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  1. banshee3

    Favorite Pirate LEGO set?

    I think if I were looking at the ships as a "whole" I would like them the best, but the forbidden island set was my first real pirate base. I have such a fondness for it, that I think it still stays my favorite. The play value it offers is huge. The rope bridge, the cannon, lookout tower and the jail. The trapdoor and the lagoon. All of the animals are represented, treasure and those glorious palm leaves. Even as a pirates parts-pack it has a little of everything.
  2. banshee3

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    While they were building their trading post the workers let off a little steam. who could have predicted that what started as an innocent game of Marco Polo would lead to the demise of rear admiral Bailey and the promotion of Commodore Woodhouse
  3. banshee3

    LEGO Pirate Photography

    ok the games thing is brilliant. I have to repost my rock-paper-scissors pic here. Anyone else have pictures of their pirates figs playing games?
  4. banshee3

    [MOD] 70413 The Brick Bounty in Imperial Bluecoat

    I'm clearly a bliecoats fan. I've only got a handful of red coat minifigs anyway. Besides they already have a flagship. I'm not familiar with the iron on transfers. Sounds like I should make a new thread that documents my sail making process. I suppose most people have inkjets. I'll steal my mother in laws inkjet, since I just gave her two laserjets.
  5. I've already got the eldorado fortress built. this one is for 6277 Trading post.
  6. a few orders arrived in the mail today. among them:
  7. Congrats. I do like the clipper, but I also like nearly every sailing ship. The black-handle cannons make for a great visual contrast to the other variants.
  8. banshee3

    Governor Broadside exo-suit

    Crimson that just put a huge smile on my face. LOVE IT. that's an incredibly cool governor broad-suit.
  9. banshee3

    [MOD] 70413 The Brick Bounty in Imperial Bluecoat

    I'm not sure about your inkjet. if it would feed okay (this depends on the stock-weight capacity of your printer) then I would think an inkjet might even apply a darker colour coat than I'm currently getting. Or maybe the ink wouldn't adhere to the fabric. I've read that for inkjets you have to treat the fabric with something first to allow the ink to set and not run. Additionally you would might need to back the cotton with freezer paper or something to get it to feed. Each printer is different and it depends on how much you're willing to gamble. 1.) I'm too cheap to use inkjet printers, they're just not cost effective. 2.) I had a second colour laserjet so I was willing to try this method out even at risk of breaking the device.
  10. banshee3

    [MOD] 70413 The Brick Bounty in Imperial Bluecoat

    Cotton cut into 8.5 x 11 inch sheets, fabric stiffener, fed into colour HP LaserJet. The color is not as dark as I would like, so I'm still looking on finding the right treatment to the canvas to get more toner absorption. I used GIMP to create the images for printing the sails, made out of recolored scans of the BB sails, and then the skull part replaced with parts of the new imperial flag.
  11. (176D) Brig 10C In keeping with todays theme of the modified brick bounty, I will post my imperial-ifying version of said craft. I posted some prelim pictures of this up one day over on brickpicker, but I've since completed it with the full blue conversion. This mod uses no new piece types except the figurehead and new custom sails. everything else was a 1-1 color conversion red for blue, earth blue, tan or dark tan. Oh and I switched the cannons for the non firing / logo bearing versions and obviously the flag. Figurehead was created using spooky girl head, attached to pretty generic wedding dress type torso and slope. white hands, white bandana and small clam from an Ariel princess set. this is one of the older shots before I swapped the two "disabled" cannons with two non-firing logo cannons if only TLG made the tall slope in regular blue it would look seamless. A shot of her escorting her "mommy" outflanking the Black seas barracuda Looks like the crew of the clipper were not as prepared to mount an offensive Back on the shelf, it looks better than the old clipper lined up with the 10210 That's all.
  12. banshee3

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    yeah brick bounty has a lot of problems, I've seen reported issues with parts missing from both treasure island and soldier outpost. The chess set is blatantly wrong in design. Feels like someone just phoned-it-in this time. c'mon Lego group, where's the quality!? Where's the love?
  13. banshee3

    First MOC: Fort Royal

    solid effort. I've always had a hard time doing forts and bases. for one, the more you enclose it to make a fortification, the worse the photography gets. Also, you've got an awful case of the dusties it looks like. In the past I've used fresh paint brush or a soft bristle toothbrush to brush that mess away. Keep it up. looks like you have enough panels to build up-up-up
  14. banshee3

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Awesome. Even though some may not appreciate the Brick Bounty; it really is the sailing ships that sell the theme.
  15. banshee3

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    Dunedain, I also found it odd that my local walmarts haven't carried the Brick Bounty. All our targets just shut down so don't know if they would have carried it. Our chapters/indigos have had them ( our version of B&N) or I would have said TLG is driving up demand artificially by limiting BB to just Lego store or TRU.