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  1. Hello. I just read your comic and I loved it. I think you put a large amount of effort in and it shows. The story is great and has everything that a sci fi story should have. I can't wait to see the next episode. I hope it doesn't take long! With that being said, some time may be able to be cut from the construction of scenes you may want to do in the future. It seems that in the first episode you built the ship with the interior and made it a working model. You might save time if you just build shells of rooms or landscapes you need to take the photos then deconstruct or rearrange as needed. I do appreciate your highly detailed models though. The ship is well put together and highly detailed. Another option is doing extra ships or buildings that may only be in one scene in something like LDD. That way you don't have to buy parts and build things that don't see much screen time. I think you have a knack for storytelling and should continue with this project. Keep up the good work!

  2. It definitely does. It shows how the arms on the alarm clocks are pretty much scaled up versions of minifig arms. Useful for having multiple poses. I'm on the search for some affordable clocks and lanterns. I think the clock will be a donor for arms since the lantern looks like it's arms and hands are molded in place.

  3. I'd say use bricklink and order the heads, torsos and legs separately so you you can pick a wide variety of parts. Throw in some hair and hats to make it fun. Find a local seller to save time and shipping costs. You can grab some minifigs at Legoland too. They may not have 400 on hand and you might end up with many duplicates but you would save on shipping. Another idea is to purchase blind bags of the Collectible Mini Figures and open them for parts.

  4. I like the size of the clocks and lantern mini figures. Or maxi figure? Or mega figure? I'm not sure what to call these. The led dynamo torch is a smaller scale, at around 7.5" high. I think I might go with the lantern minifig. Anyone have a lantern? Can you take the handles out of his hands?

  5. If it is for a mould of a big fig I know the construction torch fig has a removable hat, no force necessary.

    I forgot about those. My search only brought up the smaller led flashlight. The led dynamo torch is a smaller size than the clocks. But I did find the lantern, which is similar to the alarm clocks. But are the lantern figs arm stuck in the up position? That might not be a problem if I can adjust them for the mould.

  6. I'd like to make a mold of the big alarm clock minifigs, so I'm wondering if hair, hats or helmets are removable? And by removable, I do mean by force if necessary! I'd like a generic cast, and the mummy is the only one that comes without something on its head. Anyone have experience with removing accessories from the head of these big minifigures?

  7. If you have 2 metal wheels connected by a metal pin, it'll be a short circuit. I'll try to get the updated regular wheel uploaded this week when I get home from out of town.

    Very true! Unless you insulate the axle or use one metal and one plastic wheel per axle. You'd need two axles for pickup if you go the later route. Thanks for getting the regular wheel up.

  8. Sorry. I just received my beta of the updated steam wheel and hadn't had a chance to update the listing yet. My quick test shows that it should be OK to sell.

    As for the standard sized wheel, I need to make the flange smaller so it'll work better on ME Models track. May I ask the purpose of wanting the wheel without the technic axle hole? That seems to defeat the purpose in my mind. Lego sells the very same thing for much cheaper.

    The small flanged wheel is good to order, but be aware that it might derail in turnouts, especially if you're using them for the drive wheels in a brick built truck.

    I would like steel wheels to replace the standard plastic wheel with the metal axle. I suppose these could be used for power pickup as well on 9v track. I would like the technic wheel for some drive wheels with power pick up. The derailment issue with the small flanged wheel is unfortunate.

    I realize that this is 100% unrelated, but I'm curious and don't want to start another thread.

    The current Power Function wheels with the technic hole in the middle that come on the PF motors these days.

    I just grabbed about 8 in red colour. Is there a set that these came on or how did these come about??

    From the Toy Story train

  9. Any update on this project? I had the same idea to have these cast in brass but I would need a mock up to cast that is 4% bigger to compensate for the shrinkage when casting. Getting the mockup 3D printed would be ideal, just need a file where the model's dimensions are enlarged 4%

  10. Legoman666 - I went to your shape ways shop and the standard size steel wheels and steam wheels are not for sale currently. I'm interested in the standard size wheel. Any update on this? And are there any versions of the wheel without the technic axle (the one with round hole for the metal axle?)