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  1. Happy to see you guys again;

    this is my custom project for my customer at last year i accept this order. This project i had done it before Feb, although i had stop to play lego now, but keep looking lego news and moc updates. I havn't take some photos because very busy for planning my future, Now I can show you my Liebherr 1750. Hope you will like it.























  2. 22 hours ago, Aleh said:

    Hello! Very nice truck! This one also gives me some push to the new MOC variation :thumbup:

    Is really good start, you must create a great moc. Looking forward to seeing an awesome moc. 

    15 hours ago, Lox Lego said:

    This is awesome. The blue is splendid, how do you make so many of these huge MOC's so fast! :wub:

    Hehe... i play with my lego everyday, 

  3. 33 minutes ago, Leonardo da Bricki said:

    Thanks! Simple and sturdy. How well does it drive with just one XL-motor? Outriggers look good as well. :thumbup:

    You need to install two xl for diving , if not enough space install one more xl, maybe you can try to install inside the crad. Two is really good for truck driving, three or four the ir receiver can not supplies, at that time you need divide into two battery box

  4. 9 hours ago, Leonardo da Bricki said:

    That looks awesome! Love the color scheme, and the custom stickers. Can we have an underside photo? And how strong is the crane arm?

    Pls see at 

    Scania crane truck structure


    6 hours ago, Isak said:

    I really like the outriggers, I've been trying to make ones like that! Could we have some underside photo?

    If you want to make a crane above outrigger, you need to make it outrigger more small size, because not enough space for install  crane. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Isak said:

    your cabs always look really nice! do you use similar or same chassis for most of your trucks or are they all different? and have you ever thought about using suspension?

    I haven't suspension for truck, because it will made truck not enough power for driving. So i redesign all of my truck, xl motor directly push. Like this 

    Benz structure


    10 hours ago, Milan said:

    Ok, let's make sure things are ok here...

    @shineyu I am sure Jurss and M_longer meant no harm or disrespect. They simply asked a question. Having said that, your response is a bit harsh, don't you think? We all like your models, but sometimes, besides praise, people also have questions, or even critique. Nothing wrong with that.

    So please, lets have friendly and enjoyable discussion! :thumbup:

    Oh sorry for my harsh words, Good advice I will listen to and improve, 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Jurss said:

    Your moc is really good, but for me it really looks like gap between wheel and ground


    do you have experience for make 4 axle heavy haulage? 4 axle Because there is no heavy object above it, it is normal。when you put Trailer on it, it will toching ground. or maybe the ground not really flat? haha please find more gap at all picture if you find You're so boring, thanks 

    Please take the time to do more exciting works MOC, it's always better than you find gap

  7. 1 hour ago, Jurss said:

    Why isn't that rear wheel toching ground?

    All wheels toching ground, pls see carefully 

    1 hour ago, Jurss said:

    Why isn't that rear wheel toching ground?

    sorry, i think and i guess you to find fault on purpose 

    56 minutes ago, M_longer said:

    Uhm.. why first and second axles are narrower than rear ones?

    sorry if you are expert you should know why?

  8. 8 hours ago, I_Igor said:

    I think he developed something like standardized chassis and makes cabs that he needs. I may be wrong but M.A.N. and Mercedes chassis looks very similar to me. This does not have to be something bad, but actually is higher level of development of his skils :thumbup:

    In fact, Benz actros as early as June has been completed, Man in July also completed, as arocs in early September to complete, because the early row too busy so recently only one upload multiple works to eurobricks