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  1. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    I’d love to see those pictures. They weren’t working for me. I’m going to be submitting schematics for my original idea. It will basically be a 12v motor with metal wheels and power pickups for L gauge. Open wires for any customization. We will see where it goes.
  2. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    Sounds like most people that would be interested are looking for replacements for dead or broken motors. I know repairs to the existing 9v motor are not super easy. Opening the case and finding motors that fit is troublesome. PF motors can be donors if you don’t mind sacrificing them. The new drive that I’m thinking about will have a 12v motor installed with generic gearing. Not a replacement for the 9v internals but a new stronger motor.
  3. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    Bluetooth is great. Batteries are not.
  4. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    Wasn’t it metal strips with negative studs? That’s what attached to the tiles. In the last 10 years there have been four systems for Lego trains that include motors, batteries and connections. Some play together and some don’t. Backwards compatibility for 9v is starting to disappear. Just like it did with 4.5/12v. I don’t know how long Powered up will last. Model trains have been using metal rails since 1906. More than a hundred years. Seems like there would be a market.
  5. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    Yes ME Models is gone. You would need a rail bender for what you are proposing. I think that was part of the ME Models issue, getting decent clutch to have the whole assembly stay together. BrickTracks looked like it solved that problem but... too much money.
  6. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    I respect everyone on this forum. I have gained some real insight from your experiences, experiments and investments. You guys have really put in the work. I know this. And maybe that’s where the “just give up and use Powered Up” mentality comes from. You’re tired of trying to make 9v work. I believe it has followers still, though, as coaster acknowledged. Thanks for your supporting words coaster. Powered Up can still be used with power pickups or a 9v motor drive. Who wouldn’t want a 9v bit of track to charge the batteries so you don’t have to rip the powered up battery pack out? You could do that. Weight is an issue, but Lego trains have been weighted before. And if metal wheel sets are available, not unlike what coaster has worked on, it becomes less of a problem. Has anyone besides coaster mocked up a truck that would hold standard model train wheels and axles?
  7. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    I get it. 9v is dead, blah blah. I know you have spent a lot of time energy and money on trying to revive it and now have given up. I’m not arguing that Lego has moved on and modelers have embraced plastic track. I just want to know, would you buy it as an option for the 9v track you have?
  8. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    Ok so then you are saying a dummy drive with no motor just metal wheels and pickups in an enclosure would be more desirable? I don’t see it as a new system per se, more like a supplement to everything else out there. Want to connect it to a motor? Not a problem. Want to use it as a battery charger? Not a problem. Want to connect it to a PFx brick, S brick, DCC node, IR receiver or a laser cannon? Probably not a problem. The resources are there in the model train world. The two worlds don’t intersect well, but an off the shelf application from the model train world might fit the lego community. What about the other way around? An O gauge drive to mount Lego on?
  9. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    Aftermarket 9v track is becoming available again. ME Models, Ok Brickworks, FxBrix, BrickTracks all are trying. But nothing has really been done for the motors/drives. What I’m thinking would be something similar to the 9v motor that is already in existence. It’d be a “drive”. 4 metal wheels on 2 axles that are geared with a motor. 4 wires on the motor so you can add DCC or charge a battery, add lights or whatever. All in an abs enclosure.
  10. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    That’s my thought. But as always, there’s cost and time that limits manufacturers willingness to make a new product. I’m seeing if enough interest can convince them.
  11. Silly_donkey

    New 9v motor

    This is just a feeler question, how much interest would there be in a third party 9v motor made by a known model train manufacturer? Metal wheels for pickup and DCC ready. What do you think?
  12. Silly_donkey

    [MOC] Lego City Future - Yellow Cab

    I really like this taxi and the theme you have created! Love to see this keep going. And instructions/parts list!
  13. Silly_donkey

    [MOC] BlackTron 2 - Spaceship 1

    Love to see it in a Blacktron III set! Nice ship. I love the colors of Blacktron.
  14. Silly_donkey

    LEGO Sci-Fi comic book

    Hello. I just read your comic and I loved it. I think you put a large amount of effort in and it shows. The story is great and has everything that a sci fi story should have. I can't wait to see the next episode. I hope it doesn't take long! With that being said, some time may be able to be cut from the construction of scenes you may want to do in the future. It seems that in the first episode you built the ship with the interior and made it a working model. You might save time if you just build shells of rooms or landscapes you need to take the photos then deconstruct or rearrange as needed. I do appreciate your highly detailed models though. The ship is well put together and highly detailed. Another option is doing extra ships or buildings that may only be in one scene in something like LDD. That way you don't have to buy parts and build things that don't see much screen time. I think you have a knack for storytelling and should continue with this project. Keep up the good work!
  15. Silly_donkey

    Lego alarm clock minifigs

    I got my lantern figure today. Took it all apart and found out I could take the handle holder out his hands. Also popped his arms out and shaved the tabs off that keep them locked in place. So now they rotate completely! Head turns too. I'm happy with him.