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  1. Schabengetier

    Brick colors

    Maybe if you mix it up with other colours to create some accents? I think grass colours depend on the climate zone you are looking for -> the more north you go, tze darker the colours will get.
  2. Schabengetier

    Brick colors

    That was what I was talking about. So calm down you two and concentrate on the topic. Clearly there are many historical buildings thet were really colorful, but I don't think that this was in Endrius mind. So, we got a whole list of suitable colours for castles (Castles that should look like something real.) But what about this fantasy/medieval stuff? Blood red castle walls, Heads of elves on top of towers, Hobbits in torture chambers, pretty colorful wizard towers and other "magic" stuff. It is also content of the historic part of the forums. Greetings, Schabe
  3. Schabengetier

    Brick colors

    The actual question of this thread was: So the final conclusion of all the Information here is: It is up to you. Thats what matters: Grab some bricks, build up something and scrap it if it doesn't suit your imagination. If you ask what colours you should use, ask yourself: What colour would look strange to me on a castle? "What coulour would look odd?" "Pink castle walls." "So screw pink." "Ok, dude." That is the easyest way: Kick out all coulours that would look odd on your creation and start building with the rest
  4. Schabengetier

    MOC - Morisledge Cottage

    Beautiful It looks like an invitation for settling down and relaxing right under that tree.
  5. Schabengetier

    Brick colors

    When I first started looking up the MOCs of adults in the internet, I thought "God, there is no way you can ever build stuff like that." But as I built up my first one to upload, I was just like "This isn't that hard after all." The point of building MOCs is just to have fun and maybe show your imagination to other people. -> Y.O.U.R. imagination. The means you can build anything that you like (MOC = my own creation). So go on and build a pink Castle as long as you like it and tell anyone complaining about it: "Screw you, it's MY imagination, not yours!" This should help you with your question. Any colour should suit your creations, as long as you thik it is looking good. Have fun creating stuff, Schabe
  6. Schabengetier

    MOC: Inspired by Petra

    Ok then, I will show more of the moc when I have modified it with the new stuff :) And thanks a lot for the advice. :)
  7. Schabengetier

    MOC: Inspired by Petra

    Thank you :-) Building in some bricks of other colours was my first plan but I thought grey ones wouldn`t look right and I don` have any in dark tan (besides the ones I have built in), so I will have to inves some more money :) My budget is low at the moment, is there any chance of getting something useful from ebay? There are tons of auctions with 1 - 100 kilos of lego...
  8. Schabengetier

    MOC: Inspired by Petra

    It is tan, I just used the wrong camery settings :) Maybe this one? Maybe anyone can tell me what the colour of those 2*2 plates is called which I used to attach those wheels? (2*2 plate with only 1 stud on top) dark tan maybe?
  9. Schabengetier

    MOC: Inspired by Petra

    Hello guys, This is my first MOC uploaded on this site. It is inspired by the historical ruins of Petra ( I first wanted to build kind of a model of the whole thing but then decided to just make something similar. Now it is Petra, just as I would have built it. I would be thankful for any advice or suggestions on the thingy. :) Geetings, Schabe
  10. Schabengetier

    MOD: 10214 Tower Bridge (ruins)

    Ya, it is quite difficult to get an old, destroyed look with the bricks only included in this set. I have some pics of th original model with one of our bearded dragons on top, maybe I can dig them out. Even when the animal is not Lego, they look quite hilarious, like something from an old Godzilla movie. Edit: By the way, is there any thread/ guide/ helpful thins to read about this post- apocalyptic stuff?
  11. Schabengetier

    MOD: 10214 Tower Bridge (ruins)

    Good evening, fellow brickheads. This is my first modification on this Page: A post- apocalyptic model of the London Tower Bridge. As it is my first model after many years of abstinence, I would be rather thankful for any advice. The goal of the whole thing was not to use any bricks that are not included in the set. I hope you enjoy it: I wans't able to get the pics in a better place /resolution / whatever, sry :(
  12. Schabengetier

    Stepping on a Roach sounds like *CRUNCH*.

    Maybe a failure in the matrix?
  13. Ladys annd Gentlemen! I am introducing you to something that has never been! Something absolutely mindblowing! Something that will cause you rubbing your eyes and asking yourself, if you have been driven crazy! The Amaziiiiiing "Schabe"! *Waves hands seemless into the direction of a little insect. *Silence. Chirping of a cricket.* *Cough* Well. Maybe later some applause. So, after this not-so-perfect Introduction the stuff that is less funny but a bit more informative: Schabe. Thats what my friends call me. Could be Translated as "Roach". It has been quite a while since I gave up playing with my LEGOs and packed them into a crate that has been in the Attic for about... 12-14 years. Silent, dusty, forgotten. Sounds a bit like something written by Stephen King. Well, after all these years a christmas present brought the topic back on me: 10214 Tower Bridge. Well, I built it according to plan. Placed it in the living room and looked at it from time to time. After a few weeks I had the picture of one of our bearded dragons in my mind, sitting on a destroyed version of said bridge in my head like something from the Godzilla movies. This was... My Trigger :) So after all these years I am back, head stuffed full of unbuilt MOCs and way too less room and bricks to build them. I looked up tons of other peoples creations and was amazed about all the Stuff I found in this forums. My deep Respect to the builds of all these dreams. Well, this is the end of my Story, but a few things about me wont hurt. (Well, at least not myself. :)) I am 26 years old, a kindergarden teacher from germany. I am into fishing, geocaching and of course (again) LEGO. :) So, if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them. kindly Schabe