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  1. I asked the Lego rep about the Detectives Office and he said mid year for that in Myer. He also claimed all big exclusives come to retail for mid year. I still reckon Mini may appear earlier though.
  2. Toyworld Adelaide has about 8 yellow 16 joke Minifig cases at $35 each for anyone who's keen on them.
  3. Try ozgameshop - got mine from there for $54 posted I believe.
  4. DJs Adelaide has Fairground Mixers so looks like they've made it to retail. $199. They also had a Palace Cinema and Town Hall at RRP.
  5. Myer Adelaide finally has Ghostbusters sets. Please no sale before Sunday please to justify full price purchase!!
  6. Aren't those prices RRP? I believe that's about what everyone has them for.
  7. Myer Adelaide has all the new kits. No Modulars tho (rumoured to be all available at Myer now…)
  8. I smell a straight forward retail strategy.
  9. A ton of Deloreans back in at Myer Adelaide. GOtG in too but not the biggest set.
  10. Toyworld Adelaide CBD have Guardians sets at RRP.
  11. DJs Adelaide has a Council of Elrond, and small Gandalf vs Saraman for 50% off on a table near the escalators. A couple of cheap planet kits too. Won't last I'm sure.
  12. Yes you do. Been waiting for the 3 for 2 sale since the SW sets were released.
  13. 20% off City at DJs Adelaide. Five Fire brigades there too.
  14. All is ok with the world LT. Adelaide Myer has Lego Movie kits.
  15. Toyworld Adelaide have a TLM display with the green and ice cream truck, but no kits though. I'm guessing next week being start of March we might see them.