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  1. GoldCivetta

    Discussion: 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    My dad owns a few VWs, The heaters actually came off of the engine itself! The fan shroud has 2 holes in it that take some flexible pipe, and go into some other pipes that run along under the floorboard to the heater vents inside the cabin. pretty neat!
  2. Nice! Watched the video yesterday. I need so many pieces that I don't have!
  3. I was wondering if these parts: Could connect with this part: I want to know if we can use these wheel hubs for smaller wheels that don't have those 3-pin connections, such as these:
  4. Hello, I've encountered a problem. I'm not sure what it means.
  5. You can use Bricklink instead of Bricks & Pieces. and it's usually cheaper.
  6. This is amazing! I really do love the fact that it is all hand-driven! Sometimes we just have to give the Power functions a little break
  7. GoldCivetta

    LDD MOC: Boeing 717

    I'm having trouble opening the LDD file. any help?
  8. I'm having trouble understanding how to change the background color.
  9. Nice one!! I like how you did the shaping on the front. a vary hard shape to accomplish!
  10. A PF and Pneumatic Mercedes-Benz flagship? Wow! never heard of that before!
  11. cool! does it have steering and engine turning?
  12. funny thing, I named my lego tiny turbos company Blakbird, without even thinking about the guy on the technic forums! it just sounded cool when I thought of it. you can se some of them in my flickr stream.
  13. I usually start with the rear drive and suspension, then I go to the front steering and suspension, then I make a frame for all of it to go on.
  14. isn't it illegal to have more than 2 buggy motors in your model? Nice build, mate.