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  1. Nitroxylin

    Bionicle 2016 Discussion

    70802 is already a set. An obvious fake.
  2. Nitroxylin

    Action figures compatible ?

  3. And what about posting an entry on multiple forums? I'm from RusBio and it seems like some EB and BZP denizens register there just to post their entries. Looks like an exploit.
  4. Part 93062: "bone" and "boot" parts still can't be coloured separately.
  5. Nitroxylin

    LDD 4.3.6 bugs

    'Bone' and 'boot' of 93062 still can't be painted separately.
  6. Nitroxylin

    Ur-Quan Masters project

    Similarity to the original is very high!
  7. Nitroxylin

    Ninjago 2012

    Nya is the Samurai already.
  8. My wishlist: More BIONICLE parts. More torso & face prints for minifigures. Choice of print as a window (with scrolling).
  9. I would like more face and torso prints and print choice as a window.
  10. 7/ Temple of Amset Ra by Gabe - 1 pt 8/ Garmadons Ultimate Fortress by lisqr - 2 pts 15/ Rise of the Dread Colossus by Aanchir - 2 pts 20/ The Walking Pyramid by Sandy - 2 pts
  11. Nitroxylin

    Hero Factory Contest Voting - Vehicles

    1 pt to Rad Bike by Darkblane 2 pts to The Dark Dragon Rider by Blue Dragon
  12. Nitroxylin

    Hero Factory Contest Voting - Henchmen

    2 pts to Soot Stiletto by Zip 1 pt to Lightning by _shaddow_