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  1. Hello Technic fans. Now its time to show you my work i made 2 years ago. it is a RC catamaran with 2 RC buggy motors and 1 servo motor for steering. 1 PF m motor is for fake engines. Thanx to Buwizz for briliant solution to make this work so god. some pictures. and the video. thanx for watching. best regards, Valter
  2. Thanx. It is 5.5L modified axle with screw for propellers. Thanx. Same channel, but duferent outputs.
  3. Hello to all technic fans. Since I got a BuWizz, I always wanted to make a buggy car. And here is the result. My concept buggy from KTM The inspiration for the design came from the original concept of KTM AX buggy. It is not the same look and design, it was only ispiration for my build. It is driven by 2 PF L motors geared up with 20 to 12 gears. It is rear drive with diferential. Steering is with 1 PF servo motor. Lights are 2 pair of PF LED ligts. It is fully independent suspension. I also made a lifting roof for easier access to the BuWizz box for charging and switching. Due to its low weight it is very agile and fast. It is realy fun to drive with this litle buggy. Realy big thanx goes to BuWizz for this briliant magic box, and also respect to mister imurvai for his briliant solution for game controler. And the video. Thanx for reading and watching. Best regards, Valter
  4. I like it wery much. Original color scheme and realy god shape.
  5. I am really curious. Why??????? Please can somebody explain me this. He found a god old model, and it is forbiden to coment. Please why??????
  6. Realy like it. The car and the trailer with heavy load is just impresive only with one L motor.
  7. Thanx. I think there is no video of the race. Only pictures on our forum Kocke klub. Thanx. Driving gear is 8 tooth, foloved is 24 tooth gear.
  8. Hello LEGO fans. Today i present you a tracked vehicle aka ripsaw build for our Slowenian truck trial race. This was my nightmare on the race. A lot of good vehicels. And this is my ripsaw. The tracks are suspended, but i was not realy sold on this solution. I will improve this solution next time. But anyway thanks to mister Sariel for his free instructios of this setup. There is one fake V 8 motor powered by one M motor direct to the Batery box. Yust for cool look. This beast was powered by 2 XL motors, each for one track. Geared dovn 1:3. And the video. In this video you can see on the end, how fast it goes by switching the gears to gear ratio 1.7 :1 it realy is real fast, but very very weak. thanx for watching.
  9. Hello everyone. This is my modification of the truck vith container trailer. It is RC with power functions. 1 servo motor for steering 1 M motor for driving it is simply very cute to me and just fantastic to drive with this litle cute truck. and one simple video That's all for now. Best regards, Valter
  10. Thanx for all the coments. I am realy hapy, that you like this truck. I wil post some pictures for you. No problem at all.
  11. Hello to all. I present you my latest build. SCANIA R series Long Line. This model was build for the local exhibition, which was organized by Kocke Klub in Slowenia. It is build in the scale 1:22 Power Functions: 1 XL motor for Drive 1 Servo motor for steering 3 pairs of LED lights. And the video. Thanx for watching. With best regards, Valter
  12. Thanx. The mack realy was the reason to build in this scale. Thanks for the coment. I now that this model dont fit totaly to original. On the begining i just build one truck, and not specific a scania. On the end it was looking like a scania. So i desidet to make a model close enough to look like a scania. It was for display on a exhibition, so some wery cool look was for me more important than realy perfect scale model. Thanx again. Thanx for your opinion, but the a pilars are IMO just realistic. 1:22 is wath heigt and lenght of front lights???? Thanx anyway for your coment
  13. Just perfect. So clean design. Realy like it with this orange color. The HOG steering is in perfect place. God idea. Realy great job.
  14. Superb. Amazing remake of the original car. IMO the 5x11 panel dont looks original on the front. Some gear racks instead the panel i think. Just imagine this beast with 2 RC buggy motors. Wroooooom. Great job.
  15. Impresive. All the details of look and technic are realy fascinating.
  16. Hello to all LEGO fans. Today I am presenting you the future of racing cars of 24 hours Lemans. TESLA concept race car. It is driven by 2 electric Buggy motors.Power suply is via freshly charged batteries. ( our future i think) It has a concept steering mechanisem for better driving propertis. It is a concept from Tesla and Michelin group. Its called Das koncept. The whole car inspired me to make someting like the real concept of Tesla T1.But not in the shape, only the steerin system. ( it is ugly ) So i decided to make my own version of the body shape and chassis. Lets see some pictures of my design: Some detailed interior with opening the cabin. Picture of the undercarriage. As you can see, nothing special. It has full independent suspension on all wheels. Rear axle is direct driven from iner output of buggy motors. Frot axle is steered via RC unit. Some dimensions: lenght: 62 studs, width: 28 studs, height:14 studs. weight is 1380 grams. Speed: I did not measure it, But for this weight and size its wery wery fast. After the shooting for the video, i was playing with this litle race monster abouth 1 hour or something. Spectacular driving. I was again a litle child. And the video. I hope you like it. Best regards, Valter
  17. Wery interesting car. I like that you will build it with old panels. Cant wait to see the end result.
  18. Thats the right TESLA T1. This was my inspiration. I dont make instructions. But i can make pictures of disasembling. I think it is totaly easy to reproduce it.
  19. No turntable. I post a picture for bether understanding. ????? IMO no no no. It is horible. Maybe i wil try with diferentials. The cars speed slows down a litle bit when turning. I think the diferential must be integrated. In this case was weight, speed and looks on first place. No room for difs.
  20. Hello everyone. After a very long time, I would like to present you my new creation. Its a BMW vision M power. As you will see later, the vehicle has no special features, since from the very beginning, the idea of building was primarily in the design and form of the car. The idea was of a typical character in the BMW style. A kind of prestigious futuristic retro sports style with recognizable BMW lines. PF components are: - 2 L motors for drive - 1 servo motor for steering with funtcional steering wheel - 1 M motor for 3 speed linear gearbox. It was the worst decision and design in my life for this gearbox.When I built and tested, it all seemed to work wery good.Now it is finished and definitely a total breakdown. After eight months of building this car, I simply do not go all over and repair it all. There is no chance. - 2 V2 recievers - 1 big batery box Some pictures. And my favorite photo. And the video. Thanx for watching. Best regards, Valter
  21. Thanx for all your coments. Concept art is simple one shark. All made front view like a shark. I made side air intake in a shark view. Why not. I like to build futuristic cars. This is LEGO. Just imagine an then build it. IMO i like it very much. The black color is because red on red is red. And then the M stripes would be no M stripes. Thanx again for all your nice coments. With best regards, Valter
  22. Wery nice detailing with flex axels. The shape of the whole car is realy god looking. Also i like the black and red color combo. Realy like it.