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  1. flipxmen71

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I agree, checked mine too and no problems here.
  2. flipxmen71

    [MOC]The Rebels Alliance Toilets

    Love it !!! Wonderful design
  3. flipxmen71

    Battleship Bismarck and more...

    Very nice ships, the detail on that small of a scale is very creative. Are you planning on any decals?
  4. flipxmen71

    [MOC] Colonial Viper Mk. II

    Very cool design indeed.
  5. flipxmen71

    Poe's X-Wing Fighter (75102) Availability

    Lego.com in the US says it's backordered, so I went to Amazon.com yesterday and ordered it there.
  6. flipxmen71

    [MOC] The Fly

    Totally Awesome build, I really like the pod.
  7. My cat has pretty much left my lego collection alone, although one night this past summer when a moth got into the house and she wanted to chase it. No big deal untill the moth landed on one of the trees in my ewok village, yep you guessed it she jumped right into the set. Very funny untill I remembered how long it took to put toghter
  8. flipxmen71

    Hello All

    Hello all My name is Flip and an avid collector of Star Wars. I have almost every set from 1999, and started customizing a few years back. I look forward to exchanging and discussing ideas with this great group of lego fans
  9. Thanks for the tip about Walgreens, I will try them tommorow. I have been looking for a few to complete the series.
  10. flipxmen71

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I just had enough money to buy the Death Star Final Duel last week. Who's working for the weekend? I'm working for new Lego sets