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  1. LegoWolf

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    Thanks so much! I did try to keep a mix of colours to maintain some visual interest, especially since brick and concrete can come off a little bland and monotone. As for the turnstiles, they were fun to make, although I wish I could figure out a way to make them open and close at the small scale I've used!
  2. LegoWolf

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    Thanks so much for your comments and support, everyone! I originally designed this station to fill a particular hole on my street (no train!), but it's really cool that so many other folks might have a home for it too.
  3. LegoWolf

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    @Alucard1977: That's a killer layout with the subway system! I'll have to think about it. It's a lot of bricks to buy, and I'd need to commit to a specific street layout. On the other hand, the wow factor would be off the charts. :)
  4. LegoWolf

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    @Kristel: Thanks so much, and also for featuring my model on your blog. My flickr account has literally never seen so much activity in its life. :) I love what you've done with blending modulars and Friends btw. The colour palette of Friends is such a great development for decor colours, like your townhouses show! @marook: Haha! Yeah, I had a train that I really wanted to add to my street, which was pretty much the entire reason I designed this building. Thanks! @Alucard1977: Thank-you! Corner buildings are so tempting to make, because you get so much more facade to play with. I think if I redesigned for a corner, I'd rethink the facade and roof design significantly so that the corner would be a big focal point. How would you envision the train track running with that layout? I chose a straight building for a couple of reasons specific to my street: I have a narrow display shelf, and so I needed the track to run compactly along the back of the buildings and I figured a corner building would interfere with that, and also because I can place a straight building anywhere along my street whereas a corner building can only go in a couple of places. @Redhead1982: Thank-you for being so specific! I tried to think of an entrance style that I didn't have yet on my street yet, and found a few examples of real train stations with a recessed entrance mounted by large, shallow steps and I figured that would give the extra bit of variety and gravity I was looking for.
  5. LegoWolf

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    Thanks for the kind comments, everyone! This is the first MOC I've shared online, and I'm bowled over by the friendliness and supportiveness of the community. :) @jodawill: Funny, I could have sworn that dark tan masonry was more common than that, but it's not anywhere else on my modular street. Huh! A big reason that I've got the combination of dark and light tan is brick availability. Light tan masonry wasn't available, and neither were dark tan arches, and so I tried a few combinations (including brown, dark red and medium flesh) until I found a scheme that worked and that I could buy. @lightningtiger: Haha, small world, isn't it? Thanks again for the support! @dr_sarcophagus: Yeah, the thing that made this build unlike Lego's other modulars is the large, vaulted interior. I wanted the decorative clock to be the centrepiece whether the building was open or closed, and so my first instinct to make removable storeys didn't quite work. I think this compromise works reasonably well. I was concerned at first that it might be a bit wobbly, but once I built it and fiddled, I managed to make it sturdy and keep everything lined up properly.
  6. LegoWolf

    [MOC] Modular Train Station

    I've always wanted to add a train to my Lego modular street, and it seemed like the right place to start was a train station! It's been years since I've had my own Lego town, but the modular series has really got me excited and building all over again. Would you like to see this model sold as a genuine Lego set? Please support my design on Lego Ideas. :) Train Station Front Above by dfalkner, on Flickr Train Station Rear by dfalkner, on Flickr Train Station Open Rear by dfalkner, on Flickr Train Station Parts by dfalkner, on Flickr Train Station Interior Ticket Booth by dfalkner, on Flickr Thanks for your help!