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  1. Petr LUBAS

    [MOC] Skoda Rapid

    Really great works. Congrats
  2. Petr LUBAS

    [WIP] Big Truck

    I want to present my last creation - actual progress of my BigTruck. I wanna build realy big truck - width 32 studs seems to be big enough... I was partly inspired by great Peterbilt created by Sheepo and also 42070 new Technic set. I want to build 4x6 truck only but finally I build 4x6 with switch to 6x6. Instead of PF was BuWizz used. Actual functions - drive powered by 4x XL motor and steering via Servo. Switch between 4x6 and 6x6 mode via small pneumatic cylinder. More photos on BrickLink I will be out of home for 3 weeks so I hope I wil be able to finish my truck in September
  3. Petr LUBAS

    42070 Replica by dokludi

    I want to present my version - due lack of available parts I made it completely in yellow. As a small joke I replaced small Teddy Bear by Lotso which is much more bigger :-) photos in higher resolution