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  1. Hello everyone, let's me introduce my 2016 first moc - Fully RC Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 MMC Hybrid - Hong Kong City Bus, Who want to take bus and travel in HK? This bus has two main function - 1) very easy using remote to control the hold whole bus move up and down for special purpose,(powered by 1 L Motor) 2) electoral Auto door (powered by 1 M motor) Bus Spec: Bus speed: 38cm/s Bus weight: 4830g Bus length: 71cm Bus width: 18.5cm Bus height: 28cm 2XL for moving forward 1L for whole bus body up and down 1M for steering 1M for auto door I had other great moc, please visit my page on: https://www.facebook.../shineYucorner/ The bus video:
  2. great idea of Bus stop, I need to create a bus stop for my lego bus , thanks for your suggestion.
  3. Hello everyone, Let me introduce my new small MOC; Hong Kong 70'S old style truck, v
  4. Hello everyone, let me introduce my new MOC: 53m aerial ladder platform HK verison, it has 10 lego motor and Spray function is mainly used LEGO pump with the tanks is using Lego bricks, unique waterproof technology not only no need for tape or glue, each bricks can also be used for other purposes easy removed at any time, my facebook page: The video about this truck:
  5. Hello everyone, Let's me introduce my new moc; Motorised Christmas music stand with RC and LEDs, Must see the video: ... ?type=2&theater
  6. [MOC] Hong Kong Tramways Fully RC with LED This time for everyone Introducing my latest works - Hong Kong Tram Fully RC with LED Technic figure scale 1: 1 Recent I had found himself a little strange, always to build mining equirments or trucks, bus ... why I haven't to build local characteristics of the vehicle? So I PART 5 MOC flagship works as a Hong Kong Tram. This tram will not only just look, there is also abundant within the machinery, it can automatically switch on and off the door, it can automatically rotate the route marked, also it can walk in the city / sysiem train path. There are more exciting works and teaching: Video:
  7. HI, That dark green color is from white change to dark green by myself
  8. Hello everyone, let me introduce my New Moc Mercedes-Benz Actros Tractor - Technic Figure 1:1, It has 1 XL motor for drive and 1 M motor, I have two mining machine but haven't transport tractor, Now I created a tractor for transport my mining machine, thanks for watching. Testing Tractor video: The official video:
  9. SPEC: 1XL Motor 3M Motor 2IR Receiver 1 3A Battery Speed:70mm/s weight: Pieces:around 1,100 Hello everyone, Let me introduce my new MOC Caterpillar 973D Track Loader, It's a buddy or working partner for Lego 42043, I don't like 42043 arm, so I get a idea to do a machine for more easy to collect 1x1 bricks. It has 1 XL motor, and 3 M motor, I have more Interesting own creation, Please visit my fans page: video:
  10. Sorry about I tap wrong name on the pict, I will change it ASAP, thanks
  11. Hi everyone let me introduce my new [MOC] LIEBHERR Mining Excavator R 9150 - Technic Figure 1:1, it has 9 motors, 3 IR receiver and 3 battary box, The PF are including 4x XL motor, 4x M motor, 1x L Motor and it over 3,500 pieces. I want to create a Mining Excavator can play with my caterpillar 795F for a long time. Thanks for watching, and video will coming soon,
  12. I'm going to make a Right scale bucket for my Liebherr... see you soon https://www.facebook...?type=1
  13. hi, I just modify the arm design and make it more silm, please have a look my new arm design. Rainy day was gone, so I can take a photos and video outdoor. thanks
  14. Hi, thanksyour suggestion, but I dont want to modify track, i know how to create wide track. it is because i had tested before when I add some addional parts into track, my excavator very heavy 5.0kg, so the parts easy loose, I want to keep it functional. Thanks
  15. I just see your link, taobao is very famous company at mainland china, taobao is selling platform just like ebay for seller and end user, I just want to prepare my mocs insturection, but now i afraid...
  16. Hi everyone let me introduce my new [MOC] Classic London Bus - Technic Figure Scale, it has 500mm length, 180mm width and 260mm Tall, I using 62.4mm Tires and it over 4,000 pieces. It has 1XL motor and 1 M motor for steering, I really love this bus for a long time when I was a children. New Photo for my London Bus. Video ready on youtube,