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  1. I've started build it with free instructions, now they are gone and are became paying.. first around 5€ , now 10€ .... I think this is unfair... does someone still have free instructions?
  2. where are the free instructions gone? are they now paying?
  3. Cristian

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader V3

    hello @Jurgen Krooshoop, which scale is this model?
  4. Cristian

    [MOC] ICARUS Supercar

    hello, is it possible to have the ldraw file? I want to try different color combinations thank you Cristian
  5. Cristian

    [MTD] Citroën 2CV

    wow, beautiful, it is possible to have the lxf?
  6. Cristian

    [MOC] BMW R-12 with sidecar

    hello is it possible to have the ldraw file? thank you
  7. here are my votes for these awesome builds: 17:10 12:6 15:4 16:3 3:2 6:1
  8. Cristian

    [MOC] Mercedes G-Class SWB

    wow this is another fantastic technic MOC!
  9. hey very awesome model! :thumbup: what kind of wheel are those? can you please tell me the brand/model? thank you Cristian
  10. Hello my name is Cristian, I live in Italy and read this forum by many years. only now I have decide to start writing! my interest are mainly in Technic, Model Team but also I build and collect Space, Pirates and many other lego Themes let's see you on this forum very soon!
  11. Cristian

    Joshua Ciesielski's Lego F-14D Tomcat

    this is a fantastic model, but the LXF file is gone, does someone have a copy? thank you Cristian