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  1. Hi everyone, thanks for suggestion and I make another front grille design and I try to use other materials to fix it, and I had retake the new photos for my bus, Thanks All
  2. I just make another grill, this more better, and now i take photo and upload soon, thanks
  3. thanks your suggestion, I will fix and make it more nice for front grille, I using aluminum plane, so Iwill try other methods to cut alumium, thanks I using a small metal piece for fix lights,
  4. Hi, this panel was painted color from red to yellow by my self,
  5. hello everyone, After Caterpillar 795F Project, and remaining many yellow color parts from my 42030 and 4X 42035, So, Now I present a Lego MOC Mini Farm Tractor. it is built in Lego technic figure scale. weight: 745g speed: near 90cm per/s (top speed) pieces: less than 600 pieces Power functions remotely controlled functions: Driving (1 XL motor) Steering (M motor with Gear) In total the model comprises 1 XL-, 1 M, 1 IR receivers, 1 AA battery boxes.
  6. Nice car, nice design, well done
  7. hello, I just make a simple video for my mining truck, thanks for watching. Thank you
  8. Yes, from silver change to yellow color, silver color doesn't match with my truck
  9. The Pieces?? it should be around 2300 pieces, before make this truck I bought 42035 X4 (used 70%) and 1 X 42030 (used 50%) with 500 additional parts =23XX pieces
  10. Thank you very much for your opinion, I will make it perfect in second edition,
  11. Thank you very much for your suggestion, and I come from Hong Kong.