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  1. mlucas86

    [MOC] Escape from Port Royal

    Yes, especially bookshop was borderline for a classic pirates theme, but i really wanted to try to match the building together removing and replacing some part as windows, to have a new idea of Pirate/Imperial Harbor never tried, and all the MOC was projected with the same idea of city, modular in 32x32 to became bigger and to be easy to expand in a future. It will be have a great Imperial Fort on the right maybe.... For Captain Roger, some good pirates guys are ready to rescue him, really hope for him too :D TY Man! Yes, a mashup between townhall and policeman station 2 Medieval market and the bookshop set, all replace with new color to be realistic in a Pirates/Imperial Harbor! Siii ! Al confine tra Roma e Frascati proprio!!!! :) I Just upload some great closeup! And here a Wip with less bulding to test the first light
  2. mlucas86

    [MOC] Escape from Port Royal

    Hi guys, after almost 10 years of inactivity, this year i started to build a Imperial Port to display my first ship built in 2012. I upload the final work and the WIP. Let me know what do you think about it :)
  3. mlucas86

    Ship-of-the-Line Under Construction

    really good work pirate wesley.. i can t wait to see this work end. this project could be a new guidline for a new way to build ship. i m following your project with great attention....thanks for all this post step to step!
  4. mlucas86

    GALLUS - Ship-of-the-Line

    i really enjoy how you solve the problem of circle windows in the back side of the ship using gold pieces to fill the holes... great work. If you made a rope rigging you will make a real masterpiece
  5. mlucas86

    EAST INDIAMAN Prince of Wales

    Hi all this is the photo of the first lego event near Rome.
  6. mlucas86

    EAST INDIAMAN Prince of Wales

    i m glad to read this word from a great builder like you i sew all your moc and they give me a lot of ispiration to make something of good. plexiglass is the showcase material (not glass) and it s not so heavy if you have to trasport the ship. i ask to different shops that make showcase for architect and they say me this type of plexiglass is really resistent it s better if you go in specific shop that build showcase for architect or similar. the can cut and glue the plexiglass and it s very professional
  7. mlucas86

    EAST INDIAMAN Prince of Wales

    good idea! the same way i used to attach ship to the brick base! i ll try it!..however it will be better if i drive very carefull !
  8. mlucas86

    EAST INDIAMAN Prince of Wales

    I build a plexiglass showcase to trasport the ship at the rome brick event for the next weekend i really don t know how block the ship base on the wood (i m searching a removable solution) I dont want to glue it or similar...
  9. mlucas86

    Nail their gizzards to the yardarm!

    great work slywol !!!
  10. ciao ho visto che sei italiano..di dove sei?

  11. mlucas86

    EAST INDIAMAN Prince of Wales

    Ty I bring this project to the end thanks to you and capitan grennhair and yours wonderfull ship. There were a great inspiration for me!
  12. mlucas86

    EAST INDIAMAN Prince of Wales

    i read a lot of people are not agree with this coins!!!
  13. i m building a special Plexiglas display case to trasport my ship in a lego event here in italy at the end of april!
  14. mlucas86

    EAST INDIAMAN Prince of Wales

    Yes i had to glued it...i didn t find another solution to attach it... I m not going to add minifigures...i think it is more serious without its! Instead i m buiding a Plexiglas display case to bring it in a lego event next month !
  15. WOW unlucky i so far to see this beatifull event... One question how do will you trasport the ship?