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    China QJ Steam Engine

    QJ means "forward" , It's the peak of steam engine that made by China herself. There are still several QJ runing in USA now for tourism. Here is real engine General View of my MOC Details of engine The light can be lighting The walschaerts valve can be run smoothly, here is vedio link: It drived by two M motor Details of Tender Coal Pusher Battery box hidden in water tank Connection of engine and tender Here is vedio link of running Thank you for visiting.
  2. marbleman

    China QJ Steam Engine

    Your are correct, all Mould King's train set is licensed by me.
  3. marbleman

    China QJ Steam Engine

    This is the prototype of Mould King's 12003.
  4. marbleman

    My recent Amtrak MOCs

    Terrific design of the drum-shaped coaches. And I also like the color scheme of engine.
  5. marbleman

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    It's only include recent SETs.
  6. marbleman

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    Sorry, because of the insufficient production capacity, it only use for SET now.
  7. marbleman

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    Thank you for supporting. The stick problem is manufacture issue, they have corrected it now, but if you still received wrong color sticker, please ask customer service to send correct sticker to you. The power of QJ is very strong, because it use double L motor, and L motor of Module King is upgraded power than Lego. Here is the photo of smoke component, it just need water. If you want know the theory of smoking, please see my previous topic,
  8. marbleman

    Flawed - Mouldking 12001 Qinghai–Tibet Railway Train

    Hello Guys: I'm the designer of this train, you can see it from my profile photo. I just see this posting and thank you for all of your complains and suggestions. About this train, I have some words to share with you. I cooperated with Modul King to product my MOCs, this is one of first batch production. The other two is QJ steam engine and CRH2A high speed train. Firstly, I'm guarantee that the part quality is nearly same with Lego. I ever visited Gobrick's factory. The machines, the scale and management of factory is same with Lego Jia Xing Factory in China. So please don't compare us with LePin. Most Chinese players also don't like LePin, his parts is worst and he only knows to stole other's design. In fact, Chinese Government already clamped down LePin now. Secondly, your complains about the power system is true exist, this flaw is only happened in Tibet train. That is because lacking of experience of transform the MOC to the production. when I test the sample, it run well. But after sale, some people run well and some don't run well. I think my design of transmission system with XL motor maybe not stable enough. We will make more test before sale in future's products. And also welcome all of your to give me some ideals to improve it. Finally, I hope your understanding and supporting. My wish is let more people can play the brick train with lower price, as you mention below, Lego is make little attention to train. Now, Module King give me this opportunity. His R&D ability is strong, more components for fun are designed now, include sound effect, smoking effect, curve track with different radian etc. I firmly believe our production will more and more better. Best Regards Marbleman
  9. marbleman

    BR18 201 Germany Express

    Hello guys,BR18 201 is one of my favorite locomotive, so I make it with bricks. This is the model I referenced General View of my work More detail It drived with two L motors and can be run on R40 curve, but because of I can't connect to Youtube in China, so I can't show video to you. Hope you like it. Marbleman
  10. marbleman

    BR18 201 Germany Express

    Thank you for your kindness. One of my friend is making the drawing for me now. Maybe we have chance to cooperate the MOC in future. My e-mail is Any more advice, please connect with me directly. Thank you again for the pictures, it's helpful.
  11. marbleman

    BR18 201 Germany Express

    Thank you for your opinion, I just noticed that the tender is too low after you tell me. I will modify it soon. About the big wheel, I also think about it, I'm trying to make drawing to print it by 3D printer. Thank you for your praise and opinion. I also want to make more detail on boiler, but lack data about it. I only have some pictures from internet. Maybe what I need a is a good model or some picture from real engine. hope I have chance to German to take some pictures in train museum in future. The video link in China website, hope you can see it.
  12. marbleman

    LNER Class A4 4468 - MALLARD

    After finished The Flying Scotsman, I began a new project, The fastest steam engine in the world, LNER Class A4 4468-MALLARD. Here is general view of my work Golden bell from 79111 BigBen Wheel Medal of honour for topest speed Tender nearly same with Flying Scotsman. Rear of tender is reference to this picture, who can tell me why tender has a door at rear and what that golden ring is? Connected with Coach Brothers of LNER Class A3 and A4 My train shelf It's drived by an XL motor Her is running video, speed is fast just like the real engine. Hope you like my work.
  13. Hello Guys, Our members of China Lego Train Funs Group have competition every years from 2017. Here is the topic of 2017 competitions. Following is result of 2018 competition Top 3 No1. C44aci No.2 HXD2D No.3 Stopfexpress 09-3X Other excellent works Kawasaki M8 HongKong subway DongFeng CRH rejuvenation HXD2 EMD DDA40X SAR Class 6J - Moc within 10183 If you have more intresting for any work,please let me know, I'll show more detail for you. Thank you for visiting.
  14. We have a group of Lego train fans in China. We organize a contest recently. Here is some excellent work. No.1 CRH380B No.2 SD70Ace No.3 DF8CJ No.4 GO Train No.5 SS6 No.6 Subway in Guangzhou No.7 Df4b No.8 DF8BJ Hope you like them. You can subscribe our Wechat public number of cause if you use Wechat.
  15. marbleman

    2018 competition of China Lego Train Funs Group

    Unforturnly, It cann't run on LEGO R40 curves, It can run on R72 and above.
  16. marbleman

    SNCF Class X73500

    Hello guys, here is my new work-SNCF Class X73500, it's a Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train type operated by the SNCF in France. This train have various coler scheme I choose the dark blue scheme for my MOC Here is general view of my work. More picture for detail The interior is simple The electrical parts. The train drived by one train mortor. Here is video for running. I also plan to make a red scheme version in future Hope you like it, thanks for visiting.
  17. marbleman

    SNCF Class X73500

    It's my first time to make french train, I'm very glad you like it. And thank you for your advise about the angle of nose.
  18. marbleman

    SNCF Class X73500

    It can run on R40 curves after remove this apron.
  19. marbleman

    German BR 03

    What a beautiful MOC it is! I love the golden band on the boiler especially.
  20. marbleman

    Venice Simplon Orient Express

    My 8 wide orient express for your reference.
  21. marbleman

    [MOC] "Steam Orange" Express

    Impressive to the color scheme and the buliding technic.
  22. marbleman

    China SL7 Aisa Express

    The China Railways SL7 (勝利7, Shènglì, "victory") class steam locomotive was a class of 4-6-2 express passenger steam locomotives operated by the China Railway. They were originally built for the South Manchuria Railway (Mantetsu) to pull the Asia Express- Mantetsu's signature train and most iconic locomotive, whose images were used on fliers, posters, postage stamps, and even children's school textbooks, as a symbol of technology and modernism in Manchukuo and was used to demonstrate the success of Japan's imperial project. Here is my work the engine Drived by two XL motors. The tender The coach Running vedio Thank you for visiting.
  23. It really shock me. This isn't Lego, it's artwork. Words cannot express my worship to you.