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  1. Mesjax

    WIP Phantom MkII

    Does it really need any more progress, it's great!!!
  2. Mesjax

    LDD Historical Figures 2

    The headless body swam while the head was being hung, though it is just a legend.
  3. Mesjax

    HMS Puffin

    Great ship, cool crew, though you should really add rigging, try doing what I do and use pre-made lego official rigging, or just use a load of plastic ladder parts. Once again, great ship!!!
  4. Mesjax

    Imperial Patroller

  5. Mesjax

    The Mermaid II - Imperial Soldiers' ship by Pujo

    Cool ship, by the way, is that a gunnery deck behind those red flapish things?
  6. Mesjax

    Hi, I'm Mesjax

  7. Mesjax

    Stop Motion Building Court Jester

    Great job, loving the animation!!!
  8. Mesjax

    LDD Historical Figures 2

    Great job!!! Blackbeard is real cool!!! (pirate myth: apparently, when he died, his body was thrown overboard, but before it sank, it swam round the "Adventure", his last ship, five times.)
  9. Mesjax

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    Wow, great ship, you should build an entire fleet of smaller ships to go with it. (Because big ships always look cooler next to smaller ships.) It would make a wicked display piece. Once again, good job!!!
  10. Mesjax

    Secret Weapon

    One word: Brickforge. A few more words: they make sweet guitar, drumstick and electric guitar pieces now.