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  1. kweeklust93

    [WIP][MOC] Samuel's Bugatti workshop

    will you send me an email when the instr are aveleble manny manny thanks greats marc amsterdam holland
  2. kweeklust93

    [WIP][MOC] Samuel's Bugatti workshop

    what an great build off the bugatti can i buy the file off are you making buildinginstrukties its briljant
  3. kweeklust93

    [MOC] 1:8 McLaren 720S w/ Instructions

    do you publis instr on rebrickble and when do you think they are ready its look briljant are the for free or must i pay (no problem) i cant wait too biult it
  4. kweeklust93

    [MOC] 1:8 McLaren 720S w/ Instructions

    what an briljant pice off work can you tell me what the price is for the instruktions i hoop that your car not be stoling from the gangsters off ali express only you most p have profit off all you work ones again briljant and plese tell me the price i love the car like the car off bruno
  5. kweeklust93

    [MOC] Tow Truck MkII

    this is megablocks this is an briljant moc from an fenomeel legobuilder lucio i am an big fan off you marc i mmean megablocks
  6. kweeklust93

    [MOC] LMP1 car

    manny thanks marc
  7. kweeklust93

    [MOC] LMP1 car

    first thanks for the briljant car an intruktions is it posible too download the photo.s on mine pc or must i always on line if i build the car i cant find the button too download the instruktions thanks again marc amsterdam
  8. kweeklust93

    [MOC] LMP1 car

    i cant wait do you publis it here when the instr are finnist greats marc amsterdam
  9. kweeklust93

    [MOCs] Compact CUV and Blue Lightning Buggy

    welkom back your an great designer i love too make your models i make them all greats marc amsterdam holland welkom back your an great designer i love too make your models i make them all greats marc amsterdam holland
  10. kweeklust93

    [MOC] McLaren F1

    hoi paul here amsterdam again will you share the mlcad file wis me in the past you send me your mlcad from the koengg its 100% privat and will not share it whis aniboddy i hoop too here from you wil you mail me too or thanks for yuor time greats marc amsterdam holland
  11. kweeklust93

    [MOC] LMP1 car

    will you mail me if you make the instr next week and if you finnisch them i cant waite greats marc
  12. kweeklust93

    [MOC] LMP1 car

    what an master piece offlegowork do have plans too make instruktios for this car i think manny peple will build this car greats marc amsterdam
  13. kweeklust93

    [MOC] Airport Crash Tender

    hoi lucio what can we do too thange your mind too make instruktions i think that manny manny peple whans buid this master piece and wil pay for it the tractor trck is also an masterpiece and i now its an lot off work greats marc amsterdam
  14. kweeklust93

    [MOC REVIEW] Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane

    can you show an photo from the zenders and recevers i dont now the channels for the carrier and the craene i build the crane but i can not drive etc etc the crane greats mark ps thanks for thise free and fanstastic legowork