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    Minas Morgul (by Anduin1710)

    Great work. Looks just like the movie. And remember, Minas Morgul was made by Gondor and was only taken by the forces of Saron(just for those who say that it's not a white castle).
  2. Bluecoat officer

    [MOC] Escape from the Goblin Tunnels

    I love that base for this great little moc.
  3. Bluecoat officer

    Lions Castle and Village MOC

    If only I could build a castle like this. Great work though.
  4. Bluecoat officer

    [MOC] Eye Of Sauron

    Great job to the both of you.
  5. Bluecoat officer

    Helm's Deep- At Dawn, Look to the East.

    Wow! I can't even imagine having so many Rohan and Uruk-hai soldiers. Great job making the walls look so impenetrable. Great work.
  6. Bluecoat officer

    "I'll bite your legs off"

    Great build! I think lego should have made a Holy Grail mini line or a stand-alone set based on this scene.
  7. Bluecoat officer

    MOC: Cross Section of a Castle Under Siege

    Wow! This is amazing! Love all the detail!
  8. Bluecoat officer

    [MOC] Hyrule Castle

    Amazing, how I wish I had the skills to build a castle like that!
  9. Bluecoat officer

    [MOC] Castle Durstan

    Great build.
  10. Bluecoat officer

    Black Falcons Fortress Renewed

    Great castles, both of you. I am also disappointed about the fact that the "evil" factions no longer have castles. In real life it is almost never evenly matched but come on, multiple towers and castles for the "good" guys and one prison for the "bad" guys, that's just too unevenly matched!
  11. Bluecoat officer

    Irish Cottage MOC

    Great moc! I have actually been to Ireland twice and am going back for a third time in a few years so I can say that this moc is accurate. That is also a great sheep design and I would like to use it in a moc someday (with your permission and credit to you of course).
  12. Bluecoat officer

    MOC - Castle and village under Attack

    Stunning, simply stunning!
  13. Bluecoat officer

    Lego Minas Tirith

    Very impressive! I, as well as many, wish that lego made, or will make, some more "Return Of The King" sets that would finally feature soldiers of Gondor. Then I would attempt at making Minis Tirith but it still wouldn't be as amazing as yours (or even close for that matter).
  14. Bluecoat officer

    Medieval Castle.

    Extraordinary build! And just as durazno33, I hope that one day I will have the pieces and necessary skills to build a castle with such skill and detail.
  15. Bluecoat officer

    Fantasy Funnies

    These are all hilarious!