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    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    I would like to transfer all my credits to Big Sal. Also, sorry for the inactivity, but this year I'm not with my LEGOs, I hope to come back next summer.
  2. Ferdinando

    [M-D04] Asset Retrieval

    Awesome vehicle! Thanks for mentioning me, and...it wouldn't be the first time I dissect an assistant who disappointed me...
  3. Ferdinando

    AG - M.A.N.T.I.S. Training Camp

    I'd like to transfer 500 credits to Donnie Bricko, please.
  4. Ferdinando

    [M-F02] New Recruits for M.A.N.T.I.S.

    The build is fantastic and I love the "diplomatic approach", it reminded me of Ford Prefect trying to persuade the Vogon guard to let him go...
  5. Ferdinando

    [Challenge 2][Cat A] Apian Class Bomber

    Fantastically mean ship! I wonder what will happen next...
  6. Ferdinando

    [O - H06] A tour at the beach

    Wow! It slides open! Epic!
  7. Ferdinando

    [M - B06] Metallyticid Assault Frigate

    This is awesome! Doesn't even look like a micro! It kind of looks like a movie scene, the edit is excellent too!
  8. Ferdinando

    [M B06] Vacation Time

    That vehicle looks really Mean And Nasty, good work!
  9. Ferdinando

    [M - B06] Everyting is Awesomnium

    Cool vehicles! Nice use of the trans light blue pieces for the unerwater section.
  10. Ferdinando

    [M - B06] Sorn Sabotage

    Terrific! There's just so much to love here...great functionality, too!
  11. Ferdinando

    [M-B06] Great things are afoot

    Thanks SpacerSteve, I can assure you it's frustrating, but I hope the judges will accept it.
  12. Ferdinando

    [Challange 2][Cat A] Adrasteia

    Gorgeous craft! I love how the folded weapons compartments look smooth...just to reveal themselves in their lethal awesomeness.
  13. Ferdinando

    [M - B06] In at the Deep End

    Cool vehicle! Looking clumsy and functional at the same time. Well done!
  14. Ferdinando

    [M - B06] Mission K8B06

    Awesome! One of your best yet, I love the threatening look of the warship!
  15. Ferdinando

    [M-B06] Great things are afoot

    Location:B06-Sorn Tags:exploration, land vehicle, civil building https://www.flickr.c...0338@N08/C378q1 Sorry but this time I haven't been able to post the build directly here because of a glitch in the Matrix or whatever it was. I have provided the link for the flickr album with photos and story. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE fixed. Dr.Arvan ‘Yrich Arkov’s personal log: “Something is happening. I feel like awakening from a dream, just to discover it was real… The deep-buried secrets of this galaxy arise to the surface, remnants of long-forgotten kingdoms. It is true; we know it. What had me ridiculized by the laymen’s skepticism now bathes in the blazing sunlight of the alien suns. The recent discovery of a crashed derelict on Terrial Major was the final proof that rekindled my superiors’ trust in my beliefs. Operation Architects lives again. The next step of my research awaits on the marine paradise of Sorn, on a little isle deep within Kawashita territory. It will also be the chance to test a new exploration and transport vehicle, the MX-Grasshopper, specifically designed (by me) to swiftly carry equipment into and out of our enemies’ borderlines.” Sorn by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Kevin: “Hey Doc, be careful with that. It be my exploration stuff!” Dr.Arvan: “Kevin, firstly, this is not “your” stuff, it is M.A.N.T.I.S. property; secondly, this is not “stuff”, it is a finely designed descent wire.” Zeni’ya: “Wow, it’s barely long enough… I can see water; it could be an underground lake or river.” Dr.Arvan: “There’s light too…this means technology, which means developed alien civilization, which means a step forward in my research!” Kevin: “Which means lootable stuff as well!” Dr.Arvan: “There’ll be a time for looting, Kevin. But this is a research mission. We go, we look, we record, we leave. Clear enough?” Kevin: “Yeah, yeah…” Dr.Arvan: “Well, time to penetrate the mineral hide of this watery world and explore its schistous bowels, whatever mistery may stand awaiting…” Zeni’ya: “…in hope of finding a trace of the Magratheans, so that we may be rewarded in wisdom, glory and higher paychecks.” Kevin: “I be the explorer. I go first.” Sorn2 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Kevin: “Whoa.” Dr.Arvan: “Breath-taking.” Sorn3 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Kevin: “Ok, there’s a creepy dead guy lying right here. This may puzzle you sciencey guys, but “creepy dead guy” in explorers’ language means one thing: booby traps. Yeah.” Zeni’ya: “Isn’t it a bit offensive? Let me explain, any civilization that should leave lethal concoctions to guard their treasures and knowledge would do so because they think that anyone that stumbles across them would be greedy and blind to the chance of learning. Isn’t that a bit pretentious?” Dr.Arvan: “That’s logic. It’s just lack of trust. Let’s move on.” Sorn4 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Kevin: “Ok Doc. This is just a by-the-book exploration. Alien temple. Creepy dead guy. Frozen guy. Button-looking device. Next step? What does your sciencey head tell you?” Dr.Arvan: “Er… push the button?” Kevin: “NO! Button-looking device is booby traps! Left to trick sciencey heads!” Dr.Arvan: “Ok, ok. Then what? You’re no sciencey head. You’re the explorer. Yet you’re too frightened of a trick to do your job. This sciencey head is going to push the button, and you, girly guy, are going to become M.A.N.T.I.S.’s laughing stock!” Kevin: “I BE THE EXPLORER! I PUSH BUTTON! YOU STAY BACK!” Sorn5 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Sorn6 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Kevin: “What…?” Dr.Arvan: “I suddenly remembered my training. “In case of button-looking device, have an explorer push it.” CHANDRAXERE’ MAYENDRA-CHRIXEYRICHI AKUURA. CHANDRAXERE’ MAYENDRA… Zeni’ya: “Droid fiend! Destroy it!” Sorn7 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Kevin: “Take this!” Sorn8 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Kevin: “EEEEEEEEEK!” Sorn9 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Magrathean: “Yaleenar! Enough of this!” Sorn10 by tropeaferdinando, su Flick Droid: “Chaxara. Yes, Master.” Sorn11 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Dr.Arvan: “Thanks gentle alien. I am Dr.Arvan ‘Yrich Arkov and these are my assistant Zeni’ya and explorer Kevin. Who are you, exactly?” Magrathean: “My name does not matter." Sorn12 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Zeni’ya: “How exactly it doesn’t? You’re a stranger to us, and I assume it would be much easier to address you with a more precise denomination than “old, bearded, almost hippy-looking alien”, not to say it would take much less time.” Magrathean: “Oh well… I’m called Zartiblartstaff, and I’m the designer of this planet. Yep. I’m an ocean specialist.” Sorn13 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Zartiblartstaff: “Charlaxes avraineth. Here, you see it.” Dr.Arvan: “Goodness gracious… one of the Architects stands alive before me… I-I’m deeply honored, O Immense Zartiblartstaff, and hope you will grace us with more of this Magrathean knowledge. Yet I couldn’t help but notice you speak our language. How can you do this?” Sorn14 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Zartiblartstaff: “When you pushed the button, you reactivated the room and its machinery. Your discourse matrix was then extrapolated and telepathically transmitted to my brain. Much more efficient than the old Babelfish. “ Sorn15 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Zartiblartstaff: “Alas, this is not the time for tales of the past. This galaxy is in danger; You must help me, or we will be late.” Kevin: “Late?” Zeni’ya: “ You speak of a danger; what danger is it that you talk about?” Dr.Arvan: “Indeed; we will help you, O Probable Source of Our Future Glory, Prizes and Pecuniary Reward, though, we’re scientists, and we could use a more specific explanation! What prevents you from telling us more?” Zartiblartstaff: “We have a deal, human, but I can only say that… great things are afoot.” extra pics: Sorn extra pics by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Sorn extra pics 2 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Sorn extra pics 3 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Sorn Extra pics 4 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Sorn extra pics 5 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr Sorn extra pics 6 by tropeaferdinando, su Flickr