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  1. Although The boom is simply design, but it really strong , inside the picture all books weight 6.1kg,
  2. 6x6 Like this part?
  3. Hello everyone, Let's me introduce my new [MOD] 42043 RC, The purpose to buy 42043 in order to make a video for teaching how to RC 42043, then do not want to put it so fast break up, so put it into your own favorite dump truck
  4. Hello Everyone, Let’s me introduce my new Crazy MOC; Fully RC P&H L1150 Wheels loader. Speed : 14cm/s weight : 4650g / 4.6KG lenghts :76cm width : 24.5cm height: 29.5cm I don’t know how to describe this monster? it using 132mm tires. please go to photos and video. Video:
  5. Now I m going to research a XL turntable for my moc, now it can take over 10kg and moving smooth . Maybe i need to upgrade 15-20kg.
  6. Yes ,i already used 1x1 inside the turntable.
  7. Because Not enough bottles at my home, so i had tested with books and my moc. I know 3d print can solved this problems ,but i want try to using lego parts for it. Thanks for your suggestion
  8. Oh sorry, something maybe misunderstood .My turntable not for exhibition or display, the purpose for my big excavator use.
  9. The tires come from USA website and using lego wheels 22969
  10. hello everyone, I first time to upload MOC to euro brick, Now I present a Lego MOC model of an Extremely large Mining Truck. I used caterpillar 795F as a prototype, although isn't largest type(797F) if I want to create 797F then I need tires size around (200mm Diameter) at technic figure scale, so I decided to give up 797F. and I make a simple video for my mining truck : Thanks for watchingit is built in Lego technic figure scale. Third party tires from MIL-SPEC ZXL 2.2 TIRES with Lego Wheels (parts no: 22969) Power functions remotely controlled functions: Driving (2 XL motor) Steering (Servo motor Lifting the bucket ( L motor) In total the model comprises 2 XL-, 1 L- and 1Servo motor, 2 IR receivers, 4LED lights (not lego product) and 1 AA battery boxes. my all moc technic
  11. Thanks for your appreciate, and sorry about I haven't instruction for this. It around 7000-8000 pieces.
  12. Hello Everyone, let me introduce my new moc; Fully RC Hong Kong Mini Bus, it have RC auto door and auto front sign, Video:
  13. hello everyone, let me introduce my new MOC; Isuzu FY 8x4 Cement Truck, it have real cement truck function, pls look at the photos and testing video. Thanks for watching... another great moc: THE VIDEO: only rotate but no 1x1 bricks: rotate with many 1x1 bricks:
  14. Hello everyone, This is my new moc: fully rc Toyota Hiace, it has four difference lego motor for driving, steering and auto door. thanks for watching, video will coming soon.
  15. Hello everyone, This time to introduce my new MOC RC Scania R730 V8 with topline, I had the chance to interview for Scania company, it is particularly produced this enhanced version of the R730. It uses two XL Motor for driving, and 1M Motor for steering. speed: 40cm/s weight: 2550g width: 21
  16. hello everyone, it's me again, let me introduce my another new moc: RC Benz 8x4 Actros Tractor Truck, it has 1Xl for driving, and 1 M motor for steering. I have another great moc, please visit:
  17. Hello Everyone, Let’s me introduce my new MOC Caterpillar 390F Fully RC with Tow Haul. Do you remember my First MOC??? Extremely Large Mining Dump Truck, Now I will make it from dump truck to tow truck, it just for transporting caterpillar 390F. please take a look the photos and video. Video:'> i have other great moc, please visit my fans page:
  18. Thanks for Scania Sweden HQ interview,
  19. hello everyone, let me introduce my new moc : Fully RC G480 Crane Truck, it has over ten lego motor and 4 ir receiver. video ready ON:
  20. Thanks for your photo reference,I will make it more great in second edition.
  21. Hello everyone, let me introduce my new [MOC] Scania R730 RC + LED, it is a very beautiful truck so I select this model for my Lego MOC. Thanks for watching