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  1. Hi everyone, I didn't find a topic where to post my Vic Viper moc, so I created one Here's my first submission for this event, the Sunset Jaeger: Sunset Jaeger by Luca Gaudenzi, su Flickr I hope to see many of your creations on the same theme
  2. Xadhoom

    [MOC] Firefly Drone

    Really cool, with a very "organic" feeling. Reminds me Half Life dropships!
  3. Xadhoom

    CREATOR 2017

    Search on google "lego creator 2017", filtering the results within the last 24 hours. I am very disappointed about the seaplane. I was hoping in a bigger set like the Blue Power Jet..
  4. Xadhoom

    [TC10] Pneumatic tank

    A really interesting project! I think that it has already a good number of functions, but if you want to add more, maybe an openable rear door. Or maybe an attachment for some equipment like a plough or a de-mining device!
  5. Xadhoom

    [MOC] Groucho Marx

    Really accurate and fun build, I like it :D
  6. Excellent review and beautiful model. I also have purchased the instructions, and lost an hour or two in excel to make the XLS file compatible to bricklink. If you want I could share my bricklist!
  7. Xadhoom

    Afol's Basement

    i like it, it's definitely the dream of any lego lover to have a dedicated room for builing!
  8. Xadhoom

    [MOC] Black Helicopter

    That's a good idea, I will definitely try it!The half dome canopies maybe are the part that started it all, altough in origin they were trans neon green (they came from 8104 shadow crawler). I think that the cockpit you suggested is maybe one of the few types that I haven't tried, but that's the golden rule of MOCs: "to have at least 10 times the parts needed for the project" :laugh:
  9. Xadhoom

    [MOC] Black Helicopter

    Many thanks! The shape was quite challenging, required lot of work to make it both round and robust
  10. Xadhoom

    Hi everyone

    Hi, my name is Luca, 28, from Italy. I am not a new subscriber but just recently started to post. I'm mostly interested in Creator, Technic and Mindstorms themes. I've posted my first serious MOC in the special theme forum, and I hope to stay here for a long time!!
  11. This is an amazing robot! You said that despite the robust construction, the arms aren't stiff enough. Do you refer to the beams or to the articulations? If it's the second case, have you thought using some more robust parts than pins, like the small technic turntables?
  12. Xadhoom

    [MOC] Tiger 1 Tank

    I really like it, maybe just the sloped front is a stud longer than it should, The interior was a surprise!
  13. Xadhoom

    [MOC] A Modern Living Room

    That is so smooth! I really like the minimalist style. How much is that tree prone to snap all around?
  14. Xadhoom

    [MOC] Black Helicopter

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post on this forum, after a long period of lurking. I want to show you my first "serious" MOC. By saying "serious" I mean that this is the first creation that I made by having a plan, scaling correctly the dimensions and buying parts from BL. It's an attack helicopter hugely inspired -but not identical to- by the russian Mil-Mi 24. I tried to create a minifig scaled version (1:45 circa), the final lenght come out more than 50 cm. WP_20160419_12_28_29_Pro by Luca Gaudenzi, su Flickr It has some play features and many little details: Spinning rotors; Retractable langing gear (with omnidirectional front wheel); Opening canopies; Adjustable pilot seats; Openable cargo compartment (could carry 8 minifigures fully equipped for mission); Front target acquisition system; Front heavy machine gun; Twin side cannons; Twin spinning rocket launchers and various types of missiles under the wings. As you can see there, it fits nicely with this minifig scaled buddy (5892 Sonic Boom) WP_20160419_12_43_34_Pro by Luca Gaudenzi, su Flickr I also made a mini-diorama for display when i showed it to a local lego fair: a helipad with refueling truck, weapon loading vehicle, ladders and the good guys preparing for the mission: WP_20160425_10_22_51_Pro by Luca Gaudenzi, su Flickr More photos on my flickr album. I hope you like it!!