. They where armored so those little nightmares never stood a change. I hope whe can befriend this woman and her hairy tribesmen, they seem to be in need of protection and have the gold to pay for our services. Becouse je jungle is so chaotic, I send you a clear sketch of the tribes I discoverd. For starters a self portrait of your victorious servants! The angry dwarf people, which I will call the Enojado Enano. And the rich Woman with her Hairytribesmen which I will call the Velludo's You wil hear from me soon, Yours cincerly, Senor Codicioso
  9. This is the Gorrion. A small exploration vessel, destined for New Terra. She is seaworthy, but small enough for going upstream on the various small rivers that lead to the inner jungle. I wanted to try a different approach on building a ship, and this is the result. It looks a but bulky but I am very pleased with how she turned out. She is captained, by an explorer and two top soldiers, who in a very short time will set foot on New terra. ( sorry about the bad photo's normal camera is broken..)
  10. Thanks for al the kind wordt, that keeps motivation to build coming!
  11. Ironia - Sir Iron - Eslandola The Iron Twins: A profitable wedding - Sir Iron - Eslandola
  12. Dear King, I hereby present to you: For more background see : the wedding and their ancestral Home These twin brothers are more then ready the set sail for Gold and country! Dear majesty, king Fernando, You have lead our country through many a time to economic welfare. Our late father Remus Iron was full of praise about your ruling. Now our father is not with us anymore and we long to make the name of Iron sound like gold again. For this I Francisco married the love and profit of my live Floriana du Croissant. Her father has promised me and my brother a ship, so that we also can participate in exploring the new lands. The only favor in return is to transport some of his members of the order of the Oleon faith with us. I think that is a very good deal, and I hope you will consent. I also request a license to sail this ship. In honor of you we will call her : "Fernando Ironia". My brother Gregorio sometimes is a bit harsh with local people and the few enemies we encounter, but you can trust he will make my trade and mercenary activities even more profitable. Ha a history of being with pirates when that holds more profit ( he never attacked Eslandolian ships). I have to be honost, apart from a bit of fighting and making smart trades I don't have alot of experience among the seas and everything that comes with it. Every kind of advice will be greatly apprieciated. In humble greedy greetings, Francisco Iron of Ironia, son of Remus Iron.
  13. This is the home where Francisco and Gregorio Iron have been living when not on gold generating adventures. It features Iron ornaments a small harbour and a lighthouse. This picture is taken just after the wedding of Francisco . You can see Gregorio has gotten himself pretty drunk while keeping the latest catch of thieves company. Also of great importance is what Baron du Croissant gives Francisco. Its a compas that holds the promise of his soon to be delivered Oleon ship. You can see the Baron choose to where his order of faith costume, while he is going back to Oleon, accompanied by some strange fellow brethren of faith . The roof futures a Canon operated by the Iron Guard. and an ever watchfull eye scales the ocean's atop the lighthouse. Also the figurehead that the twin broters inherited from their father is mounted upon the tower, waiting for a ship worthy of carrying it. It is made of Iron and the figure holds two swords symbolyzing the twins. At last another view upon the busy small harbor: