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  1. alltypesofbricks

    Staring at own MOCs

    When you finish a MOC that you are very satisfied with do you just stare at it for a long while before you want to do anything else? Because I have found when I put a lot of work into a MOC all I want to do for the next few hours is stare at it.
  2. alltypesofbricks

    [TC-10] Useless Box

    You might have the bottom cylinder activate a second internal valve that powers the top cylinder.
  3. I love the use of the rubber bands paired with the single port cylinder.
  4. alltypesofbricks

    [TC10] SpaceShip Tropeadore

    Impressive. I'm exited to see how this will turn out.
  5. I actually had the same idea but I didn't have the parts to make it work I'm glad to see that someone else can do it. I would suggest using flex axles and liftarms for the body.
  6. alltypesofbricks

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    Lets do this!
  7. alltypesofbricks

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    both onyx and gunivere are 4 gates away I suggest that our CEO decide which to go for and then base our activities off of that
  8. alltypesofbricks

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    I'm a scientist here what do you need me to do!
  9. are you sure this is your first MOC
  10. alltypesofbricks

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    ok then I am signing to Kawashita using the second generic avatar. Name All Bricks
  11. alltypesofbricks

    AG - Kawashita Group Dojo

    ok I am exited to join kawashita as a pilot but I don't have a sigfig yet is that ok? I have already posted this on the into thread so can they sign me up without one then add it later?
  12. alltypesofbricks

    AG - Introduction and Discussion

    All Bricks signing on to Kawashita as a pilot sigfig to come soon
  13. 8275 would be awesome!
  14. what do you think would be a good set for for parts but not too expensive
  15. Isn't this supposed to be a Lego discussion