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  1. Crimson Pirate

    6951 Robot Command Center lighted!

    Hi, I used just 14 lights, so 14 wires and another extensions are very hard to hide in "not closed" lego model. I wish I had pico lights when I was lighting it, pico lights are better to hide and to assemble in small lights :)
  2. Hi I wanted to share with you my excitation after getting the BSB for my round birthday from my girlfriend (oh yes!) and my parents :) Finally, after 25 years waiting, I got the Legend in very nice condition, with shiny bricks, 100% complete with extra parts also :) Maybe you have seen, I lighted this set few days ago of course This gift is very special to me, not only because it was a set I always loved to have, but it came with original box, in really nice condition, with complete box contents! Now a days it's almost impossible to find used 6285 with all inner cardboard trays, boxes and especially, with plastic transparent inserts, this are a very rare stuff! For a used set, bricks are in excellent condition, but unfortunetally not the sails. Two of them have repaired attach holes, and it was strange. How the first owner of this set could damage it so badly, when all the bricks hadn't marks of play at all? Now I know why... Barracuda mates have big problems with rolling out the sails, two of the sails are just too small! I've never heard about this type of fake, poor quality controll had TLG in 1989, really poor! Anyway, I'm very happy I got this set Greets
  3. Crimson Pirate

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    HI again! Sorry Faladrin. I'm not in possess in islanders sets :( \they could have look good too, but most of my pirate sets I have are from Imperial Soldiers theme, soon I will show you Eldoraro, maybe with a ship also and scenery ;) But now... this is time for a legend, lighted BSB!
  4. Crimson Pirate

    Mini pirates project

    Challenge accepted! What do you think about this
  5. Crimson Pirate

    Lego Pirates Brickfilm

    Well done!
  6. Crimson Pirate

    Easter Island

    The idea to use guns to pretend famous island stone heads is brilliant
  7. Crimson Pirate

    Need input for WIP Warship

    HI Here are my suggestions: 1. horizontal parts of masts are too long 2. The ship is small, so normal shooting cannons would be too big, try to use alternate method and build cannons yourself 3. Steering wheel is also too big, make some place for it and hide this wheel a bit in the floor, like in 6271 imperial ship overall it's good, keep the right proportions of all of ship's parts and you will create really good alternate ship project ;)
  8. Crimson Pirate

    Pirate's Island

    Very very nice, it's realy cool that this diorama shows something under water too!
  9. Crimson Pirate

    Madrid, 2 de Mayo 1808 (Napoleonic Wars)

    Really epic scenes, the ruined buildings are jus awesome!
  10. Crimson Pirate

    [WIP] Fortress battery

    If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look generally on fortifications builded in 18-19 century. To make wall more atractive, use brick with brick design, small arches attached along whole wall, use slopes, use different colours around cannon windows etc. Look at this for example:
  11. Crimson Pirate

    Mini pirates project

    I've don also Broadside Brig and Sabre Island, but these sets are to small, so minis versions didn't look really good. You can suggest me a set to minimize, but challangable set ;)
  12. Crimson Pirate

    Mini pirates project

    Hi! I want to present you my mini lego projects from LDD, if you have some you can add to this topic :) Do you have any idea how to improve them, what should be changed? One day I'll try to buy necessary bricks and build them and create mini diorama Enjoy! Lagoon Lock up Rock Island Refuge Renegate Runner Caribbean Clipper (black brick on the bottom hold everything in one piece, don't look at it ;) ) Eldorado!
  13. Crimson Pirate

    6951 Robot Command Center lighted!

    These are lights from Brickstuff, but not the smallest version
  14. Crimson Pirate

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    Here are another lighted pirate sets :)
  15. Crimson Pirate

    Add some light to Pirate sets!

    Thank you for comparing my photos to those in ancient catalogs :) I'm far away from making amazing and magic pics like in old lego adverts, but I always try to do my best. Yeah, I don't like visible cables, but with this stuff it's sometimes hard to hide them, especially when you try to give minifigures lighting torches and you don want to hurt them :) Today or tommorow you can expect more photos with another small sets!