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  1. Yfronts_brian

    [SWEU] – Cat. B. - Spaceship

    I didnt know how to put the pics up. Just doing the tutorial! Thanks guys.
  2. Yfronts_brian

    Expanded Universe Contest

    Ive just put my ship up in cat 'C' but who knows what it is? Ive still a bit of work to do on it but the main shape is there https://www.flickr.com/photos/127548661@N05/
  3. Yfronts_brian

    [SWEU] – Cat. B. - Spaceship

    Can you guess which? I am about 90% finished :-) I am open to any ideas to improve the look of it. IMG_1143 by brian cook, on Flickr IMG_1137 by brian cook, on Flickr IMG_1105 by brian cook, on Flickr