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    2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    They need to release the two GT40 models from the commercial they did a few months back. Those looked slick.
  2. backstop13

    Help with 10179 bricklink

    What seems to be broken about Brickficiency? Because the number of lots on the UCS sets are so large, it helps to break your search up into multiple brickficiency searches. Let brickficiency run up to the point where all the stores have been identified and it starts trying to find combinations. Stop the program, and view the number of stores found. I typically will exclude the lots that have less than 10 stores from my list. You will probably need to break your searches up into 3-4 separate lot lists. Another tip I have is to use brick stock to find the average price of all the inventory in your list (Alt+A then Alt+G). Upload that parts list into your wanted list on Bricklink...this will upload prices as well. Once you run your new parts list with a smaller number of lots (say 50), you can find the stores offering the largest number of parts at the lowest price. Then, go into that particular store and add any additional items which are below your average price required. Although these aren't the cheapest prices for those particular parts on bricklink, it will cut down on the shipping costs used, which will ultimately save you more money. Hope that helps.
  3. OP made a post in another topic in which he clearly asked Pete (aka Cavegod) for permission to make this instruction booklet.
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    HELP! ! !

    I've got more than 10 posts so far, but still don't have the ability to PM people (or maybe I'm just not seeing how). I've looked everywhere, but I don't see any option to PM people. Am I missing something?
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    [MOD] First Order Transporter

    amazing work. Seeing this mod inspired me to go out and buy this kit.
  6. backstop13

    [MOD] Another FO Transporter

    I love what you did here (and what Veynom did as well). I was thinking about picking one of these up soon...approximately how many additional pieces did you have to add on your mod?
  7. backstop13

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    It was for the 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer. Unfortunately the seller backed out and said he didn't want to part with it any longer. At least he communicated it to me up front before I paid him. I think I may bricklink one using the Light Bley color instead of the original grey color. The question is should I bricklink the SD or the Falcon first? Decisions decisions... Glad you got your money back. I've heard great things about the Shuttle
  8. backstop13

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    it was $859 (€802.84). The user had actual pictures of the model and has emailed me several times over the past day to show me additional pictures. So far so good, but until I've got the beast in my hands I'm nervous! What ever happened with the UCS Shuttle you ordered and hadn't received?
  9. backstop13

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    i just ordered the 10030 ISD UCS set off of bricklink. I'm a little nervous though, the seller had no sales as of yet but had been a member since 2014. I paid via paypal so hopefully even if he hoses me I can get a refund. Fingers Crossed!!
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    Account problem

    I signed up using a different user name (backstop13) and when I sign on I get a message saying Sorry, I don't have permission for that. I get the same message regardless of where I try to navigate on the site. If I click frontpage, error. FAQ...error. Sign out...error. I have no idea how it happened or if I messed something up somehow. Can a mod please take a look at this and reset that account so that I can access the forums? I'd rather use that handle instead of this one. I only created this account to try and resolve this. Thanks in advance!
  11. backstop13

    Account problem

    That seemed to have fixed it. Thanks so much to both of you for helping! I'm looking forward to enjoying the site and learning more!
  12. backstop13

    Account problem

    Hi Fugazi. I can now log in and have permission to read the forum and various topics, however, I still can't reply to any topics. I tried to reply to this topic with the 'backstop13' account and I got the permission message again.
  13. backstop13

    Account problem

    this is the second account I made. The initial account I started was the one that never worked. I simply made this account, using a different email address, to try and address the issue.
  14. backstop13

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Personally, I'd love to see a UCS A-Wing. Outside of some of the larger Rebellion capital ships, I don't think there's much left for the UCS treatment other than remakes.
  15. backstop13

    HELP! ! !

    This is an alternate account, because the account I created the first time around will not allow me to access any portion of the site. When I log in and enter my password, I get an error message and a message that states I don't have permission to access the page. This error message occurs on every page on the website, including the sign out page. I have tried deleting history as well as my cookies/cache to no avail. I created this particular account to try and get some closure on the issue, but would rather use the handle on the other account. The account I'd like to used is named backstop13. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.