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  1. Interesting; I've always had this question in mind too; especially with regards to the tons of vehicles available in Lego City Undercover - a game i love - as username/ avatar show. I had thought of trying to build some of my favorites but never got to. Interestingly some were released in sets either before or after the game. It would be a fun kind of treasure hunt to list down all the vehicles, and see which ones were made as sets, and work on the others.
  2. Chase The Cop

    Favorite Space Line?

    My answer is going to look a lot like Rodiziorobs'; Ice Planet, Galaxy Squad and I'll add Space Police II. I had a couple of Ice Planet sets back then, and got them all back since, including the near mythical Deep Freeze Defender (not sooo beautiful but so damn playable). The minifigs and especially their glorious visors are still my favourites in space. Galaxy Squads have amazing ships/ vehicles but meh figs. Their foes are the exact opposite. Most of these sets are supercool though - makes me regret even more that we don't get space themes anymore. Space police 2 have really cool figs and color scheme (except too much grey). The rebel hunter is a sweet little ship. I want to give a thumbs up to the Stardefender 200 too - love that ship
  3. What a beauty!! I love all the non-technic details you added to make it look like the original. I love the rotating front sign as well, very nice touch. Love your MOC, it reminds me of HK a lot.
  4. Chase The Cop

    LEGO Sci-Fi comic book

    Wow. Amazing work! As you requested a few more comments, here are some: - Visually your comics is stunning. Both the quality of the photos and the editing are superb. My favourite images are mainly those in space; namely the first frame introducing the Spectre, the image of Dean and Eve out of the ship ("do you believe Amanda's words?") and the last page (with credits). But the whole comics is beautiful, and the work on the minifigs (poses, faces, etc.) is great. - The only visual improvement I could think about would be adding some battle effects? removing a few parts where the ship was hit, maybe adding explosion/ smoke on the images where it was hit, etc. You did such an amazing work on the light that it's strange to see no other effect (maybe the light took all your time!) - The story is indeed just starting, and it's hard to judge so soon, but it's a good start. I read it all and enjoyed it. - The Comics is easy to read and understand. There are a few English/ grammar mistakes, but they don't cause any issue with understanding the story. - My only other comment would be on the amount of work it takes. 6 months for the episode 1 is a lot of time. I don't know how many episodes you plan to do, but if it's a long story i would suggest you try to think of ways to reduce the time you spend on it. Of course the great deal of work and time on it is what makes it outstanding, I only say so because it could be difficult at some point to find enough time to continue/ complete the project, and it would be a shame to have to drop it. Big projects are always the most exciting but they are also the first ones we shelf when life takes us in different directions; so i'm just talking of a way to ensure you can continue committing to it. Once again it's an amazing work you did, congrats, and I am certainly looking forward to reading the rest of the Spectre and its crew's story.
  5. Chase The Cop

    Olive Speedster (Not inspired for a name!)

    Here it is a couple of studs longer – one of each side of the front engine. I took the opportunity to make a few small changes, mainly on the front side/ ‘nose’. I prefer it like this, and obviously do does the lil guy there, so thank you for your suggestions
  6. Chase The Cop

    [MOC]Asteroid Drilling Platform

    Absolutely stunning! Not only very detailed and expertly built but also; having been lucky enough to see both drilling rigs and space stuff (Nasa museum) quite close; i agree this looks very lifelike (your drill bit, among other details, is just superb). Amazing built, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Chase The Cop

    Olive Speedster (Not inspired for a name!)

    Thank you all for your comments! Mediumsnowman: Yes I did hesitate between the current design and a couple of studs longer. I was afraid it may look/ feel too long, especially with the minifig scale. I may try this one of these days. Gzzig: I found the engine on the original sketch too small!...
  8. So I was goofing around on the internet, looking for ‘space’ things; ships, artworks, pictures.. and found this nice sketch: .. by Dwayne Vance, whom you can find more about here: And here is my version of it in Lego; rather faithful other than the scale (I see it more as a little speedster); It had me dealing with the limitation of parts available in olive green Like ALL my space MOCs it had to have a hose and some clunky/homemade looking weapons. Oh and an antenna. I preferred additional weapons to stickers on the “wings” for now. Though it’s probably my first MOC where I would really fancy a few stickers for detailing. I’m quite proud of that exhaust pipe I have to say The landing gear started as a small display stand, and ended up part of the ship. Fairly spacious cockpit actually, with controls of all sorts and space behind the seat for a coffee mug. Hard to see on my crappy pictures but there are some clips there at the back to hang stuff – here a wrench, a lightsaber and a big baddass gun. Thank you for looking and C&Cs are welcome – and appreciated!
  9. Chase The Cop

    The New Neighbours

    Beautiful! The dino-alien-new neighbour himself is amazing, but the whole scene is fantastic. I love the use of the minifigs, their expressions, accessories... (the dog stud! )
  10. Hi fellow space builders, I wanted to ask you for some help.. I am currently building a bigger spacecraft than what I was used to, and I would love to give it retractable landing gear. Problem is: I'm not great with Technic at all. I am wondering if some of you could share ideas, tips, designs or any pointer to help me figure things out. I think my main question mark for now is on how I could build something that could be locked in open and closed positions. I am not after anything super clever or actioned remotely - I don't mind pulling it by hand - as long as it holds itself. Thanks a lot in advance for your help
  11. Chase The Cop

    [MOC] Man of War (Slug Cruiser from FTL)

    Wow! Recreating that design with that level of details is already quite a feat, but especially at this size/ scale.. Beautiful!
  12. Chase The Cop

    SHIP - GSM (Galactic Strip Mall) Enterprise

    wow I looooove this SHIP! First the idea is brilliant, and it's also very well built. I love how all the shops manage to have a consistency yet have each their own personality and feel. I agree with you; my favourite is probably the coffee shop too. All the 3D signboards/ logos (J's, Ice and Chicken shop) are great too - my favourite being the Ice one. And wow again: building THIS in 15 days?!??! I'd have done a shop and a half in that time! Great job Kai
  13. Chase The Cop

    Z 222 Coupe, modified - AKA 'Space Junk'

    Thank you guys, really appreciate it. Flip these wings up?.. Nice idea. Not too sure how i could do this but i'll give it a try :) EDIT: Rushed attempt; poor choice of parts and even poorer photos; but that's a way it could be. The only thing is that it makes that wing go 'out' a bit when down - while it was aligned with the rest of the hull.. Definitely deserves spending more time on it.
  14. Chase The Cop

    [M-C10] Flamethrower and Ice

    Nice buggy! I like the very sharp/ aggressive lines, the flamethrower and all the other greebles
  15. Chase The Cop

    X-1a Patrol Craft

    Nice little ships! The X1 is a great improvement of the original model. The final version is definitely the best The "landing" photo is fabulous.